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Viper Blaster, Ram Head
In existence
The Old Mines

The Ceratum are the Viranah of earth.


They inhabited the desolated remains of their old mines, far below the surface. They have evolved from Tanrah-Nu.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Ceratum only came out of their tunnels when absolutely necessary. They are incredibly strong, they can easily lift rocks that are two or tree times as heavy as they are.

Most Ceratum were armed with a Viper Blaster. They had a thick, spiky shell which protected them from falling rocks and in battles, it could also be used as a ram. They posessed the power of resonance, which allowed them to cause earthquakes and make tunnels collapse. When using the tyres on their feet, they were very fast on tough terrain, although they were not very agile. They’ve been seen surviving the highest drops and the hardest bashes.

They could see very well in area’s with very little light, however, if there is too much light, they had to close their eyes to occur damage, so when being above the surface, they mainly orientated on their strong sense of hearing. They controled the element of Earth.

A Ceratum never attacks without being triggered, but if a Ceratum attacks, he will go on until he or his foe is dead. They never attacked in groups, although it’s possible to be attacked by more then one at the same time.