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Mask of Durability
Allows the user to increase their strength and durability
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Carmak is the Mask of Durability.


The Kanohi Carmak was created by Mata Nui and Helryx, and given to Zemljotres, along with his Crusher Shields when he was created as a Toa.


The Kanohi Carmak increases the user's physical durability and strength to approximately 1.5 times their full strength. The mask does not increase the user's strength as much as a Paraki does. The mask also increases the user's weight the same amount. As a result, the user's movements slow from the extra weight, but their attacks become far more powerful.

The masks effectiveness lowers as the mask takes damage, rather than when the user does. This means how the user is injured in battle does not affect the masks power, while if the mask itself is cracked or broken, its powers will lower. The amount of power lowered is equivalent to the amount of the mask that has been damage. If half of the mask has been damage, the mask is only half as effective compared to an undamaged counterpart.

After the mask has been used heavily in combat, the user feel an extra amount of fatigue, directly proportional to the length of time that the mask was used. Furthermore, the mask is constantly taking effect, meaning the user's durability, strength, and weight are always increased.

Known users[]