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Skyboard, missile launcher

Birdie is an individual of an avian Rahi species, and a member of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Along with the other members of his species, Birdie originally lived in Ta-Metru, feeding off of the warmth of the furnaces. At some point, Birdie was captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and was experimented on until he became a being whose entire body was built for combat.

He has later served in many battles in the name of the Brotherhood and has taking a liking to Toa hunting, having killed at least seven of them himself. He has currently set his sights on eliminating the Toa Nuva.

The Broken Order Universe[]

In the Broken Order Universe, the creature somehow made his way from his native island until he flew to Destral on accident. There he was captured and experimented on until he became a being whose entire body was built for combat. Additionally, he developed heightened intelligence to what he already had. Eventually, during the Kritor/Makuta War, he was placed under Nicturn's command where he served the duration of the war. Over time, Nicturn grew impressed with the soldier who he fondly nicknamed "Birdie". After the conclusion of the war, Nicturn disappeared and Birdie and his battalion dispersed. Birdie wandered until he eventually made his way to the Tren Krom Peninsula where he settled and set about a peaceful life.

However, he was eventually found by Nicturn who had become a Barraki-general in Sheriem's Secret Empire. Nicturn had grown convinced by the former Kritor High Commander, Karion that the Secret Empire was close to collapsing and Nicturn, determined to maintain his power, was preparing a kingdom of Rahi should the Secret Empire fail. Birdie was to be one of the major figures in this kingdom with the likes of Grukko. Birdie accepted. In the meantime, he joined Nicturn's Division of Rahi in the Secret Empire as a lieutenant.

Abilities and traits[]

Birdie possesses two heads, the top one of which serves as the main information processing center for the body. The lower head is capable of detaching itself from the body and move around of its own free will. He also possessed two pair of wings, which could be as sharp as Toa tools.

In his mutated form, Birdie had a missile launcher implanted in his body. It could be fired with a mental command, and the projectiles could be telekinetically controlled. Birdie also wielded a form of skyboard.