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"This river is our lifeblood. The waters fills the thirst of the plants and the people. If the Core War had reached its way here and tainted it... well, you know..."
―A resident of Mutul's village.

The Bilda River is a body of water running through the Great Jungle of Spherus Magna.

Bilda River
Great Jungle


Ahpolki Inika's Continuity[]

The Bilda River has been around for as long as the Earth Tribe remembers. It provided them with the means of watering their crops, as well as a means of transportation and source of fish. When The Shattering occurred, the river was largely unchanged due to being so deep within the Great Jungle. However, many bandits have set up posts along the Bilda River in an attempt to take control of it. Over the millennia, their posts were often torn down or taken by the villagers, yet more always seem to spring up to replace the older ones. When the planet was restored to its original state, the river experienced an earthquake. Many posts from villager and bandit alike were destroyed.

Toatapio Nuva's Continuity[]

The Bilda River was the longest and biggest lake in Bio-Land. This lake split Bio-Land into the western and eastern sides. There was only one bridge which one could use to cross the river. On the way out of the island, the river went through the Malaicka Lake and Sward Lake.The Bilda River was formed when Bio-Land broke off Mabauto. The Matoran of the island used the river for many sports, as well as for transporting things.

During the Rising, Bio-Land suffered much damage. The western and eastern halves of the island were pushed apart, splitting the island in two. Therefore, Bilda River no longer exists; its waters are currently a part of the ocean of Spherus Magna.


  • Bilda River was a popular tourist attraction on Bio-Land, to the point that canoe races were held there.

The Bilda River on the Bio-Land map