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Bionic fire
Known states Plasma
Powers Shapeshifting
Status In existence
Location N/A
Pronunciation N/A

Bionic fire was an accidental creation of a Matoran scientist. While he was researching intense heat, one of his robot helpers had a minor malfunction, and accidentally knocked several experiments into the fire. They formed a sentient form made of fire that could shapeshift into any form. It can also absorb an entire object and imitate its abilities. If any solid object it imitates is separated from the fire, it will break free, like a ghost, as its original form.

Bionic fire is believed to be 1,000,000 times hotter than a star, so any humidity or water that touches it evaporates in a milisecond; the only thing believed to put it out is the combined power of six Toa of Ice.


  • A myth exists saying that Teridax planned to make it, but instead cursed a Matoran to create it by 'accident.'