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Element Various
Powers Various
Tools Various
Status Trapped
Location N/A
Pronunciation BOH-ROK

Bohroks are robotic creatures, guided by mask-like objects named Krana.



The Bohrok are creatures, created when a Av-Matoran becomes old enough. They first are turned into Bohrok, and they were sent to the Bohrok nest. However, this was before the great battle. After the great batlle, the the Bahrag - the Bohrok queens - were transformed a little, which gives them ability to create Krata.

After the Krata was created, it was placed in an empty Bohrok, which allows them to do actual things.


After destruction of the original Mata Nui robot, the Bohrok were launched out of the robot by a very large canister. After landing, it hid itself underneath the rock with a drill located on the canister. It was berried there for 200 years.

They were reawaken by Agnika to turn the entire Spherus Magna the way it was before the great battle. However, the swarm was stopped when arriving at Sphera Nui by the Toa and some of the Shadow Hunters, as they the most dangerous threat to the entire planet, which forced the Shadow Hunters to work with the Toa. In the progress, a lot of damage was done to the environment by the Bahrak, like burning a part of the Sphera Forest by a Suhrag.

They were trapped under the Su-Sphera, as they cannot mine through there.


  • Bohrok Va - the small scout-like bohrok that fix other Bohrok
  • Bohrok - the Original Bohrok class
  • Bohrok Kal - the elite Bohrok
  • Bohrok Nui - the great Bohrok, which there is one for each element
  • Bahrag - the queens of Bohrok
  • Fohrok - created by the Nynrah Ghosts previously, and now created and sold by some illegal Fe-Matoran. Also called Fake Bohrok
  • The Fahrag - a giant mechanical Fohrok
  • Proto-Bohrok - a type of Fohrok that guard a specific object or place