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Battle of Aqua Nui
Date N/A
Location Aqua Nui
Outcome Brotherhood of Makuta victory, Teridax gains possession of the Staff of Nui, Aqua Nui is destroyed
  • Toa Aqua, various Matoran Nui
  • N/A
  • Wole, Melgav, various Matoran Nui
  • N/A

The Battle of Aqua Nui was an underwater battle between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Toa Aqua and Matoran Nui of Aqua Nui for the possession of Staff of Nui.



During the Matoran Universe's construction, the Staff of Nui was put under the city of Aqua Nui by the Great Being. Makuta Teridax wished to obtain its great but unknown powers, and so he finally led his men underwater to attack the city.

Teridax promised not to harm anyone, but to only take the Staff and leave. However, he also kidnapped six Matoran: Wole, Cij, Delos, Melgav, Alg, and Sant, to mutate and use as servants of the Brotherhood of Makuta. Mata Nui saw this, and transformed the six Matoran into the Toa Aqua.

The battle[]

The Toa Aqua gathered the Matoran for battle and fought the Makuta with the Matoran, who had merged into Matoran Nui. Many from both sides died, and Teridax finally laid his hands on the Staff after blasting a ball of shadow at Toa Cij. Cij fell into the Pit, and Teridax fired a great energy ball from the Staff at Aqua Nui, destroying it. Wole and Melgav were killed in the blast, along with many Matoran. Teridax and his men then left with the Staff.


Aqua Nui's inhabitants later began to rebuild Aqua Nui.