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The Brotherhood of Darkness was a great group of Zyglak and former Dark Hunters' armies led by the tyrant Conqueror.


After his revival, Conqueror traveled to all the parts of the universe, recruiting the many creatures and warriors loyal to him. They became one of the greatest armies in the world, pledged to defeat the Barraki warlord known as Ehlek of the League of Six Kingdoms, who had destroyed Conqueror's homeland.


The many former Dark Hunters, including some of the former Brotherhood of Makuta's servants, such as Titan, Warrior, and Stealth, were skilled in battle, due to their harsh ways of living as runaways from the fierce hunters. They trained the soldiers in fighting and tactics, making them strong and courageous.

The Battle of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Kingdom of Ehlek[]

Conqueror led his army against Ehlek and the League in their first campaign. This became known as the Battle of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Kingdom of Ehlek. Ehlek's sea creatures ambushed the army from below, tearing apart the Bridge of Pridak on which they were standing. But only a few died in this great fall, and the remaining soldiers grouped together again.

Ehlek's soldiers then attacked by land, wearing Over-Land Breathing Devices. They were defeated and crushed, and only Ehlek managed to escape.jjj