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Dark Hunters
Dark Hunter
"League of Six Kingdoms banished to the Pit, Brotherhood shattered, Piraka defeated, now it is time for the Dark Hunters to rise."

Carodo was a mutated Arbiter who joined the Dark Hunters for unknown reasons.


All that is known of his early life is that he was a member of Axonn's species and was mutated and joined the Dark Hunters for unknown reasons. He was usually sent on missions that involved people that refused to pay for the Dark Hunter's services. One mission, a Toa of Water named Naho was not paying the Dark Hunters enough to stay off the island Artahka. Carodo was to capture a Matoran to "leave a message" for her. That Matoran was Tyrak. He sold him to a cloaked figure for weapons. When he returned Naho attempted to kill Carodo. Now knowing that the Matoran he sold was her son. Carodo killed Naho and took Nahla. He is currently living in Zakaz.

The Broken Order Universe[]

In the Broken Order Universe, Carodo was present on his home island when Axonn conquered many of the Southern Islands. Later, when Axonn joined his empire with that of the Kritor Alliance in return for a high rank with the Kritors, Carodo led a hostile group of Arbiters against the Kritors. This was suppressed, however.

Carodo eventually left the island to join the Dark Hunters and operated for them until the Kritor/Makuta War. When the Dark Hunters joined forces with the Alignment, Carodo slipped away. The Dark Hunters eventually betrayed the Alignment in favor of the Makuta League and was later attacked by both the Alignment and the Kritor Empire. Carodo wasn't aware of any of this, having returned to his homeland. There he stayed for the duration of the Kritor/Makuta War. Spoiler warning! Hover over the text to reveal it.

Following the death of Kragator, Carodo was one of the many who claimed to be "the next great Kragator", attempting to lead their species to universal domination. These beliefs eventually earned him and others like he the mocking title "faux-Barraki", although it did nothing to deter him. Carodo was later approached by Emperor Sheriem who offered him a position in the inner circle of his rising empire in return for his service and his land.

Powers and Tools[]

As well as keen animal senses, incredible strength, and surprising agility Carodo also has many of the abilities that are shared by members of his species. He also has claws and teeth. He wears no mask and improvises on weapons.


Carodo is rude and cruel. He has a very high opinion of himself, and whenever he is allowed to, he kills and enslaves anyone who is opposes him.


  • Carodo was inspired by Killer Croc in Batman: Arkham Asylum.