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Bloodline is a very short poetic story told from first person by Jevson, the primary villain in the novel In the Affairs of Dragons. The poem is told in first person by Jevson, detailing his early life and slow descent into madness, and acts as a pseudo-prequel to In the Affairs of Dragons.


I was born of shadow,

Made of pride untold.

Placed to fight the light,

And kill all those who oppose.

The first of many bloodlines. _____________________________________________________________________________

The first time I killed a Toa,

I heard his blade meet mine,

But when his sword was thrown from his hand,

He knew that it was his time.

I removed his soul quickly,

And left his body to rot in the cavern's lime.

I wonder how he's fairing now?

Yet another bloodline...


Ten-thousand years have passed,

Like the blood of thousands on my hands,

The flow never seems to cease,

And it certainly shall not end.

Yet another bloodline...


Our masters do not understand us.

They send us to our deaths without warning.

But I have shown my protest,

By killing one this morning.

Yet another bloodline...


Teridax is a fool.

He thinks he can control me!

But I will soon kill him,

and his body shall lie dead,

for the universe is not his but mine!

And I will have his head.

Yet another bloodline...


I have run from my masters,

They know not of my ends,

But soon I will show them,

Just how this world ends!

The artifact I have found,

Shall show them all my wrath,

And soon this world shall be my own,

Yes, like those before me, I am walking the path.

Yet another bloodline...


I was born of shadow!

And Starward I set sail!

But instead of returning!

I shall bring forth fire and hail!

All who oppose me shall fall.

And even the Makuta shall die.

And I will rule forever!

Just another bloodline...


  • Jevson Narrator
  • Teridax Mentioned only.
  • Unnamed Toa Mentioned only.
  • Unnamed Makuta Mentioned only.


  • The term bloodline, in this story, does not mean lineage, but is in fact used to refer to a literal line of blood.
  • The story is told by Jevson.
  • The last portion of the poem is a reference to an oath taken by Rahk'veth.