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De-Matoran snow shovelling
Birus (Fractures Alternate Universe)
Birus AI 1
Elysium Police Department
Police Officer

Birus was a Ko-Matoran inhabitant of the Fractures Universe living in Elysium.


Early Life[]

Like all Ko-Matoran, Birus began his life on Spherus Magna, where he was placed in Metru-Nui along with a number of other Matoran.

Brotherhood Invasion[]

Due to the fact that Makuta Teridax never existed in the Fractures Alternate Universe, the Brotherhood did not form The Plan and, instead of waiting for events to fall into place around the Great Cataclysm, began to invade the Matoran Universe, allowing Mata Nui to safely land on Spherus Magna. By this point, Birus became swept up in the war effort and began to fight in the Metru-Nui land army.
However, due to his laziness, he was eventually decommissioned of his rank around a year before the end of the war.


After spending several months searching for a new job, Birus finally decided to migrate to the rural Ko-Metru known as Elysium during its expansion. Birus quickly found himself a job in the rapidly growing local Police Department, along with a number of other Matoran. However, many of the newer recruits were inexperienced and lazy, Birus being no exception.
The Ko-Matoran was also present in Elysium when the Kraata Purge migrated to an abandoned war bunker and was known to deeply dislike them.

Frozen Calling[]

Recently, Birus intentionally failed to respond to an important alert and was excluded from duty. However, he was still forced to become the department's runner for a month, ironically reflecting the lowest standard of job in the Ko-Metru large cities.
On one occasion, he brought a TOP SECRET document containing crime scene photographs to Glacii, the department's chief of police.

Abilities and Traits[]

Being a Ko-Matoran, Birus had a natural resistance to cold temperatures. Additionally, he was considered to be lazy and lethargic.