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Battle of Henkka Island
Conflict Piraka Attack
Date 1,000 AGC
Location Henkka Island
Outcome Henkka's forces win
Previous Battle of Henkka
Next Second Battle of Grandeg

The Battle of Henkka Island was a battle which occurred near the end of Piraka Attack.



The battle started when the Piraka and their team attempted to crush their enemies before they could stop their plan to conquer Bio-Land. They took their whole army to Henkka Island, where they knew their enemy was. Henkka had prepared the island for a battle, though, and the Tohunga were ready with the Toa Nuva and Balta's Samurai School on top of a hill.

The battle[]

When the Piraka came, they sent their whole army of Bohrok, Rahkshi, and infected Rahi to climb the hill. The Tohunga threw disks at their enemies and managed to defeat many. Eventually, though, they were forced to resort to melee combat.

Protodermis Matoran used his power over protodermis to absorb it from the Bohrok army, weakening them. The Toa fought the Rahkshi, while the Tohunga faced the Bohrok and the Rahi with Balta's Samurai School. Thok fled at the battle's onset, and in the course of the battle, Hakann and Vezok were defeated.

Meanwhile, while the Piraka base was empty, a group of Tohunga traveled there. They found the life machine and took the Vahi from it, breaking the machine. On Henkka Island, Tonga was disintegrated and the Claw turned into a Matoran, fleeing the battle. Alex fled too, seeing that there was no chance to win.

Only Zaktan was left in the end, watching the battle. He was about to escape too was well, but was captured by the Order of Mata Nui. The Tohunga finally won the battle.


All the six Piraka were captured by the Order of Mata Nui. Many Tohunga died, but they won the battle and returned to their homes. The Toa Nuva, Balta's Samurai School, and Tapio and Henkka moved to Comic Land.