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Lord of Fire
Toa Gamma
Great Kakama
Dual swords, Fire blade
Spherus Magna

Callan is a Lord of Fire.


Callan was a Ta-Matoran who is currently working as a Toa in his brother Davix’s team, the Toa Gamma. Callan is a special toa who seems to have greater control over fire than an average Toa of Fire, earning him the title, Lord of Fire.

He became a Toa when he and his brother Davix joined a Turaga named Helad on a mission to take a special ship Helad had made to Bara Magna so as to warn it's inhabitants. When they got to Bara Magna, they were attacked by a special Rahkshi called Gaturahk, who messed with the ship's engines. Helad gave Callan and Davix each a Toa stone as well as a new Kanohi when he made them evacuate, quickly turning both into toa.

On contact with the sand, Callan and Davix both crushed their old masks and lost their memories. Callan was found by a few Matoran and was taken back to the Matoran and Agori occupying Spherus Magna. Callan and Davix met up later, only remembering their names, and each other.

Callan and Davix soon discovered their great powers over their elements, and proved they were worthy to be given a team. Davix chose the following members: Wasserin, a mysterious Toa of Water, Persanis, a strong, blind Toa of Stone, Vyron, a courageous, careful Toa of Iron, Boltran, a wise, headstrong toa of Lightning and Fire, and finally, Callan and himself. Thus, the Toa Gamma was born.

After recently meeting Korr, who retold all their adventures, Callan and Davix realized there were still 3 Toa stones out in the desert that had to be found. Davix planned on heading on an quest to get them, but was stopped when a few OoMN members named Cossy, Jordan, and Kustolf told them they were needed to help fight a powerful member of the Dark Hunters who was now leading a small team of them named Magmagear.

Callan andDavix are now fulfilling this mission.


Strength: 10
Agility: 15
Toughness: 10
Mind: 11


  • War on the rogue
  • Bioshorts
  • Callan 'n' Davix (Diminished Form)