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"He is completely loyal to me, and has been useful in controlling many a Dark Hunter, who often walk around the base straining to remember the days when they thought to challenge my authority. However, as long as Behemoth has done his job right, they will never remember such a thing."
The Shadowed One
Behemoth smaller
Matoran: Mutated
Huna (Formerly)
Blades, amnesia Rhotuka

Behemoth, originally Jakra, is a loyal, powerful Dark Hunter who was once a Matoran courier.


In 24,000 BGC, a Po-Matoran named Jakra was hired by the Dark Hunters to spy on his home island. 5,500 years later, his report included information on the existence of a crystalline treasure hidden below his home's mines and quarries. However, his leader, a Ta-Matoran, caught news of this and threatened Jakra's life.

When Dark Hunters invaded a month later, the Ta-Matoran attempted to kill Jakra by hurling him into a pit of energized protodermis. Jakra was mutated into the hulking Dark Hunter that exists today, and subsequently killed the Ta-Matoran.

After his transformation, he was accepted into the Dark Hunters as an agent. Sometime after he became a Dark Hunter, he found Powerhouse ruling a southern island, and had him recruited.

Many centuries later, one of Behemoth's Rhotuka was transformed by energized protodermis into the Dark Hunter known as Elite, who was later paired with on missions.

Abilities and Traits[]

His transformation gave him Stone elemental powers, and a powerful claw under which a Matoran leader was obliterated. He also donned spikes on his legs and arms, and twin blades that can cut through solid steel. He has the strength of three Toa, and wields a Rhotuka spinner that can erase memories.

He is very loyal to the Shadowed One, and is often partnered with Dark Hunters whose loyalty is questioned.