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Chirox: "Waah A giant Toa! Run for your lives!"
Bitil: "No way. Makuta don't run."
Chirox: "Then fly!"
Bitil: "Okay. Yaaa!"
―Chirox and Bitil
Brotherhood of Makuta
prison keeper, member of BoM
Great Mohtrek
Swords, Nynrah Ghostblaster
Makuta Base

Bitil is a Makuta of stone and a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Bitil hatched earlier then all of the other Makuta, and soon reuninted with them to establish their base. Not long after, they were attacked by the Dark Hunters. Bitil and Vamprah battled Vorzakh and won easily. Antroz assumed they had enough practice on the Dark Hunters, so his team attacked the Toa. Bitil fought Kopaka fro most of the battle, but was frozen. His heat vision managed to sve him from shattering on the ground, but he was still knocked unconsious.

Bitil and Chirox were sent ona scouting mission to the house next door, where they encountered Takanuva. Takanuva chased them all the way back to their base, where he was defeated by Icarax.

Chirox creates battle armor for the Makuta, and they have a rematch with the Toa. Bitil fights Kopaka and almost loses, but uses Rock Wrecker to defeat Kopaka and take his mask. However, the Toa attacked back with their new battle vehicles and Onua defeated Bitil, winning his mask back.

The Dark Hunters attacked yet again, and this time Bitil fought Boggarak. He killed the Visorak with his upgraded battle armor. Teridax later returned and told everyone the true location of the Codrex, where the Mask of Life was. Bitil and the other Makuta went there to battle the other teams. Bitil battled Kopaka to a stalemate until the fight between Toa Mata Nui and Ultimate Dume knocked them both out.

Part 2[]

Bitil and Chirox entered in the Tag Team Tournament, where they lost to Rex and Ikonox in the first round.

He and Vamprah were later sent to retrieve the Golden Armor on the roof, where they had to get through Zaktan, Lewa, and Watragon to win. Bitil also stumbled across the third piece in the Makuta prison cells. When Vezon collected all seven pieces and went on a destructive rampage, the Makuta battled Load until Vezon's loss of power caused Load to stop functioning.

In the final battle, He battled Cheberaks and defeated them easily.

Personality and Traits[]

Bitil kind of seemed to be bored with his position in the Makuta, seeing as he broke free from his canister easily and acted as if fighting Kopaka was a chore instead of invigorating. The only beings that truly scared him were Icarax and Takanuva.

Powers and Equipment[]

Bitil is one of the more powerful Makuta, being an expert swordsman and having access to all of the Makuta powers. He had a powerful Mask, but was never seen using it. He had the green variety of the Ghostblaster, which tied the opponent in ghost chains.

Strength: 12
Agility: 10
Toughness: 15
Mind: 11