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Cavern of Lava
Primary Residents N/A
Location Bio-Land, Kowa Mountains, Kowa Volcanos
Status Deserted

Cavern of Lava was the great cave in one Kowa Volcano that had the Mask of Reality in it.


The Mask of Reality was placed into the cavern long time ago by some unknown beings. This happened before Bio-Land broke off Mabauto. When Bio-Land did break from it, the cavern went with the new continent.

Inwirn found the mask there many years later, and Tapio and his friends came to stop her, she used the mask to change reality before they could.

When, in the end of False Reality, Tapio changed reality back to normal, making a few mistakes, Inwirn tried to get the mask again but fell into lava with the mask and her two servants, Lerahk and Dumpa. A white flash appeared and the mask was destroyed, along with the three bad guys. Tapio and his friends left the cavern.

Since then, only Thok and Hakann have been in the cavern, in search for the mask from an order from Zaktan. They didn't find the mask and left. Since then, no one has stepped into the Cavern of Lava again. The cavern still exists, though, as a part of Kowa.

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