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Brotherhood of Makuta
New Brotherhood of Makuta
Destral (Formerly)
 • Makuta Miserix
 • Makuta Teridax (Deceased)
Dark Hunters (Formerly)
 • Order of Mata Nui
 • Toa (Formerly)

The Brotherhood of Makuta was an organization comprised exclusively of Makuta, originally intended to enforce peace and stability in the Matoran Universe.


Original Purpose[]

Antidermis 2


The Brotherhood of Makuta was created some time after the creation of the Makuta species. The first of them, Miserix, was created by the Great Beings. Given the template and material to create them, Mata Nui created a hundred more. The Makuta were a test-bed of Great Being experiments, including the use of Antidermis in biomechanics, the use of Shadow as an element, and what sort of powers they could create give to biomechanical beings. They were envisioned as a race of scientists, who would create the Matoran Universe’s ecosystems through the creation of Rahi and biomechanical plants.

The Brotherhood of Makuta played a significant role in defeating the League of Six Kingdoms, a faction of warlords vying to take over the universe and denounce Mata Nui. Following the defeat of the Barraki warlords, a Makuta named Teridax began having thoughts of overthrowing the Great Spirit himself.


Researching and gathering information, Teridax proposed a plan to rebel against Mata Nui to the Brotherhood. Having grown prideful and believing they had as much of a hand in creating the Matoran Universe as Mata Nui did, the majority sided with him. Those who refused were killed, and Miserix, who also refused, was secretly imprisoned. Teridax then took over as leader of the Makuta and put his Plan into motion.

However, the species went through a speed bump when they discovered that they were evolving into gaseous beings. While they lose certain weaknesses like the need for sleep, eat, breathing, and the ability to feel pain, they also realized that unless they were contained, they would disperse and perish. With the aid of the Nynrah Ghosts, the Makuta received new shape-shifting armor that would make sure their essence was secured. They then realized that if their plan was to be discovered, their greatest foes would be Toa of Iron and Magnetism. They began a genocide of such Toa while also keeping an eye on their Matoran counterparts. With this act, members of the Brotherhood of Makuta purged their inner light and became beings of pure shadow.

Great Cataclysm[]

Teridax then initiated his plan by infecting Mata Nui with a virus, which put him into a deep slumber three centuries later. Shortly before Mata Nui was put to sleep, Teridax traveled to Metru Nui and impersonated the city's leader, Turaga Dume. Teridax also hired three Dark Hunters, Nidhiki, Krekka and "Eliminator". He trapped the city's Matoran in special spheres and absorbed Metru Nui's power, as well as Krekka, Nidhiki, and Nivawk. However, after a lengthy battle, Teridax was trapped in a prison of Protodermis by the Toa Metru. He was later freed by Roodaka. The Brotherhood of Makuta's agenda becoming clear, the entire Matoran Universe population (those who weren't under the Brotherhood's thrall) began seeing them as a common enemy. Unknown to his fellow Brotherhood members, Teridax had plans of his own and began working to rid of his fellow Makuta while taking Mata Nui's power for his own.

The Order of Mata Nui, seeing the severe damage the Brotherhood of Makuta was causing, declared war on the Brotherhood and their armies. Miserix joined their side upon being freed.

Teridax, having lost his body in a skirmish involving the Toa Mahri, had seven of the best Makuta travel to Karda Nui to find the Codrex and transform the Av-Matoran living there into Shadow Matoran. Two of the Makuta, Icarax and Krika, perished in battle while the others were obliterated in the resulting Energy Storms from Mata Nui's awakening.

Reign of Shadows[]

However, Mata Nui's body had been taken over by Teridax, effectively making him the ruler of the Matoran Universe. Teridax then forced the surviving Makuta to create an army of Rahkshi to serve him before exterminating them, leaving Miserix the only surviving Makuta and critically endangering the species.

Teridax discovered that Mata Nui was still alive and had taken over a giant robot after having banished him into outer space within the Kanohi Ignika. The Makuta traveled to Bara Magna, where he battled the former Great Spirit. In the midst of the battle, Teridax unwittingly aided Mata Nui in his goal of reuniting the Spherus Magna fragments and reforming the planet. Mata Nui took the chance to kill Teridax when one of the moons, Bota Magna got close enough and he shoved the Makuta into its path.

Miserix, who had traveled to Bota Magna at the time, is now on Spherus Magna and the only remaining Makuta left in the universe.




  • Makuta Icarax - Makuta of Karzahni; Deceased
  • Makuta Mutran - Makuta of Southern Continent; Deceased
  • Makuta Antroz - Makuta of Xia; Deceased
  • Makuta Vamprah - Makuta of Odina; Deceased
  • Makuta Chirox - Makuta of Visorak; Deceased
  • Makuta Bitil - Makuta of Southern Island Chains; Deceased
  • Makuta Gorast - Makuta of Tren Krom Peninsula; Deceased
  • Makuta Krika - Makuta of Artidax and Zakaz; Deceased
  • Makuta Kojol - Makuta of Artakha; Deceased
  • Makuta Tridax - Makuta of Destral and Nynrah; Deceased
  • Unnamed Makuta of Stelt - Makuta of Stelt; Deceased

Former Members[]

  • Makuta Spiriah - Exiled Makuta of Zakaz; Deceased
  • Five Makuta who sided with Miserix when Teridax rebelled; all were hunted down and killed. (deceased)
  • Various Makuta killed by the Order of Mata Nui
  • Various surviving Makuta killed by Teridax during the Reign of Shadows
  • A Makuta who was killed by Toa Zaria - Deceased
  • Makuta Salzak - Deceased