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"Ah, confusion. My favorite aspect of life; that and death."
Chaos (Skullheadsoldier)
Demon Reaper
Dark Shade
Dark Shade General
Demon elements
Scythe, sword

Chaos, once Beelzebub, was a destructive demon of anarchy.



Chaos was one of the first Glatorian to exist. He was the Glatorian of fire.

He was later thought to have died when he fell through a crack caused by the Shattering, but Virus saved him and promised to keep him alive as long as he worked for him. He accepted the offer and became the demon Beelzebub.

Chaos was created when the demon Beelzebub fought the anger Michael. The fight was so intense that the two destroyed each other when they both fired their most powerful attacks. The energies left behind reformed into Order and Chaos.

Chaotic Appetite[]

Chaos soon was enslaved by Order through persuasion. He began spreading anarchy through his destructive ways, clearing the way for Order to take over. After he finally killed Order, when Drogis was destroyed by Teridax's army, he transported himself to Bara Magna and joined Virus' son in his quest for universal domination.

Later on, while the War Toa were on Bara Magna, Demon Chaos inhabited Rex but was not able to take him over. Rex will now turn into Chaos whenever he is angered.



Chaos with sword drawn. "I can see you!"

Chaos can use both dark and light energies, sometimes intertwined. He spreads fear and confusion where ever he goes.


Chaos has a Blood Scythe, claws, a large sword, and his tail, and uses them to shread apart any unwanted pests.


Chaos has large bat like wings, sharp claws on his hands and feet, and a long sharp tail used to protect him from behind. He also has a very flexible body. He can lift up to ten times his own weight.

He cannot technically die, but can be knocked out cold. He is unaffected by most attacks; if a sword stabbed him, he would simply pull it out and break it no matter what it was made of. His agility allows him to bend in unimaginable ways. His wings are indestructible.


Chaos is very destructive and hates Order. He regularly tries to rebel against him but always fails. He never falls for the same trick twice.


"Why do you have to ruin all the fun [Order]?"
"Can I just kill one of them, please?"


  • Body design was inspired by YouTuber Moonwerewolfair's Toa Blue.
  • He has one of the creator's most custom designs.
  • He is the creator's second favorite villain.
  • Monster by Skillet is his theme song.