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Group Dark Hunters
Occupation Dark Hunter
Element N/A
Powers Mind shielding, superhuman strength (formerly), tracking
Kanohi Elda (formerly, fused to face)
Tools Glaive (formerly)
Status Deceased
Location Slaxar Nui (corpse)
Pronunciation bluhd-HOWND

Bloodhound is a deadly Dark Hunter.


Early in the history of the universe, the Order of Mata Nui had a mass recruitment of Axonn's species into the Order of Mata Nui. Among those chosen was Thaos, who became an informant to the order in a village far south of the Southern Continent. Most of his life there is unknown.

More recently, a powerful Makuta traveled to the land Thaos was stationed on, intending to bring it under the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood. Thaos tried to fight off the Makuta, but the Makuta released a horde of wolven Rahi against Thaos, who overpowered him and injected their variant of Hordika venom into him, transforming him into a wolf-like hybrid.

In this bestial form, Thaos roamed the Matoran universe, attacking anyone he came across. He was defeated by a Dark Hunter, who coerced him into joining that organization as a tracker.

An unknown villain, orchestrating events to cause the downfall of a land known as Slaxar Nui, employed a team of Dark Hunters to carry out his ends. Bloodhound and Kerath were sent to Slaxar Nui, where Kerath, acting on the villain's orders, killed Bloodhound in order to attract the attention of Turaga Dazix.



  • Thaos' original name was Kaylos, but that name was later used on a Toa character