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Brainsucker Machine
Primary User(s) Inwirn, Dumpa
Primary Location(s) Tapio's Original Homeland
Functionality(ies) Make the target insane and unable to think
Conservation Status Unknown

Inwirn trying to use the machine on Tapio, but instead hitting Dumpa

The Brainsucker Machine was a devise designed by Inwirn and Dumpa, while he was still smart, built by them. It's main purpose was to make anyone, who got hit by it's blast, a drool monkey, a total moron.

Inwirn tried to use it on Tapio but he dodged and the blast hit Dumpa. That's how Dumpa was stupid for the rest of his lifetime.

Nothing is known about the machines current state, the machine was taken away by Inwirn but after that it hasn't been seen.


  • The Brainsucker Machine could fly
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