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Brok is the sole Turaga of Montanus Nui.



Brok was a Ta-Matoran who resided in the mountain city of Montanus Nui in the Northern Continent. He was best friends with a Matoran of Magnetism named Jovan.


He, at some point, turned into a Toa of Fire and joined Jovan's Toa Team. When the Great Disruption struck, they traveled to Voya Nui in the Southern Continent to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika. They used it to restore Mata Nui's health and achieved their destiny.


After his Toa team's mission and transformation to a Turaga, Brok stayed in Voya Nui with Jovan. He was present when the Cataclysm Great Cataclysm struck, causing Voya Nui to rocket upward towards the surface of the BIONICLE Planet. He mourned Jovan's death and gathered the Matoran who were former residents of Brok's home city, Montanus Nui, and lead them towards the Misery Mountains and built the village named after Montanus Nui. He currently leads Montanus Nui to this day.


  • At some point in his life, Brok accidentally had his left hand cut off.
  • After Mountains of Mystery is done, there will be a story serial about Brok's life as a Matoran and Toa, like The Mutran Chronicles.