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Blood Hound
Moko Nui
Blood Hound



Born in Makuta's lab on the fourth cycle of the Karhzahni moon on Moko Nui Blood was a basic Rahkshi. But the Deities cursed that day with a terrible spell. The common red Rahkshi turned into a beast. His body became deformed. Claws spewed from his hands. He was the first Rahkshi Hound. Makuta acted natural and treated Blood as a pet.


Makuta grew weary of the gloomy hut surrounded by Toa. He attached a rusty chain to the body of Blood and he walked to the airship he had built. The chain ripped Blood's machinery and he grew angry with his masters behavior. The ship earthed on Mata Nui. Makuta let his mind free seeing how primitive the Toa were. A giant lab was built by enslaved Matoran who were later murdered by Blood. Blood knew there was oil on his hands and if he ran away from Makuta and recaptured he would be killed but he foolishly disobeyed his conscience and ran. But he later realized it was useless, and he returned to surely receive his preplanned punishment. Instead, he was greeted like a prodigal son. Makuta then took Blood to the deep lab that only Matoran's souls knew what Makuta had stashed there.

Blood saw what he had wished never seen, six more Rahkshi. His back legs straightened and arms moved without warning. Makuta fell, face crashing into the wall. The beast was unleashed. Calling upon a befriended Rahi, Blood flew to Moko Nui. At his landing he saw an old face, Koro. Blood leaped cutting off Koro's gun. He stole the gun and went into hiding. Blood hatred for Makuta grew. The dark hut he hid in was gloomy and molding, but it was good for training.


After years of training Blood chose to confront Makuta. He built a teleporter in his moldy hut. It led to Mata Nui, but he could not return to his home until he purified his original planet from the likes of Makuta. Blood walked through the teleporter to appear in a dead world. His time to prove himself would be now. It was to obvious to find Makuta's 40,000 foot tall tower. Makuta was going to pay. Blood easily found Makuta's corridor. "You'll die tonight my son. You'll die. Ha, you'll die so quickly I won't even know it!" Makuta seemed confident in his power, and he had every right to be. One swipe of his blade and Blood flew to the ground, bursting.


Though the Deities found Blood revolting he was their creation and his sense of justice was beyond most Toas'. Seeing this they brought Blood back to life, but of a much lesser strength. His body was on Moko Nui and hasn't been seen since, not even in his own hut