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Blaze Dragon
Blaze Dragon
Claws, fangs

Blaze Dragons are fearsome dragon-like beasts from Bara Magna. They are usually used as steeds for long travel or combat, and occasionally released into arenas for battle.


Though discovered long ago, Blaze Dragons have been rarely domesticated due to their foul tempers. Bone Hunters and Skrall have been known to tame some, in addition to one tamed by the Agori Sceptiez. The village of Vulcanus has had the most success in domesticating them due to the village's volcanic region, the Blaze Dragon's preferred habitat.

Abilities and traits[]

Hot-tempered and stubborn, Blaze Dragons are among the most difficult animals to tame on Bara Magna. While tough enough to face virtually any threat, their willfulness has made them a poor choice for mounts. Some riders, however, have proven to be patient enough to finally tame their dragons. Once tamed, however, Blaze Dragons tend to become loyal only to the person that trained them, making selling or trading these creatures nearly impossible. Despite this, tamed Blaze Dragons are very protective of their owners, making them valuable allies as well.

Highly durable, Blaze Dragons are able to go several days without water, and can last several weeks without food by surviving off fat reserves stored in the base of their tail. These creatures are also extremely fast, able to keep a steady speed of up to fifty miles per hour for several miles before needing a rest.

Blaze Dragons are also among the most fearsome fighters around, which makes up for their relatively small size compared to other predators, such as Rock Steeds. Their talon-like claws and prehensile tails are driven by extremely powerful muscles, while their tooth-filled jaws can deliver either a powerful bite or a jet of super heated flames.

Known individuals[]