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The logo and title screen of Crazy-Lihkan88 Comix: The Movie

CL88 Comix: The Movie canonically happens right after CL88 Comic 6. It tells of of the evil TBH steal a mysterious machine from Nuju. With it he creates an army of Buster clones, and attempts to conquer Canada Land.


At first, the movie was divided into Parts. Now they will be divided into Chapters. Chapter 1 will include Parts 1-5. Each Chapter is estimated to be around about 10 mins.

Watch them here[]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The Game[]

1/04/09 is the official release date for the first demo of the movie made by Crazy-Lihkan38.

For some reason,it has star wars music.

Crazy-Lihkan38 Productions (V)