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Battle for Leadership
Battle for Leadership Redux 2
Date Set
1,001 AGC

Battle for Leadership is a story about the final battle in Teridax Nui.

A rendition of the story is currently being planned out, nicknamed Battle for Leadership Redux.


In rewriting process (Chapter 1 to 13 + 18)


78 100 BGC

It was a fine afternoon. In a small village somewhere in the southeast of the Southern Continent, a ceremony was being held. It was the celebration of the beloved Teridax who had been promoted as the new leader for the Brotherhood of Makuta. At least, that was what was being told. Most inhabitants in the village were Makuta and many of them were excited about what effect it could have on them. Of course, other Makuta from different islands around the Matoran Universe had attended the ceremony. If any of them had gotten an invitation or not didn't matter. Many of them still came to join the celebrtation.

It was a quite nice atmosphere over the village this particular day, which was very surprising to some of the Matoran inhabitants who lived there. Makuta weren't really considered being the most pleasant or polite, but many of them managed to show some courtesy towards each other. None of them were being mean to each other, or any Matoran passing by. They were just having fun and had discussions with each other about the future. It was clear that this would last until the sun had gone down.

One of the Makuta who had attended this ceremony was Frofst, the Makuta of the south side of Artakha. In difference to other Makuta, he wasn't as foul-mouthed or cocky, but not very polite either. Some of the other members of the Brotherhood thought him to be crazy, or anti-social. Even Miserix had his own concerns about him. But on the other hand, many thought him to have very strong opinions and never took sides in any arguement. So for that, he was still a much respected member of the Brotherhood.

"Hey, Frofst" a voice shouted. A darkred Makuta with a scar on his Kanohi went up to him.

"I never thought you would come and join us" he continued.

"No, not at all, Gohnmy" Frofst said. "I just came by to work with business, nothing more"

"You can do that later" Gohnmy answered. "This party won't last forever, so enjoy yourself. Come here and let me introduce you to some of my partners". The two Makuta walked past several others celebrating until they came to a small group of three Makuta talking to each other.

"Look who I found walking around here" the darkred Makuta said. The three Makuta turned to them and gave happy expressions as response.

"Well, if it isn't the infamous Makuta Frofst" one of them said. "How I never thought this day would come. I'm Makuta Samten"

"Makuta Yernas" and "Makuta Ghunarn" the two other said introducing themselves.

"We are quite surprised you came to join us" Ghunarn continued. "I always thought you were quite negative over the decision of Teridax as a leader"

"Yes, Frofst" Yernas said. "What made you change your mind?"

"I have not changed my mind" Frofst answered with a monotone voice.

"I would simply not care if it was either Miserix or Teridax having control of our Brotherhood right now. What is my most concern is their reasoning for solving the issues with their credibility towards the Matoran in the Matoran Universe. I simply do not think punishing the great spirit himself is the solution. I would much more prefer if they entered negotiations with allied small groups to solve the problem so we as Makuta get as much reason to be here as others"

"You really aren't afraid to show your political side" Gohnmy responded with a smile. "That is probably why you're so admired by the rest of us"

"Of course" Yernas agreed. "As I see it negotiations would be as much good of a choice. Maybe Teridax is afraid of getting disagreements"

"Exactly what I was thinking" Samten said. "We haven't gotten many friends during the last couple of years. Frofst, negotiations like that would be impossible at this moment"

"I have to respectfully disagree with you" Frofst said as a short answer.

All of them went on for hours, even after the sun had almost fully gone down. They talked about how the plan would have affected the Matoran Universe and how they thought the Brotherhood would have been like now when Teridax was the leader. Frofst eventually realized that he had to continue with his work, the reason he came to the village in the first place.

"I'm afraid I can't be with you all much longer" he said. "I have business to attend"

"Well, at least you could come" Gohmny said.

"It has been a pleasure speaking with you, Makuta Frofst" Yernas said.

Frofst was about to go away, as an explosion was heard south from his position. All the happiness and joy that had been built on the grounds of the small village had in just a second turned into utter chaos. Matoran and Makuta panicked and fleed from the flames. Another explosion was heard, but this time, corpses of Makuta and Matoran flew in different directions. Everyone ran the same direction, trying to avoid the scene.

What happened after all of this came as a shock to Frofst. He saw an army of Makuta run towards the crowd and slay everyone they could see in sight. He had stood in the same position as the chaos had started, but now he realized that it was the perfect time to flee. He turned around and away from the scene as the army was closing in on him. He ran past buildings being blown up to pieces, Matoran shouting and crying in pain, corpses burned from the fire that had spread. As he looked behind him, he could see that Gohmny was being pushed to the ground by a Makuta who finally ripped off his head. Frofst recognized that it was Icarax who stood above his corpse, as the army was getting closer and closer.

As he had finally gotten metres away from the village, he could see the sight of the buildings collapsing from the fire and the smoke rising up in the sky. He had never thought that acts this cruel would have ever touched this universe and that something as peaceful would have never perished. It took a while for Frofst to realize what just had happened, but soon it became more clear to him. Icarax was in fact one of the members who publicly supported Teridax as leader of the Brotherhood. He understood that it was Teridax who had been behind this attack. It was to get rid off those who opposed him. It just became more clear in Frofst' head.

He would consider this as a memory and an image for his upcoming rebellion against his powers. As he waited for the perfect time to strike, he made up plans that would lead to Teridax's downfall.

That time had finally come. Teridax stood as the great spirit of the Matoran Universe and had in the process, taken his power over to the now enormous Organization of Darkness. Makuta Frofst knew that it was now the time to strike. It was time to declare war. It was time for a battle for leadership to begin.

Chapter 1[]

Location: Teridax Nui, Aqua Magna

Ceasame and Drakerix unloaded the final crate from the ship. For two weeks, they had traveled back and forth between Destral and this newly discovered island. The two Makuta paused to take in their surroundings. The island's tropical vegetation contrasted sharply with the solid rock surfaces of the mountains. About thirty meters away, the ocean floor formed an oval shape against the shore, and the sunset in the distance added to the island's mysterious aesthetic.

Prior to their first arrival, the island had first been spotted dozens of kilometers from where Makuta Teridax's colossal body stood, towering above the clouds. After exiling its former ruler, Mata Nui, the Makuta required extensive industrial expansion to maintain their grip on power. While they had successfully reclaimed Destral, its equipment couldn't support the immense power needed to build Teridax's new army of Rahkshi. Discovering a location outside their newly conquered universe was an opportunity too perfect to ignore. It offered not just a logistical advantage but also a bridge to the many worlds waiting to be conquered..

The island would receive the name Teridax Nui, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the banished former Great Spirit.

Drakerix, unloading the last crate, gave his golden-armored colleague an exhausted but relieved expression.

"Looks like that's finally the last of it," he said, his voice fatigued.

Ceasame responded with a satisfied expression. "I guess so... I was starting to think the two of us alone wouldn't be able to pull through, but I'm pleasantly surprised."

"It would've been easier with more help. I wish we had more time to save our brothers from Karda Nui... And Zakkond's been missing since we last saw him. I couldn't see him when we exited the storms. What if this is it for the Organization of Darkness? What if..."

"It's too late to think about it now!" Ceasame interrupted, frustration evident in his voice. "Thoughts of reluctance are for the weak. If they couldn't save themselves, that's their problem. Our job is to ensure this island becomes a suitable colony for our new Great Spirit, as quickly as possible. It's up to us to make this work! Us! Is that clear, Drakerix?!"

Drakerix, displeased with his colleague's response, figured it was useless to argue. "That's clear."

"Good" said Ceasame, now calmer. "Now that we're here, let's scout the area. You take the beach, and I'll explore the mountains."

With that, the two Makuta split up.

As Ceasame walked the mountainous paths, his mind began to drift away. The doubtful words of Drakerix had stuck with him. Had he simply been a cowardous fool, or was his thoughts of concerns legitimate? If Zakkond had fallen to the energy storms, just like their fellow Makuta colleagues from the Brotherhood, did this mean the end of the Organization of Darkness? Would Teridax deem them useless once their task was completed? And if so, what would become of them? Would he...

His thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a cave opening. If suitable, it would be perfect for storage. But it was best to be careful. While the island was uninhabited, there was no guarantee of wildlife being absent. He tread carefully into the cave, noting the winds' eerie sounds from the rocky cracks and the puddles beneath him.

Ceasame stopped as he felt an icy gust of wind, its chill ominous in the surrounding darkness. He could hear the echoes of dark whispers growing clearer and more audible, as if they were bouncing across the cave walls. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath... He was not alone.

"I can feel your power" he said calmly. "Your words are my command, Teridax, master of the universe."

A dark, menacing voice spoke to him, echoing from the cave's cracked walls; "You have proven your worth, Ceasame, lord of Daxia. Build me an army, worthy of Makuta!"

Chapter unfinished

Old version[]

Chapter 1

Makuta Grefo, Castym, and Retkina had their base in Égh. Grefo was playing Mini Kohlii by himself, but then Retkina came in with some interesting information.

"I have a message from Jaller and Hahli," said Retkina. "They said they've just killed Helryx. They brought the body here."

Castym, Jaller, and Hahli came in with a big chest. Grefo opened it, and there was Helryx.

"Yes, she is dead. That means Retkina will be next in command to Ceasame," said Grefo. But suddenly, Helryx rose up from the chest and took Grefo by the head.

"How about alive?" said Helryx. Jaller and Hahli attacked Retkina and Castym, and Pyroketox came from nowhere with an Antidermis destroyer.

"You wanna know how I got these scars?" said Helryx, and began to tell a little story for Grefo. "A Toa of Water I know is an idiot. And one night she is going crazier than usual. Brutaka gets a blade to protect himself. She doesn't like that. Not... one... bit. So, with me watching, she takes a knife to him, laughing while she does it. Then she looks at me and she says, 'Why so serious?' She comes to me with the knife. 'Why so serious?' She sticks the blade in my mouth. 'Let's put a smile on that face.' And..." Then she looked at Castym with cold eyes.

"Why so serious?" said Helryx, and let Pyroketox kill Grefo with the Antidermis destroyer.

"Now, that business was short, but there is a lot of business for... aggressive expansion," said Helryx. "So you two Makuta are welcome to join our team. But, there is only one place left in the Order of Mata Nui, so we're gonna have... tryouts." She took a long stick and broke it in two pieces. She then threw one of the sticks. It came to Retkina.

"Take Retkina," ordered Helryx. "Pyroketox, kill Castym." They killed Castym and just walked away with Retkina, their new recruit.

The Order of Mata Nui member Kevtho and the servant Zuvak were on an island called Fato for something important. They were looking for a Toa of Stone, a former member of the Organization of Darkness. It was written that he was there.

"Can't we rest now, Kevtho?" asked Zuvak. "I'm tired."

"What?" said Kevtho. "How can you be tired in almost two minutes?"

"Well, sorry," said Zuvak. "But we have been here now for hours."

Kevtho shook his head. He has been with Zuvak since he had gotten hired by the Order of Mata Nui, and there had always been something wrong. Suddenly, they saw a little Fe-Matoran walk to the Rahi Jungle. Kevtho and Zuvak ran to him and showed the Matoran a picture of the Toa of Stone.

"Have you seen this guy?" asked Zuvak.

"Well, it was a long time ago that I saw that guy," answered the Matoran.

"So?" asked Kevtho.

"But I can't remember where he is," answered the Matoran. "But I think he ran after a Muaka years ago in this jungle." Kevtho and Zuvak thanked him for the information and walked away.

"How are we going to find him?" said Zuvak.

"I have no idea, my friend," answered Kevtho.

"So, you looking for a Toa of Stone?" asked Turaga Hantga behind them.

"Yes, we are" answered Zuvak. "So what?"

"I actually know where he is," said Hantga.

"You do?" asked Kevtho.

"Yes, I do," answered Hantga.

"Were is he?" asked both Kevtho and Zuvak.

Hantga was quiet for a while. Then he said, "You are looking at him."

Chapter 2

Takanuva, Toa of Light, teleported himself to New Takiw-Nui. There, he met two other Toa from the Order of Mata Nui.

"Welcome, Takanuva," said one of them.

"Thank you, Krakua," answered Takanuva. "But who is the other Toa of Light?"

"That's Feanor," answered Krakua.

"What are we going to do here?" asked Takanuva.

"That's easy," said Feanor. "We're going to train the Mata Nui Army."

Under Teridax Nui, a Makuta was looking for a way out. His name was Makuta Frofst, leader of the Mata Nui Army. He was going to complete his mission to take over the Organization of Darkness.

Suddenly, two Makuta were behind him: Makuta Sod and Najl. And then came Makuta Tazzuk.

"Well well," said Frofst. "Isn't it the King of Death? Or should I say the King of Stupidity?"

"Say that again and I will crush you and the Vahi," said Tazzuk angrily.

"Don't think so," said Frofst and kicked both of the Makuta and ran away.

"Take him!" ordered Tazzuk. "Don't just lie there! Get him! Kill him! Do whatever you want! All I want is for him to be gone from this island!"

Sod and Najl climbed to their feet and ran after Makuta Frofst, but he had hidden somewhere and had come to a mysterious place. It was familiar. Then he saw that it was the island of Mata Nui.

Chapter 3

Korboka Nui, base of the Enforcers of Tren Krom, was under attack. Vultraz had sent a big horde of Rahkshi to find Zektox. He had a big sword on his left hand and a Midak Skyblaster on the other. He grabbed a Matoran member of the Enforcers on the neck and smiled at him.

"You sure are an enemy," said Vultraz. "But I don't have time for some puppies like you."

"You might call me puppy," said the Matoran, "but I'm sure that you're going to be punished by the Order of Mata Nui."

Vultraz was quiet for a while. Then he said, "If the Order is so stupid to attack me, I would give them a little prank."

"What kind of prank?" said someone. It was Helryx, Retkina, Pyroketox, Jaller, and Hahli. The Rahkshi quickly reacted and moved their position to face them. They prepared their blades to blast them from Korboka Nui, but someone blocked them. It was Fritinast Grastem, chosen Great Spirit after Mata Nui.

"Bring it on, monsters," he said. "Bring it on and I will show you my lightning powers." As he did, he shocked the Rahkshi, and he shocked Vultraz as well. They were the last Rahkshi left, and now the Makuta just had Visorak.

"You saved our lives," said one member of the Enforcers of Tren Krom. "How can we ever thank you, Great Being?"

Fritinast Grastem got an idea.

"You can help me clean up this mess," he answered. "And this Shadow Matoran shall be imprisoned in Paxila now."

Kevtho and Zuvak talked with Hantga, who had been was shown to be the Toa of Stone from the Organization of Darkness. They wanted to know why he had left them, and why he hadn't told Helryx about it. But, as the important question seemed to be now: could Hantga possibly help them?

Rakabra and Veuy had discovered some kind of Kanohi mask that was poisoned. They gave the Turaga the mask so they could see what it was. The Turaga worked for hours, and after some hours they had discovered what it was.

"Do you know what it is?" asked Rakabra.

"We are not sure," answered Koved. "But it can be a mask from the Makuta. We need to work it out if we must find out."

"But that will take more than one week," said Veuy, disappointed.

"Don't worry," said Kryehk. "We have Takanuva here. He may know something about this."

"I don't know," said Veuy, unsure.

"We take care of it if Dark Vavakx begins to attack," said Rakabra. "With Manakk and Cronuk, we are more than a match for those guys."

"Very well," said Veuy. "I'm going to ask him."

When he came to the training station in New Takiw-Nui, Veuy was shocked. The tools and weapons were destroyed. and the station was almost ruined. Then he saw Takanuva with a scarf on his mouth and rope on his hands. He quickly ran to him and asked him, "What has happened here?" He took the scarf from his mouth.

Quickly, Takanuva answered. "Krakua, Feanor, and the rest of the army has been taken."

"By whom?" asked Veuy, desperate.

"Makuta..." began Takanuva. Then he took a deep breath and said the kidnapper's name. He said, slowly, "Teridax."

Chapter 4

The team of Eritko, Icarax 2, Shadow Ceasame, and Hjustematak continued their search for Tridax. They were now in Stelt to find a new weapon that could help them.

"I don't think we have anything to get a weapon with," said Shadow Ceasame. "We don't have any widgets to pay him with."

"We don't have any widgets, but we have something else," answered Eritko. "We have you and Icarax 2." Quickly, Hjustematak threw a blanket over them. Eritko opened the door, they walked in, and Eritko closed the door. They began to talk with the trader.

"What can I do for you, Toa and Skakdi?" he asked. "Is it something that going to make me rich?"

"We want a weapon that can kill Antidermis," answered Eritko.

"What's the pay?" asked the trader.

"We're paying you these guys," answered Eritko, and gave Hjustematak a signal to take off the blanket. The trader looked at Shadow Ceasame and Icarax 2 and smiled.

"These two shadow creatures going to make me rich," he said to himself.

"The Order of Mata Nui will save you two later" whispered Eritko to Shadow Ceasame. He nodded.

"Come with me and I will show you a great weapon," said the trader. Eritko and Hjustematak followed him to a chamber. The trader showed them a weapon bigger than the Antidermis destroyer: An ultimate Makuta chain.

"This is very big," said Hjustematak.

"It sure is," answered the trader. "But be careful with it. If you kill someone with it, he will turn into ashes."

Frofst saw it with his own eyes. The island of Mata Nui still existed. He saw Kini Nui and the tunnel to Mangaia. He walked in the tunnel, but this time it didn't led to Mangaia. It led to the Makuta Jail. He looked at the cells and then saw the Mata Nui Army.

"Don't worry, guys," said Frofst. "I'll take you out of here." He tried to open the cell door, but it didn't open. "It's locked and I don't have the keys," said Frofst, disappointed. "We must have a big dragon to open the cell, but it's impossible!"

"I don't think so" said someone, who opened the cell to the Mata Nui Army. It was a huge dragon with a big silver tail and a big silver Kanohi. It was Miserix.

"Have you missed me?" he said, and smiled.

Chapter 5

The Order of Mata Nui was asking the Enforcers of Tren Krom members Possesser and Vultron about an island created by Teridax. Vultron didn't know much about that island, but he knew were it was.

"Do you know were Takiw-Nui was?" asked Vultron.

"Yeah, we know," answered Jaller.

"You're going three bio northeast of the place were it was, and then look for a giant Tridax pod," informed Vultron before Jaller snapped him on the neck.

"And?" he asked.

"If you hurt him, we will never find out," said Pyroketox.

"Very well," said Jaller, and let Vultron continue.

"Go west of that Tridax pod and you will find a purple island with shadow volcanoes," ended Vultron. Helryx left and gave the other a signal to follow her. They left, except Fritinast Grastem. He looked at Vultron proud.

"Thank you for the information," he said. "We will surely find that island."

In the deep of the Pit, two members of the Organization of Darkness called Shulze and Vezon were inside. They found a dead body of a Toa of Water. They gave it Energized Antidermis, and it began to rise and get red evil eyes.

Eventually, Vezon said with a dead voice, "Good morning, Tuyet."

Kevtho, Zuvak, Hantga, and the Matoran of Fato were looking for Toa stones to make an army of Toa with. Kevtho, though, was still unhappy.

"Now we that have finally found you," he said to Hantga. "But what is the plan?"

"We're going to destroy Teridax Nui, that's the plan," answered Zuvak, angry.

"Is it something wrong, my friends?" asked Hantga.

"Everything is fine," answered Zuvak, like nothing had happened.

"Stop lying," said Kevtho.

"Stop fighting," said Hantga to both of them. "You're from the Order of Mata Nui, and as an Order of Mata Nui member, you can't fight your own partner."

Kevtho began to agree. "I think you're right" said Kevtho. "Aren't we going to find any stones, or will we die by being stomped on by our own universe?"

Chapter 6

Somewhere in the middle of an abandoned Daxia, two Matoran, one Po-Matoran and one Ta-Matoran were standing outside a cave. They both knew they weren't allowed to be on these territories after Teridax's takeover, but their greed were taking their best of them after they discovered what was hidden inside the cave. A stone made of protodermis which had a heartstone attached in the middle was standing on a pedestal in the middle of the cave. That was certainly something that the two Matoran were gonna take back to their home village, but the question was, what was it? Is it worth anything? Could it be a legendary tool? Or something the Makuta had made up? None of these questions were put into consideration by both the Matoran and slowly, they stepped into the cave.

The Po-Matoran looked at the stone with shining eyes. He tried to resist it's glory, but then he raised his hand to take it, but his friend subtracted him from the stone.

"Wait just a minute" he said. "What if this could be a trap? What if the Makuta just put the stone there to make us into Rahkshi food?"

"Don't be silly" the Po-Matoran laughed. "No one is gonna see us when we get out of this island with this little beauty. I mean, it's not like it's inhabitated by wild Matoran villagers, right?"

"I'm not gonna take risks" the Ta-Matoran said. "This is a Makuta territory. One could spy on us and try to attack us right now"

"Well, I'm certainly excited to take risks" the greedy Po-Matoran said and took the stone from it's pedestal. "See, no trap. Now, let's move".

The two matoran ran out of the cave and approached the harbor where they left their boat, but as they hopped into it, a Toa of Water, polluted by Pit mutagen rose forward them. She looked at them with dark eyes.

"Wh-who are you?" the Po-Matoran said.

"I am Tuyet" the toa of water said. "Or used to be. Don't give me your names. I have no interests in them whatsoever". The two matoran were shaking in fear. Was this toa dangerous? What was she gonna do to them? Is she even a friend?

"Wh-wh-wha-wh-what brought you here t-t-toa?" the Ta-Matoran asked in fear.

"A dark power" she answered. "I suspect someome has stolen The Dark Spirit's heartstone from this island, and my my new leader need it for a secret mission"

"What's the Dark Spirit?" the Po-Matoran asked.

"He was chosen to take over this universe" the toa of water said.

"Chosen to be a great spirit, but after Mata Nui replaced him, he's seeking revenge on him. His heartstone was hidden here, on this island by an organization, standing on a golden pedestal, so it would not be seen or heard of again.".

The Matoran were in deep trouble now. They knew exactly what she talked about. They had stolen something that was out of their control. They were sure to keep the mouths shut and not say anything, or else the toa would have probably killed them.

"My leader has tried to find it for years." she continued.

"He's been visiting this island ever since the beginning of the Makuta's reign to find it and eventually cause chaos over this universe. His master plan is to make everyone in this universe suffer, give a glimpse of how he sees it. A dark, cold place for weak and pathetic creatures. Be sure to not tell this to any Matoran, Toa or Turaga. Who knows what would have happened".

Then the Toa saw the fear in the Matoran's eyes. She knew they were scared, but their expressions were different. They knew something.

"Is it something you're hiding from me?" she whispered. The two matoran became rigid with fear.

"It's in the bag, isn't it?" she whispered. The Po-Matoran started to cry.

"Yes" he sobbed silently. "Please, don't kill us. Please". The toa of water looked at the two matoran with could eyes.

"Kill you" she said. "Why do I need to waste my time on matoran as you? Fine, you can keep the stone, but remember to keep it as a secret. I do not wish anyone to know... not even you".

But suddenly, a spineless Skakdi and a Shadow Matoran jumped up from the water with pocket knives and cut the throats on both the matoran. The skakdi opened the bag and took out the stone. Beholding it's pride, he laughed maniacly as the Matoran took the oars of the boat and drove away from the island of Daxia.

Helryx stood at the top on a big heap of sticks the Order of Mata Nui had found so they could destroy Gamulu. The Makuta of the island wasn't so happy with that.

"You're not so crazy as you look," he said.

"I told you, I'm a Toa of my word," answered Helryx and slided down the heap. The Makuta of Gamulu came closer her and looked at her, unhappy.

"What are you doing with these sticks?" he asked.

"You see, I'm a Toa with simple taste," answered Helryx, and she smiled. "I enjoy violence and battles and... Energized Protodermis."

Pyroketox and Fritinast Grastem then poured Energized Protodermis on the sticks. The Makuta tried to stop them, but Helryx took her mace and stopped him.

"You know what they say about Makuta?" said Helryx. "They are stupid."

"Toa, don't play games," said the Makuta.

"Oh, yeah?" said Helryx. "But I'm doing what I want." She put the mace to the sticks, and slowly the island began to collapse. The Makuta of Gamulu got broken-hearted, seeing the island disappear from his life.

"All you care about is power," said Helryx. "This army deserve a better and classic leader, and I'm gonna give it to them. Tell your Rahkshi they work for me now. These are my creatures."

The Makuta of Gamulu's sad face turned into an angry face. "You freak," he whispered to her.

"Freak..." said Helryx coldly, and she pointed a knife on him.

"Why don't we cut you up in pieces and feed you to the Zyglak?" said Helryx. "And then we will see how loyal a hungry Gadunka really is."

Hahli and Retkina took the Makuta to the Pit to feed the Zyglak. The Makuta of Gamulu tried to escape, but the Order of Mata Nui members were to strong for him to to get out of their arms.

"It's not about power," said Helryx. "It's about giving orders. Everything collapses."

Chapter 7

Ceasame, Makuta of Daxia, had been teleported to a strange universe.

He was in a city. In front of him was a mysterious building with strange sounds. When he looked around, he saw species that are more organic than anything. Could this be the Earth? He wasn't sure if it was so.

He explored more of the city and learned from someone that he was in Paris. So it was true? It was the Earth he was on. He wandered around the city, and the people around him wondered what he was. Something was going on.

Then he met someone he could ask. "Do you know a way out of this planet?" he asked.

"Are you an alien?" said the person, worried.

"What? No!" answered Ceasame. "I just came here by mistake, I think. Do you know any transport out of here?"

"Well, you can ask NASA," answered the person.

"What's that?" asked Ceasame.

"It's a group in America," answered the person. "But I think you need an airplane to get there. And an airport, if you know what it is."

"Were can I find this airport?" asked Ceasame.

"Outside Paris," answered the person. "I get a taxi for you."

Ceasame just became confused. But on the other side, he could trust on the mysterious species. He got something called a taxi and got to this airport. Maybe this was his chance to come home...

Eritko and Hjustematak were on an island very near the Southern Continent.

They came to two guardians guarding a door. Eritko took his gun to the first, while Hjustematak confused him and knocked him down. They knocked on the door. No one opened. Then Hjustematak opened the door himself by taking it off. Inside was a little Shadow Matoran with a weapon.

"I just want to talk," said Eritko.

"You've got a noisy way of saying hello," said the Shadow Matoran. "I'm opening for business. All you have to do is knock."

"I know all your business," said Eritko. "Someone will be talking with you about it another day. Right now, I just only have one question. Where's Tridax?"

"I don't know any Tridax," lied the Shadow Matoran.

"You helped him to upgrade his Zamor launcher," continued Eritko. "And he used it to try to steal a Kanohi on a planet not far from here. Two Makuta were killed. One Toa hurt. You're responsible for that."

"Why me?" said the Shadow Matoran. "I didn't do that. He did that."

Then Hjustematak took his claw on the Matoran's head and took the mask off. The Matoran tried to take it, but Eritko got there first and stole it from him.

"I don't know anything," said the Shadow Matoran. "Give me my mask back."

"Tell me what I want to know, or you're dead," answered Eritko. "And then we can throw your body in the water and feed you to the Rahi. So what is it gonna be?"

"He said" began the Matoran. "He said he was going to get in good with an organization. He said he was heading to the Southern Islands. That's all he said. I swear! The Southern Islands, to bring something to some people named the Confederacy of Artidax."

"Ok, thanks for the information" said Eritko, and left. Hjustematak followed him, and the Matoran got his mask back. They didn't have time to kill him now. They were now heading to the Southern Islands.

Miserix, Frofst, and the Mata Nui Army began their escape from the Makuta Jail. But then they heard two Toa calling for help. Miserix came there first, and there were Krakua and Feanor.

"We will take you out of here," said Miserix, and swung his tail, which destroyed the cell. The Toa ran out, but, unluckily, a Makuta had discovered them.

"They're escaping!" the Makuta yelled. But then Frofst put a scarf on his mask.

"Shut you mouth, or else," said Frofst.

Then the whole army escaped there, even Miserix. But Frofst stayed. He had a destiny to complete.

Chapter 8

Eritko and Hjustematak were on Destral. They were there for just one thing: the Mask of Odina. It was hidden somewhere on the island and Eritko wanted it back. But could it only be so easy to take it away from Destral.

"Is this a good idea?" asked Hjustematak.

"No, but it's the only idea I have," answered Eritko. Makuta were wandering around the island. It could be hard to get the mask, but Eritko had a plan to steal it.

"What's going on?" asked Hjustematak.

"This is Teridax's archive," answered Eritko. "On the plus side, it is so badly built so it could collapse even if we put one little hand on the walls. The Mask of Odina could be over there. But it could also be another New Ignika."

Hjustematak looked at the window, where Eritko saw the mask. "Yes, it's the mask we're looking for," said Hjustematak.

"Teridax want us to stay away from it," said Eritko. "I can see why. Let's go! We should get the mask before someone see us."

Eritko and Hjustematak climbed down the cliff to steal the mask. Luckily, the Makuta didn't see them. They came inside the archive and through all the traps around there. Eventually, they got to the corner were the mask was.

"Finally!" said Eritko. "Finally, it is in my hands once again." He put it on and turned into his Dark Hunter form: "Bounty Hunter."

Some Makuta heard the lightning from the mask and prepared to catch the two warriors. But Bounty Hunter was fast, and took his Suva Antidermis destroyer and shot it at the roof. The room began to collapse, and the Makuta began to jump around and yell: "The building is on fire!"

"Shut up," said Bounty Hunter, and he killed the two Makuta with the Antidermis destroyer. "Now we must get out of here."

Bounty Hunter and Hjustematak ran out from the burning building. They saw when it collapsed, and when the Makuta around took their boats to escape. But Bounty Hunter and Hjustematak found one of the boats and stole it. Now they were heading to the Southern Islands.

On Bara Magna, Brutaka had his own ideas. He was wandering around the Wastelands, and was looking for some help. Then he saw a green Glatorian that was going to his tribe.

"Hey, you there!" said Brutaka. The Glatorian turned around, understanding Brutaka wanted something with him.

"What can I help you with?" asked the Glatorian. "Is it something I could do?"

"We could say that it is," answered Brutaka. "In my universe, we need some Glatorian to fight against a group called the Organization of Darkness. I think you could be one of them."

"I don't know what you're talking about" said the Glatorian. "And how can I be sure that I can trust you? How can I be sure that it really is just a concentration camp your people will be using against us?"

"You may not trust me if you like" Brutaka said. "You're right, I might just be doing evil deeds against your people... but I can be sure to tell you what the Organization of Darkness has done".

The Glatorian was still unsure of what to think. But then he could see in Brutaka's eyes that he wasn't as evil he thought him to be. He was actually being honest. The Glatorian uncertainty dissapeared afterwards and he walked closer to the Order member.

"I belive you" he said. "It's a real hell right now where you come from, isn't it?"

"Yeah... it is" Brutaka said. "That's why we need every help we can get. So... are you willing to join us?" The Glatorian slowly took Brutaka's hand for a shake.

"I'm in," answered the Glatorian. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Miella, Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe."

Tangle, Toa of Ice, saw the fire in Teridax's archive. He wondered what was happening. Then he saw someone with a silver Kanohi and a Skakdi stealing a boat. He tried to follow them, but it was too late. They were already gone.

Tangle then turned around and planned to use some of his ice powers on the archive. He took his ice knife and blasted it at the fire. It turned into ice. He continued to blast ice at the fire until it became big bunch of ice.

"Now that that's done," he said, "let's return for my promise to the Order of Mata Nui."

Helryx and her team were discussing the plans to defeat the Organization of Darkness. Everyone had some ideas of how it would work. Then, in came Tangle to give his idea.

"What do you want, Toa of Ice?!" said Jaller.

"I came to give a little idea," answered Tangle.

"Let us hear," said Helryx, interested.

"Could I make a little journey to get some things that would help?" asked Tangle.

"What do you mean?" asked Retkina.

"I mean that I could travel around this universe in eighty days, I could get some weapons and items for you in the war," answered Tangle.

"That's impossible," said Pyroketox. "It would take six months for you to do that."

"And?" said Tangle.

"And the war may have already began then," answered Pyroketox.

"I think it will work," said Helryx. "If you succeed, you will be a member of the Order and ambassador of our force against the Organization of Darkness. If you fail, I'm afraid that your legacy will be quickly forgotten. Deal?"

Tangle thought it could work. Then he took his hand to Helryx's, shook it and said: "Deal."

To be continued in Around the Universe in 80 Days...

Chapter 9

Tazzuk, Fearack, and Intor had been heading to Destral to get the remains of their old weapons to build new ones. But they had guests.

Makuta Najl came closer to the three Makuta. "Could we talk?" he asked.

Tazzuk looked at both Intor and Fearack and then looked at Najl. "Sure," answered Tazzuk. "But it would be best for you don't touch my saw."

They went through the remains of the fortress Eritko had destroyed, and to the room were their Mask of Odina had been hidden.

"You should have been here," said Najl, and smiled. "A Toa of Light and a Skakdi ran into the fortress, through the traps, and then stole the mask. And then when one of our brothers spotted them, the fortress got on fire. And then they took the boat and sailed far away from this island."

Tazzuk looked at the remains of the walls. "Eritko was here," he said quietly. Then he said, "Well, that was a big problem. You know that Rahkshi and Visorak haver been trained for battle. The Shadow Toa and Shadow Matoran have their weapons fixed."

Then Fearack came closer behind Tazzuk and whispered to him. "We must release the Shadow Takanuva," he whispered.

"And of course, the Shadow Takanuva..." continued Tazzuk, and gave Fearack a sign meaning "thanks," "must be released from their chamber..."

"True, they must be released from their chamber," said Najl.

"Maybe it will be our last visit on this island." Tazzuk turned around and thought about how he would release the Shadow Takanuva. But then he saw a green monster giving signs to Najl. Tazzuk understood. Najl was a member of the Confederacy of Artidax. He took his shadow saw and pointed it at Najl while Fearack and Intor took their weapons.

"Mad Makuta," said Najl, worried. "You're a mad Makuta."

"Skakdi and Saursapien," said Tazzuk. "You will probably find both after your death."

"No," said Najl. "First rule in the New Brotherhood of Makuta: Don't betray a Makuta."

"Your group took plasma bombs against my Brotherhood," began Tazzuk. "You never trusted my leader, and betrayed my brothers with Energized Protodermis. You must attack carefully, Confederacy of Artidax. I hope I wouldn't have done the same."

"This is blasphemy," said Najl. "This is madness."

Tazzuk looked at him, surprised, and took down his saw. Then he looked at Fearack and Intor. They nodded. Tazzuk looked at Najl again.

"Madness?" he asked. It became a long silence.

"THIS IS DESTRAL!" he then yelled, and took the saw right into Najl's throat. They then ran away and took the remains of their old weapons.

Helryx and her team had been learning that the Tunnels of Teridax Nui had a so-called "system" which could be controlled by anyone. They just needed to get to Teridax Nui, but how?

Nalu had been investigating the system, and gave the instructions to Helryx. "Could this help?" he asked. "Very long instructions, I must say."

"Indeed it would help," answered Helryx. "Nalek is waiting out there. He needs you for a mission."

"Yes, my master," said Nalu and left. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and a voice came from everywhere. Teridax had something to say.

"Do you feel alright with your new lord?" he said, and laughed.

"Alright?!" yelled Helryx. "Does it look like I feel alright to you?!Do you think you can just take Mata Nui's place and then rule the universe? I will tell you something. I don't feel alright. Actually, I'm insane because of you."

"Good for you," answered the voice. "But I wanted to tell you something else."

"Which is?" asked Helryx.

"I have sent Icarax 3 to attack your base," began Teridax. "And her Rahkshi aren't really good to deal with. If you don't give us your Hau now, all of you wil die, but if you do give us the Hau, then I promise that all my Rahkshi will belong to you. Decide your faith, now."

It was panic in the city. The Matoran began to run around the streets, and the Order of Mata Nui prepared their weapons. Helryx looked at her team.

"Get some new tools and armor," she ordered. "If it's war he wants, it's what he will get."

Chapter 10

This chapter was written by Skullheadsoldier.

Far off in Teridax Nui...

"Keep moving, we don't have all day," said a Makuta.

As Rahkshi moved from place to place, moving crates filled with weapons, two more Makuta showed up.

"Hows everything going?" asked one of the Makuta.

"Fine right now," responded the first Makuta. "Yet the Rahkshi look worried."

"How can the Rahkshi have any feelings, especially one like worry?" asked one of the Makuta.

"I can explain that," said a dark figure as it appeared out of shadow.

"Who are you?" asked one of the Makuta.

"My name is of no importance," said the figure. "All you need to know is that you three are of no use to me anymore." As it said this, two more figures appeared from the shadows. "Kill them."

The two figures took out a spear each, and threw them at two of the Makuta, going straight through them. Then, as the being left, he heard screams and hisses as the last Makuta and his Rahkshi were killed in cold blood.

Far away, Vavakx saw a friendly face...

"Hello, brother," said Vavorkx as he walked through a portal.

"I thought I'd never see you again after Makuta Bloodrex framed you," responded Vavakx.

"Me too, but look how things went our way." As Vavorkx said this he hugs his brother. As the two hugged, everyone who was there was astonished to see such friendly feelings from Vavakx.

"Um... Vavakx," said Rakabra, as he was trying to figure out why there was so much love coming out of Vavakx.

"Oh... Sorry. It's just I haven't seen Vavorkx in millennia," said Vavakx as he regained his composure.

"Neither have we," said Kruru as he stared blankly.

"Anyways, what has happened to you all this time?" asked Vavakx.

"Well, it's a long story..." said Vavorkx as he told of his adventures.

Chapter 11

This chapter was written by Collector1.

"Come on, you humans! I need to get out of here!" said Ceasame as the people threw torches at him. "Oh, that's it!"

All of a sudden, Ceasame turned into his most powerful form, Ultimate Ceasame.

"This what happens when I don't get what I want..."

A being walked through the Organization of Darkness hallway, looking for someone who could tell him where Hantrek was.

"Where are you going?"

The being turned to see a Shadow Takanuva lying in a chair quietly.

"So, you came crawling back to us."

"Not crawling."

The Makuta slowly began pulling out a weapon.

"Not rejoining,"

Then his eyes tightened.

"I'm just out for revenge."

Then a yellow blast hit the Shadow Takanuva in the face.

"I know you weren't going to tell me where Hantrek is. So I had to do it."

Heehvan was brought to Artidax to find Tridax.

"Ah, man! Can't find anything here!"

Then he saw a figure in the horizon. "Hello!"

The being didn't answer.


Still no response.

"Oh come on, ya stupid Toa!"

"I'm no Toa."


"I know what you're thinking."

"Must I say, what are you?"

"I am Raity, and I know where Tridax is."

Chapter 12

This chapter was written by Collector1 and Pokermask.

"So, where is he?"

"I would spoil it for you."

"Listen, I'm a member of the Order of Mata Nui and you tell you would save us!"

"But I am a keeper of time."


"If I say where he is, the vortex of time would be destoryed."


"All I can do is help you as you go along."

"Oh right, we got a long day to go. Let's go find'm."

Helryx and her team was near a big boulder.

"Everyone ready?"

The team lifted thier heads up and down.

"Good, now Teridax's force's are blocking us from Nalek by attacking our base. Keep it quiet and don't say a word because our "New Ruler" is watching us."

Helryx turned to Shadow Jaller.

"Jaller, get that boulder of are way."


Jaller made a shadow hand and moved the boulder to the left, it was a room with a ladder.

Eritko and Hjustematak were sitting in their boat looking for a sign of the island of Artidax.

"Do you see anything yet?" asked Eritko.

"Not really" answered Hjustematak. "All I see is water"

"Well of course" said Eritko and laughed. Then Hjustematak spotted the sight of something.

"Hey, there's an island over there" said Hjustematak. "Maybe we can find some help over there". Eritko turned the boat at the direction to the island. They placed there boat at the edge of the dry bridge. They walked towards the house that was a few metres from the bridge. Eritko was about to knock on the door when someone yelled at them. "WHO'S OUT THERE?!".

"We're agents of a top secret organization" answered Eritko specifically. "Let us in or we will bust the door open". It was quiet for a few seconds. Then a matoran opened the door with serious eyes.

"Please sit down" he said polite. The Toa and the Skakdi stept into the house and saw a table. At the table another matoran sat there and was freezing. They took each chair and sat down. Eritko took the freezing matoran's hand and looked at him.

"Feelin fine?" he asked.

"He's not really used to that the fire isn't lit" answered the other matoran. "That's all"

"We would like to ask you guys some questions" said Eritko.

"Feel free to" answered the matoran.

"Do you know of some kind of.... how do I say.... green floating organism?" asked Eritko. Both the matoran were silent. One was looking at Eritko with a serious look. The other tried to say something but the words just didn't seem to come out.

"I..." said the freezing, pitiful matoran.

"We haven't seen anything" interupted the other matoran. Eritko had a feeling that he was lying.

"Are you really sure about that?" he asked to be sure.

"Yes, I'm sure" said the matoran. He was sweating.

"I saw something" said the other matoran all of a sudden.

"Shut up" whispered the other one. "You want to get us killed?!" Eritko was smiling. He knew he would get the truth eventually. It was just to wait and see. Hjustematak was getting worried over that something bad would happend.

"I saw something fly at the ocean...." continued the matoran.

"I said shut up" said the other one. His voice was getting louder.

"...r-ri-right above the bridge" said the freezing matoran.

"SHUT UP" yelled the other one and took a knife and cut off his hand. The matoran was screaming and crying out in pain.

"I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET, YOU STUPID LITTLE PIECE OF GARBAGE" said the matoran and began to stab his innocent friend. Eritko knew it was time to act. He was sitting there calmly for a few seconds. Then he rose up from his chair quickly, took a gun from his back and shot the angry matoran right in the head. Eritko looked at the dead body and took down his gun. Hjustematak was just standing there completely shocked. On the floor the injured matoran was lying there and cried. He was bleeding instantly. Eritko bent down to him.

"Help me" said the matoran.

"I can't help you, my friend" answered Eritko. "But my other companions can"

"I'm going to Paxila and get some help" said Hjustematak. "You sure you will be fine?"

"Yes, I'll be fine" answered Eritko. "But first, little friend. Where did this thing fly?"

"It was heading south" answered the injured matoran. "Am I going to survive?!"

"Yes you will" said Eritko as he left the house. "....I hope"

Chapter 13

Heehvan was following Raity through the swamp infected streets of Artidax. This was his only chance to find Tridax But could he trust him? Is he a friend of foe? Maybe it was a trap or just a trick. He took no chances. He decided to play along with his plan.

"So why are you here anyways?" he asked.

"I was brought here by something dark" Raity replied. "Something that might affect this universe"

"You mean Tridax?" Heehvan asked.

"No" said Raity. "Something far worse"

"What do you mean?!" said Heehvan worried. Then all of a sudden something jumped on him with a war cry. The mysterious being threw Heehvan on the ground, grabbed his throat and pointed his blade on it.

"What are you doing here, stranger?!" he yelled. "What has brought you here?!"

"Shouldn't matter to you" Heehvan yelled back.

"STOP!" said Raity. He's with us"

"How can you be so sure about that?!" yelled Heehvan.

"I feel light inside him" replied Raity. The two beings looked at each other. The mysterious being released Heehvan and took away his blade.

"Who are you?" asked Heehvan.

"I'm Eritko" answered the mysterious being. I came here to search for Tridax. You guys know where he is?

"I can't tell you that, toa" said Raity.

"Why?" asked Eritko. Then suddenly the ground was shaking as if the Great Cataclysm was happening again. It opened itself and a huge creature made from nothing but antidermis rised from the underground. With claws threatning as a horde of visorak and a eyes read as blood. It gave out a massive roar and looked down at the beings from below.

"FEAR ME, MORTALS" it said. "I'VE FINALLY REACHED MY FINAL TRANSFORMATION". Eritko recognized that voice from the demon screams.

"TRIDAX" he yelled. "You may have escaped from Bara Magna, but no more. I'm here to destroy you... FOR GOOD!"


Ceasame came to a strange white fortress with a flag on the top. He had heard that in that fortress lived the human's leader. He went towards the building, but was blocked by two guards. He just pushed them away into a bush and entered the fortress.

He was walking fast through the hallway towards the leader's "throne".

"Excuse me sir" said a woman. "The president would like to not be interrupted"

"Don't care" answered Ceasame as he went past her. He kicked the door open and slammed his hands on the presidents' table.

"What in Mata Nui's name is your deal with this, huh?!" he said upset.

"Excuse me?" said the president confused.

"I was literally attacked by your people with food" yelled Ceasame. "I want justice and tell them that I shall be treated with respect before I call out my brotherhood to destroy this planet for GOOD"

"Oh, you're that "Mafatu" I was told about" the president replied. "Well, it's not my concern what people see you as"

"But anyway", he continued. "I heard you were heading for NASA"

"Yes" said Ceasame.

"I could get a driver for you if you like" said the president. Now Ceasame was close. He would once again step his foot in the Matoran Universe, Bara Magna, Teridax Nui or whatever he thinks he belong. He could also use the human's intelligence for following experiments. A perfect plan to destroy everything in Teridax's path.

And so off he went from a town that was known to be Washington DC. And after a few minutes, he was there. His ultimate goal to come back to his world. In front of his eyes was the great base of NASA.

Chapter 14

"Have everyone taken their armor?" asked Helryx to her fellow teammates. Everyone nodded.

"Then let's prepare for war" she said.

Helryx climbed up on the ladder with her team following her. At the top was a big room with a protodermis fountain in the middle. The main entrance to their base. They were proceeding the door until someone attacked Helryx. It was Icarax 3.

They both grunted and hit each other with their fists and tackled each other. It was a violent confrontation. Jaller was about to aim fire at Icarax 3's head.

"What are you doing?!" Helryx called at her teammates. "Get out of here". Jaller took away his weapon and followed the others out from the base.

Catastrophy had hit Paxila once again, but this time the whole island was in total war. Helryx's team could see Axonn swinging with his axe at hordes of rahkshi and visorak, and matoran residents throwing knives and shooting at their enemies. Jaller began to have memories from the times the rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro, when Lewa told him the sad news, when the le-matoran gave out the message. No way Jaller would let that happen again. He snapped.

"LEAVE OUR BASE ALONE!!!!" he screamed and ran towards the battlefield with his fellow teammates following him in a war cry.

Inside the Order's base, Helryx and Icarax 3 were still fighting to death. Guns and knives never used. This was a very close confrontation. They both had scars wounds all over their body. It could end in many ways.

Helryx hit Icarax 3 in the stomach and then kicked her in the shoulder. Icarax 3 fought back grabbing Helryx's legs and throwing her on the ground. She climbed up to her feet and hit Icarax 3 in the face, but then a got a fist in the face back. Then Icarax 3 hit Helryx in the face, but this time really hard. She fell on the ground making grunts. She was badly injured and couldn't move. Icarax 3 was staring at the toa of water as she suffered. She gave out an evil laugh.

"You really think you're the hero, aren't you?" Icarax 3 said. "You think you're the one that has all control of your pathetic little organization. Let me tell you, you're so wrong". It came out small tears from Helryx's eyes because of the injuries and uncertainty of her fate.

"Look at you, toa" Icarax 3 continued. "Look at you! Does a leader gets beaten up just like that?! No, you're just as pathetic as the other toa". She grabbed a gun and aimed it at Helryx's head.

"Say hi to Lhikan for me" said Icarax 3 and prepared to shoot. Helryx closed her eyes with a few more tears falling. But suddenly someone shot Icarax 3 in the shoulder. After a few seconds, another bullet hit her stomach. Then a few more seconds later another bullet hit Icarax 3's head, making her die in the process. Helryx was looking up on a broken window where the shots came from. It was a being she never thought to see again. It was Paxila, toa of iron.

The fight was still ongoing outside. The rahkshi became much more as the seconds float by. There was no way the Order could win now.

But then came backup. From a boat, Brutaka, Shadow Ceasame, Icarax 2 and Ice Crusher ran towards the battlefield and killed alot of unprepared rahkshi and visorak. Then Roodaka fell from the sky, hitting the ground with a thunderous smack and began to shoot all Rahkshi surroudning her. And as visorak were approaching her, she had her chance. She gave out a tremendous roar at them, making them shake like small muka-sheep. Now she was in command.

As Roodaka had began to take control of the visorak, the rahkshi were still attacking. Helryx's team were surrounded. But they were still fighting till the end. Brutaka and he's fellow teammates had killed thousands of rahkshi, but there were more to come. As one died, two took it's place. The visorak, now in control from Roodaka, began to attack the rahkshi and thousands of them were destroyed by the webs. Teridax from above saw the battle and made a quick decision.

"RETREAT!" he said. The rahkshi stopped their mission and ran back to their boats, and then sailed away.

"I'm impressed" Teridax said and laughed. "Never seen you fight this hard in years. Well, see you in the battlefield... outside". The Order and the matoran could now calm down.

"Someone better clean this mess" a matoran said. The residents came with blankets and rahi and began to fix the island after the battle. Then came Hjustematak from a boat with a matoran in his arms. He was running towards Brutaka's and Helryx's team.

"This matoran needs a medic" he said. "And right now". Brutaka took the little matoran and ran inside where Helryx was recovering with her lost friend beside her.

"No time to explain how your little friend got back" said Brutaka. "We need to get this fella some surgery".

In New Takiw-Nui, with the Mata Nui Army training outside, Vavorkx, Vavakx and Veuy were in their meeting room and had a discussion.

"So what are you planning?" asked Vavorkx.

"We're only responsible for the training and not the battle itself" said Vavakx. "You see, brother. Ever since the Makuta got control of the Matoran Universe, we want nothing to do with him. We're just helping along with the Order of Mata Nui. The Organization of Darkness is probably the biggest threat, I know. But it's not our problem anymore. Simple as that". Vavorkx nodded.

"Then why is the Mata Nui Army here?" asked Vavorkx.

"They didn't wanna train in their new base since they thought it wasn't... safe enough", answered Veuy. "And I can understand that. Teridax is really a tyrant"

"No kidding" said Vavakx. "Long time ago, when Miserix had all control, he got so mad because I didn't give him some kanoka disks... childish huh?". Vavorkx couldn't help but laugh. Then Takanuva came in.

"Sorry to interrupt your meeting" he said.

"What is it that bothers you now?" asked Vavakx. Takanuva smiled at the three alpha beings. Then he said "They're ready".

Chapter 15

Sektem, was keep looking. He and the Light Hunters had a mission to seek something in Metru Nui that could be usefull to stop the dark reign of Makuta Teridax. Even if he was the only one that was doing it right now (since the other members were busy), he knew he could get backup somehow. It takes patient and concentration for him.

Then comes Mata Knight with two other matoran behind him.

"You need help?" he asked. "Where are the other light hunters?"

"Well" said Sektem with a grin. "Krakua and Takanuva are training a whole army of toa somewhere while Fritinast Grastem is helping Helryx. Yes, I gave them permission, so we're pretty much the only ones left.

"Not anymore" said someone behind them. It was Krakua with a dagger in his hand.

"They're ready for fight" he said.

"Ain't that a luck" said one of the matoran and grinned.

"Then where's Takanuva" asked Mata Knight.

"The army still need them there" answered Krakua. "They came alot more closer to him than they did to me". Krakua laughed.

"Anyway" sighed Mata Knight. "Let's just get to work"

Kevtho was looking out to the ocean where the giant body of Teridax was standing in the background. He began to have concerns if they would be able to get over to Teridax Nui and help striking at the Organization of Darkness. What if they fail? What if none of their plans will work? Can they win? Or will they lose? He just coulnd't think about that horrible thought.

"Beautiful sight, isn't it?" asked Hantga which was standing behind him. Kevtho turned around and looked at the turaga.

"It sure is" he said. "But that will soon change".

"It sure will, my friend" said Hantga.

"Can I ask you something?" said Kevtho. "Why did you leave the Matoran Universe?"

"Well" said Hantga.

"The Organization of Darkness was special in difference to the brotherhood and the order. It sort of had it's own side. When Mata Nui, Zardak and Lhikan began to build the group by seeking some of the most known makuta. Mata Knight helped us in the proecess.

"I was asking..." said Kevtho while he got interrupted by Hantga.

"Lhikan got the responsibility to learn the members some discipline" Hantga continued.

"Because you see, Kevtho. Our goal was to protect the people of Metru Nui. But all of a sudden, Lhikan dissapeared, just like that. I began to get worries. We all did. We all began to have discussions and yelled at each other. I got pretty grumpy and just yelled at one of the members for just a little mistake he did. He then shouted at me "Well, if you hate it so badly, just leave. Leave and don't come back. Nobody likes you anyway". I got so pissed I almost beat him to death and I left the room with the other members not even daring to get close to me".

Kevtho was patient and listened.

"I'm pretty much trying to forget the past" said Hantga. "That's why I left. I made a mistake. I almost killed someone, and I was a toa. How could I be so stupid?"

"No, it's ok" said Kevtho. "We all make mistakes, and that's something that happens in life".

"I know" said Hantga. "It's just..." Then came Zuvak completly nervous.

"What?!" said Kevtho worried.

"We've found Toa stones" said Zuvak and jumped in the air multiple times.

"Please, calm down" said Hantga nicely.

"You don't understand" said Zuvak nervous. "IT'S A WHOLE GOLDMINE!!!!"

Ceasame was ready for his destination back home. He had got a rocket which hasn't been used by the humans for years. It was perfect for him. And now, thanks to the human's intelligence, he can make more experiments than ever before.

He sat inside the rocket while a staff member of NASA was helping him with seat belt, the chair and other things.

"You know" said Ceasame. "I underrestimated you humans. I would like to thank you for helping me through this mess. Now I can finally continue my destiny". The staff member just nodded and smiled.

"There, now it should be done" she said. "Good luck"

Ceasame was happy. Now he could finally return to the Matoran Universe. After a countdown he heard outside of the rocket and then all of a sudden it flew right up in the sky in high speed. Ceasame shaking through the seat. Then when it finally stopped, he could relax. He knew he was out in space.

A few hours later, the rocket had reached his destination. Slowly it landed on it's feet and Ceasame opened the door with a slam, ran out and kissed the ground until something pointed at him with a gun.

"Who are you, and who are you working for?!" the figure shouted. It was a figure with red armor, with a big heartstone formed as the letter H. The two beings looked at each other for a few seconds until Ceasame eventually shouted up to the sky in frustration.

To be continued in Welcome to Makuhero

Eritko was ducking, jumping, sliding, fighting to not be killed by the powers of the Super Makuta. Heehvan and Raity pretty much did the same.

"WHAT'S THE MATTER, MORTALS?!" said the Super Makuta. "ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME?!". The giant antidermis being laughed

"No" grunted Eritko. "I am NOT afraid of you". He ran towards the antidermis cloud took his sword and his antidermis destroyer and attacked it with both weapons, but no luck. Super Makuta was way too fast and dutched Eritko's attacks. Raity tried to use his light powers to defeat the creature, but no use. Heehvan, he had found other beings that stood as backup for Super Makuta.

"Come at me, toa" taunted one of the beings. "You have no chance against the Confederacy of Artidax" Heehvan pulled out his sword and began to fight the confederacy members.

Meanwhile, Eritko and Raity were backing each other up in the fight against the Super Makuta. Eritko was pulling a special move, jumped up in the sky where he could reach the Super Makuta's head, but all of a sudden, the antidermis being stabbed his finger through Eritko's stomach and threw him to the ground. The toa of light grunted and was holding his stomach from bleeding. But then he shouted in pain and got horns from the back of his head, blades came out of his arms, a tail reached out from the back and he got taller.

The Super Makuta laughed at the toa's mutation. But Eritko wasn't even a toa anymore. He was something, but what?! The toa looked at his new form in fright and then looked up the Super Makuta.


"YOU ARE A FREAK" the Super Makuta answered. "NOW YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT". The antidermis being laughed so it echoed all over the island.


Chapter 16

"Over a thousand years ago, I belonged. I was something. I never worried about the worst when I was out on a mission, I thrived with my companions, I had a pretty good life... until he showed up. A selfish, crazy lunatic. I've been in Bara Magna, Metru Nui, the Southern Continent and now here, in Artidax, to get this monster back to his own cell filled with disgusting smell of The Pit's water. The time has come. The time to finish off my greatest enemy once and for all. Tridax, this is not a bounty anymore, this is a war. A two-man's war to be exact. And I'll be the one destroy your defenses. The final battle starts here..."

Eritko was full of energy and anger. He was waving with his arms from left to right with his blades as the Super Makuta was dudging all of it. But Eritko didn't give up easily. He make special combos as jumping up in the sky and spinning around in the air like a whirlwind. He got one hit, but not a big one. Rather a weak hit for the giant antidermis monster.

Raity had recently left over the rest to Eritko to defeat Super Makuta and focused on helping Heehvan instead. The toa of fire was beginning to get tired. They were so many and they just wouldn't give up. He hit one of the members of the Confederacy of Artidax in the shoulder and then tackled him down. But now he just couldn't take it. Two of the group's members took the toa from each arm as they were taking him to an ancient cell.

"Pathetic excuse of a toa" said the group's commander, Jankao. "You should have learned to not mess with us". Heehvan spit him in the face.

"WHY YOU LITTLE!" the commander yelled as he was gonna hit the toa on the stomach, but then Raity came to rescue. He grabbed Jankao from the body to the legs and threw him down in a deep hole in the ground.

As the great being-like warrior heard the commander's last scream as he fell, the other members attacked him from behind. Raity just threw himself over all of them and fought with his fists. He then took Heehvan to a safe place and then continued his fight against the Confederacy of Artidax.

Eritko had almost no control of the fight, as if the Super Makuta just dudged all attacks, he had also began to beat the former toa senselessly. The antidermis being laughed as Eritko was getting more hurt. For every scratch he could make on him, any second he would soon die.

"FOOL!" yelled Super Makuta. "HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY KILL ME?! I AM FULL OF POWER. THERE'S NOBODY THAT CAN DEFEAT ME. I AM IMMORTAL!!!" The monster's laughter was echoing through the entire island as he prepared to kill the injured warrior. He raised down his claw, and... and...

Eritko had all of a sudden dissapeared. The Super Makuta was in shock.


"Over here" a voice said. The Super Makuta turned around. Nothing there.

"Oh wait, I'm over here" the voice said again. The Super Makuta turned around yet again to find that there was nobody there. The voice said the same thing from another direction, as the same thing would happend again multiple times, there was nobody there.


"Ok, as you wish" said the voice as he came in front of Super Makuta with his Ultimate Makuta Chain. Super Makuta now began to worry.

"I almost forgot about this little beauty" said Eritko. "And I knew it would eventually come in handy"

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE TO DO THAT" said Super Makuta.

"Wanna bet?" asked Eritko. "This massive chain is stronger than any weapon out in this universe". Then he pulled out his Suva Antidermis Destroyer which had roasted from the swamp water on the ground.

"If I combine these two this will cause a power more powerful than you could ever imagine" said Eritko. "And yes, it can kill you. Any last words?"


"Alright then" said Eritko and smiled. "This is what you get for causing more trouble than everybody in this universe need, for killing two of my companions, turning me into... this and for everything that you have made to destroy millions of lives, you sick son of Karzahni".

With those words, he combined the Ultimate Makuta Chain and the Suva Antidermis Destroyer, he let the hybrid weapon charge as it was shaking in his hands. After a while, he triggered, a giant laser bigger than an ordinary Antidermis destroyer could ever do, as he flew backwards.

The power of the laser hit Super Makuta, and the power, the antidermis being was literally being electrocuted. Super Makuta made a giant high pitched demon scream that echoed through the Southern Islands as the lightning was growing higher and higher. Then the giant antidermis exploded in a giant blast which echoed through the entire universe, making a huge whirlwind of green clouds.

Raity and Heehvan were grabbing a tree where they could hold on from the storm's power. The Confederacy of Artidax weren't so lucky as desperate they were to hold onto something. They flew through all places on the island. After a few yells everything was silent. The Conferderacy of Artidax was gone.

When the storm was over, all swamps and vegetation was completly annihilated and clouds were now hiding the sky. Eritko was just sitting there on the ground looking at the dead island. It was hard for him to understand what had just happened. Tridax, the commander of Destral, is dead.

Raity and Heehvan were watching the island as it had been torn apart. Raity was proud of Eritko and of what he has achieved. And Heehvan, he and Eritko had to get back to Paxila. How was he supposed to explain what just happened?

Eritko was relieved. He had finally done his job. He could never go back to Bara Magna now. Not like this. All he wanted to forget everything that has happened.

Then he fell down on the ground, dropping the Ultimate Makuta Chain as he felt asleep.

Chapter 17

Sektem, Mata Knight, Krakua and the two other matoran were still looking for whatever it was. Sektem was the only one in the group that actually knew what they were looking for. A clue how Makuta Teridax could have gotten down to the undergrounds so easy. But he would make sure that he didn't tell his teammates just yet, because he knew they would just begin to ask questions.

Mata Knight was suspicious. If it really was something useful around, wouldn't Sektem just tell him and the others? He knew Sektem very well, and if it was something very special, he would have said something. He didn't have time to think however, he just had to keep searching. Because maybe it was something Sektem had as a secret.

One of the matoran spotted a little hole in the ground.

"Hey" he said. "It's something over here". The other discoverers approached the matoran.

"That's nothing" said the other matoran.

"Wait" said Sektem. "Maybe this is what we are looking for". He came to a quick conclusion.

"We must dig up this hole" ordered Sektem.

"But, my leader" said Krakua. "It's nothing to see. It might just be a nest to a tiny insect".

"Just do as I say" answered Sektem. With suspicions, they took some of their daggers and began digging.

After a couple of hours, they were finally finished. What they had found behind such a tiny hole, was in fact a big entrance into an underground hallway. They went inside just to feel darkness surrounding them for every step they took. At the end of it, they saw the legendary mask of shadows, in possession by a green and black substance. Beside stood armor, completly identical to Teridax's.

"So, that's how he did it" thought Sektem. "From such a tiny hole. Impressive."

"Oh no" said Krakua silently. "My leader, we need to get out of here now".

"I couldn't agree more" said Sektem. "We came for what we searched for and let's flee before he sees us". The three Light Hunters and the two matoran turned around and ran to the exit, just to see that it just shut with a slam.

"And where do you think you are going" said a dark voice. Teridax's voice.

"We really shouldn't have come here" Sektem thought to himself.

"Exucse me" said Sektem smiling. "But I think we were actually going out to the beautiful city you have outside. You're lucky to have been sent here by your leader because of your magnificent strength and courage".

"Sektem, what are you doing?!" whispered Mata Knight.

"I'm afraid I can't do that" said Teridax. "I want you all to stay. I feel so lonely"

"No thank you" said Mata Knight. "TYRANT!"

"You shouldn't have said that" said Teridax and laughed as Rahkshi were filling the hallway. "Not at all"

Brutaka was waiting outside a door after bringing a wounded matoran into the base. 682Sitrius member Hjustematak had explained the situation that had happend on that little island near the Southern Island as Brutaka could not think of anything about the little matoran's friend, but disgust.

After a while, Order of Mata Nui member Guardna came out from the door and looked at Brutaka.

"You can talk to him now" he said. Brutaka stepped inside to see a little matoran with a mechanical hand and a new chestplate.

"So, how do you feel" asked Brutaka.

"Much better" answered the matoran with a smile. "I feel like a completly new matoran"

"You did a pretty brave thing back there" said Brutaka. "So sad it had to end up... this way".

"I'm just glad to be alive" said the matoran. "Will that brave toa go to jail?". His eyes looked worried.

"There was nothing else he could have done to save you" answered Brutaka. "He can't be punished for that. I guess I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Brutaka, and you?". The matoran smiled once again.

"I'm Semmo" he answered. "A Ba-Matoran".

After Heehvan had explained to his leader what had happened in the swamp infected island of Artidax, she thought for a second.

"So, Tridax is dead" she asked.

"He just blew up" Heehvan answered. "How can you fake a death like that?!"

"The bounty has failed" sighed Hjustematak. "How are we supposed to come back to Agori's Bounty Store with the payment now?!"

"Don't worry" said Helryx. "I've sent a messanger to Bara Magna to deal with that. How is the bounty hunter doing?"

"He's getting some rest" answered Heehvan. Then came two beings that Hjustematak recognized. Shadow Ceasame and Icarax 2.

"I've been missing you both" he said. "How did the side mission go?"

"As well as it could get" answered Shadow Ceasame.

"And I also have someone that I've missed for a long time" said Helryx as a toa of iron stepped into the room.

"Oh, Mata Nui" said Heehvan surprised. "Paxila?!"

"Yes, I am" answered the toa of iron.

"We thought you were dead" said Icarax 2. "What happened to you?!"

"Well" said Paxila.

"I was lucky to have a dagger in handy. I used it on the wall to eventually let it reach a little opening to another floor of the Mata Tower. I climbed up and let the elevator fall to it's doom and later got out of the flames. Then I only had to wait for my time to return "back from death" and take my great place in the Order of Mata Nui"

"And that took a thousand years for you to do?" said Shadow Ceasame confused.

"Well, in the Great Cataclysm, I was knocked down by pieces of a building" answered Paxila.

"I had completly forgotten everything and was the protector of an island somewhere at the west. But after getting hit in the head by a Rahkshi, my memories came back. So I got a toa stone and gave it to a matoran at the island to take my place and... well... here I am"

"You certainly are" said Helryx. "Well, I think it's time, guys. Get every armor you need. We're going to Teridax Nui... tonight"

Tazzuk had lost his patience. After returning from Destral, he had spent days looking for Makuta Frofst. He was not gonna ruin the mighty Organization of Darkness. He was gonna make sure of that.

All of a sudden, he got knocked down by a speed shock. That kind of power could only come from one mask, the mask of time.

"Where are you?!" yelled Tazzuk. "Show yourself!"

"With pleasure" answered a voice as Tazzuk got kicked in the head. As the King of Death was lying on the ground, he saw an orange Makuta stand in front of him. Makuta Frofst.

"You really want to be sure that you'll be alive for the great conflict?" asked Frofst smiling.

"I won't let you take over the group of shadows" answered Tazzuk. "There's nothing you can do to stop the reign of shadows. Nothing!"

"So be it" said Frofst". "Let the final battle begin".

Chapter 18

Xia was silent. The Dark Hunters had picked all the armor they needed for the great battle in Teridax Nui. Some Vortixx helped warriors to fix their equipment as others confronted some dark hunters for training purposes. a male Vortixx fought a very skilled dark hunter in a sword fight. It went as far to the dark hunter kicking the vortixx in the knee and almost killing him. The Vortixx smile proudly as he climbed up to his feet to later shake hand with the dark hunter, showing that the training was done.

The Shadowed One sat on his throne, looking down at his companions. He was happy with the results of their skills. This could be enough to strike down the Organization of Darkness. But if he only had Ice Crusher with him as well, it could have been perfect. But he had gone to help the Order of Mata Nui. He knew that, and he couldn't deny that it was probably one of the best things he had done. But since Ice Crusher was such a great companion and friend of his, he would have been more happy if he was here in Xia helping out.

Later on, a dark hunter approached The Shadowed One. He looked pretty serious.

"What news do you bring me?" asked the mighty leader.

"I've got bad news, my lord" said the dark hunter. "I recently received a warning from one of my colleagues"

"Warning?" said The Shadowed One thoughtfully. "What kind of warning?"

"He says that he received a message from Makuta Zaktuen" said the dark hunter. "And that the Organization of Darkness will be forced to hunt us down if we don't ally with them". The Shadowed One got furious. He punched the wall really hard and his eyes were like pocket knives.

"Why would I ally with such a... TRAITOR?!" he yelled.

"I asked the same thing the first time I heard it" answered the dark hunter.

"My fellow dark hunters" The Shadowed One cried to the warriors below him. "By force, we've got to leave this island. The Makuta have sent a message and they force us to join them". Most of the dark hunters began to yell and cuss as they threw some of their swords and guns on the ground.

"Not only that" continued The Shadowed One. "They even threatened to kill us if we don't do so". The crowd became angrier and cussed even more.

"My dark hunters" The Shadowed One continued once again.

"We cannot stand for this type of violence. We might be unpleasant in combat and have lost respect for millions of matoran and toa, but we in the Dark Hunters consider this message as hugely disrespectful for our kind. We have to give them their own medicine. We have to show them that we, the Dark Hunters won't stand for this. Some of us might die out there tonight, but remember. Remember the sight of a future that we get our territories in Odina back and as we had let these disgusting Makuta rotten in their own landmarks for what they did to us. Yes, fellow dark hunters. Together we will strike. We will take no priosners, we shall destroy everything they have stood for. They will remember the name of the great orginzation that once defeated them, THE DARK HUNTERS!!!!"

The warriors yelled out in a war cry as they picked up their weapons and ran towards their boats.

"Beware, Makuta" said The Shadowed One to himself. "We're coming for you, and we are angry"

Some of the Makuta were already prepared for battle, except for Intor. He was just sitting on the ground, thinking. Thinking about his fate. It was not really like him, but this time he really was worried about if he was going to die. However, he used to not be so public about that thought.

"What is it, Intor?" asked Fearack that had just come from training.

"I was just thinking" said Intor. "Nothing special"

"Well, you better stop daydreaming" his partner said. "The Order is soon here and we need to prepare to quickly. Without Tazzuk on the battlefield, it might get hard".

"Good enough" Intor said to himself.

"What?" said Fearack suspiciously.

"Uh.. nothing" said Intor. "Nothing at all". Then all of a sudden a portal came from the wall and out came... Makuta Ceasame?!

Fearack jumped on his commander and slaped him in the face.


"If you don't let me go right now, I will take off your head with my bare hands and throw it down in a river" threatened Ceasame. Fearack did as he said.

"Anyway" said the commander. "Yep, I'm back, at last"

"What happened out there?!" said Intor. "Tell me that. What happened?!"

"Not now, but later" said Ceasame with a smile. "Meet our newest servant, former leader of a gang from his universe, Von Nebula!". Ceasame jokingly applauded his new ally.

"He's in a..." said Fearack not amused.

"I know" said Ceasame. "I promised him to recover his legs so... give me a Shadow Klakk". Since Fearack wanted to be generous to their new companion, he did exactly what Ceasame said. After a few seconds, he came back with a very aggressive Shadow Klakk. Intor managed to calm it down and Ceasame whispered to it what it was supposed to do. After that, the little creature shot a laser at Von Nebula. It didn't seem to harm him.

After the laser had weakened, Von Nebula could sense something. He tried to stand up and to his own surprise, he was standing on his feet.

"Unbelievable" he said happy with an evil smile. He kicked away the wheelchair and fellow Makuta began to tear it apart for new armor.

"What shall we do now, my friend" said Von Nebula.

"Prepare for war!" said Ceasame.

After a few hours, the Order of Mata Nui had arrived at the island of Teridax Nui, as well as the Dark Hunters. The Mata Nui Army later came with Takanuva in front of them. And to the Makuta's surprise, they had also brought some Glatorian from Bara Magna.

The Makuta starred aggressive at the army as they were sharpening their swords. And from somewhere, Ceasame could see Vezon with some other beings. The spineless skakdi waved at his commander.

"Not now" Ceasame whispered. "Shulze, my sword please". A shadow matoran came from the mass with a sword, just a few centimetres taller than Ceasame himself. Ceasame took it carefully and saw it's dark pride.

Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui came from the mass of the toa and matoran.

"It's a shame" she said. "I thought it was gonna be alot more people here". Ceasame starred at the sunset and then gave the toa of water cold eyes.

"We both know one of us will fall tonight" he said. "From the light you went, and you will see the light once again as I will enjoy cutting your corpses"

"Shall I give the sign?" asked Brutaka.

"No, not now" Helryx said with a smile. Then she went towards the golden Makuta. Ceasame thought there would be no choice, but to go closer. As they were standing now, face to face, they looked at each other with ratty faces.

"What is it?" asked the toa of water. "Is it the scars? You wanna know how I got them? Ok, if you insist". Then she picked up a flower from the ground.

"So I knew this toa, he was powerful, just like you. Who tells me... I'm worrying too much. Who tells me I need to smile more. And he gambles and gets too deep in the claws of shadows. One day they cut his face. We didn't have a kanohi mask to replace for him. He just can't take it. I just wanted to see him smile again. I just want him to learn I don't care about the scars. So... I stick a plasma knife in my mouth and do this... to myself. And you know what?! He can't stand the sight of me. He leaves. Now I see the funny side. Now I'm always smiling". Ceasame punched the toa on the stomach, just to see her laugh.

"You're ready for battle" she said. "I like that"

"Then you will love me even more" he said as he pointed up in the sky, and all of a sudden a huge horde of Rahkshi came from behind.

Brutaka gives the sign and so the whole army of the Order and the Dark Hunters runs towards the Makuta in a war cry. The Organization of Darkness does the same. As the battlefield is filled with fighting warriors, Ceasame and Helryx still stand in the middle and look at each other.

Then the leader of the Order says loud as she picks up her sword: "WHY SO SERIOUS?!"

Chapter 19

Eritko woke up lying in a bed more comfortable than those that he used to know in Karda Nui when he once was a matoran. He looked around for a little bit. The walls were made of diamonds and a giant window was right next to his bed. He could recognize that kind of architecture anywhere. He was on the island of Paxila. He was relieved to come back to this city, but still he thought of something else. What about the bounty? What about his reward? He then came to a conclusion to forget everything that has happened. As fast someone would ask about it, he wouldn't answer.

Later on, he climbed up from his bed, went out of the room and walked down the stairs which would lead him to the main entrance of the Order's base. Below, he saw his companions Shadow Ceasame, Icarax 2 and Hjustematak. Right next to them, where three other figures. They were Raity, Heehvan and the matoran he met on that island. So the mission on Stelt had suceeded, so had fixing the little matoran. His companions had done a good job and now they could finally reunite.

"I was waiting for you to wake up anytime" said Shadow Ceasame as he hugged his friend. Eritko was looking strangely at his other partners. He never knew Shadow Ceasame was so friendly. Not this much at least.

"So, how did it go, friend?" asked Hjustematak.

"Not as I expected" answered Eritko. "I almost died back there"

"Well, we're glad that you're ok" said Raity. The little matoran went closer to Eritko and looked at him.

"What has happened to you, toa?" he asked.

"It was that darn Super Makuta" Eritko answered. "And you may call me toa no more, my friend as I've left that path". The matoran wondered what he was talking about.

"You see, my friend" Eritko continued. "After this mutation, I could not be willing to walk in the toa heroes' footsteps. You may now call me Eritko, alpha being of light. Now, what is your name? I never got to know after that... incident"

"My name is Semmo" said the matoran.

"I was a villager of an island not far from here. I lived a pretty good life, until the makuta stroke and began to burn our houses. Torches flew from everywhere, the villagers ran in panic. But the makuta showed no mercy. They killed most of my beloved friends. I escaped from the village and was never willing to come back. Then I met a matoran named Taryan, and he and I became good friends, even though he wasn't that friendly, we both came close... and now he's dead. How could I trust him?!"

"I've met people like that in the past" said Icarax 2. "Nasty if you ask me. So full of greed".

"And that comes from a shadow toa that thought he would get penalty if he allied with 682Sitrius" said Shadow Ceasame and smiled.

"Believe me" said Icarax 2. "You don't wanna know". Then the four 682Sitrius agents gathered in one circle.

"Well, guys" said Eritko. "I think it's time for us to...". Then all of a sudden, someone slammed the door. It was a shadow toa with the Mask of Odina, shaped as a Kualsi. He looked alot like Eritko when he was a toa.

"So, we meet again, brother" it said with an evil grin. Raity and Heehvan picked up their weapons prepared to attack.

"Not now" Eritko said. "Get yourselves to safety"

"But, Eritko" Raity objected.

"Do as I say" Eritko ordered. "Me and the other guys can handle this. Go now!". With doubt, Raity did exactly as Eritko said with Heehvan and Semmo following him.

"Oh, so brave" the figure said. "I almost thought you were gonna squeeze them and let your little buddies do the rest of the job for you".

"I will squeeze you, alright" Icarax 2 threatened.

"Wait" Eritko said. "And how can you be me?! What is the meaning of all of this?! What do you want me for?!"

"I want nothing from you, brother" the figure said. "Just your soul. And when I'm done with you, I'll take your buddies with me to my master... for penalty!!!"

"Now, that's it" said an angered Shadow Ceasame and prepared to attack. But Eritko was able to calm him down by just blocking the makuta's way with his arm.

"You want my soul, then take it" Eritko said. "Take it when this battle is over and I've taken my last breaths on this universe". The figure just laughed.

"So be it then" it said and blasted a chockwave towards the four warriors. "Behold the powers of the mighty Dark Eritko".

Tazzuk and Frofst were both in a massive sword fight in the big undergrounds of the Tunnels of Teridax Nui. Tazzuk was the most aggressive while Frofst was the fastest. Both had wounds all over their bodies. They had fought for hours and yet none of them had fallen.

"I won't let you win" yelled Tazzuk and threw himself over Frofst as he prepared to slice him with his chainsaws. But Frofst hit him on the stomach and threw him over, making the king of death almost fall from an edge. However, he was able to climb up from there.

"We both know that in he end, I will win" said Frofst and took his sword towards Tazzuk's leg. But Tazzuk took his chainsaw and lifted up Frofst's sword right above both their heads. They gave each other angry faces while trying to make one of them faint. But then Tazzuk hit the Makuta of Time in the face, making him fall on the ground. But Frofst was able to kick Tazzuk's arm to another direction and then jumped up from the ground. Tazzuk made a drastic move and cut a scar on Frofst's mask with his chainsaw.

"I won't bow to your knees" Tazzuk said. "You're just as weak as your master Miserix".

"Weak?" said Frofst. "In reality, we are all weak. We just don't want to see it"

"I am not weak" Tazzuk. "I'M NOT!!!". Then he took his chainsaw and aimed it against Frofst's shoulder. But Frofst took his sword and blocked the attack. He later hit Tazzuk in the face, two times. The he kicked the king of death in the stomach, making him fall on the ground. Frofst took his sword against Tazzuk's throat, showing his victory.

"Like I said" Frofst said. "We are all weak". Then he threw his sword on the ground and turned his head to the top of the huge underground.

"I will claim my place in the Organization of Darkness" Frofst continued.

"My brothers will rule this island and together we will bring peace and stop the Makuta of Metru Nui and his powers of evil. Mata Nui will rise again as the great spirit, and every trace of the Makuta of Metru Nui, shall dissapear and be forgotten. A future so beautiful would never be more real"

"No" Tazzuk said.

"You are pathetic, Frofst. You don't know us. You don't know Makuta. We are the rulers of shadow. We'll never bow to your will after all the misery you have caused to us. Not even Ceasame. Not even Hantrek. Not even me. In the name of Teridax, I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

Tazzuk threw himself over Makuta Frofst, making the Makuta of Time lie close on an edge. On the right bottom of the tunnel, a huge ocean of lava was threatning to kill both the Makuta. Tazzuk strangled his enemy, but that wasn't enough to kill him. Frofst looked at the angered Makuta with a not amused look.

"No, Tazzuk" he said as he hid a knife in his hand. "It's not going happen".

Chapter 20

"Life once told me, that the course of conflict, goes like a straight road. Once you've taken a step, you never come back. You may be dead, or full of greed. The only thing you know is, you've been involved in a war, and in time... it shall drain your mind"
Joma from the Book of Metru Nui

Blood and antidermis flew everywhere in the battlefield of Teridax Nui. There was no sign of any victory shown yet as everyone were just slaughtering each other. Brutaka was concerned if he was to survive this battle, as it seemed like this war was nothing more than a suicide mission. Ceasame, who was in a corner recovering from his wounds, got worried about his fellow Makuta brothers. He watched antidermis being destroyed, armor crushed, tridax pod and nynrah ghostblasters being torn apart. He never thought he would get these feelings, but he also sympathised for the Order. He had no clue why. They were his enemies. How can he possibly sympathise for them? But besides that, there was one choice left to save his brothers.


"Not so fast" someone said. Then all of a sudden a dark figure rose from the ground with a thunder. It slaughtered warriors one by one, Makuta and Toa. Dark Hunter and Order member.

"You have to come through the mighty Dreadnaught first" the creature said and laughed. Warriors from the Order and Mata Nui Army ran for their lives as Makuta tried to pass through the creature. Helryx just sat on the ground with a surprised look.

"What are you doing?!" she yelled. "This is your chance". The warriors looked at their leader.

"While they are distracted by that... thing" she began. "We can attack from behind. No prisoners, no mercy"

"Are you crazy?!" Brutaka said angry. "You're risking thousands of lives if we do that"

"Hey, I am your leader, remember?!" Helryx responded with a ticked voice.


As those two were yelling at each other about their strategies, the sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer. From the horizon, a whole army of Toa were standing near a cliff edge and looking over the battlefield. In front of them stood someone even Helryx could recognize. It was Kevtho and beside him stood Zuvak. They both carried guns, and Zuvak carried a sharp spear. Kevtho didn't need that. He had his limb. He took a deep breath and waved up his limb in the sky as he yelled: "CHAAAAARRRRGE!!!"

In a massive war cry, the Toa army ran towards the battlefield, straight forward at the Makuta and Dreadnaught. As Helryx and Brutaka had stopped argue after seeing their new toa warriors, she looked at her companion.

"Still have doubts about my plan?" she said with a smile.

"Not at all" Brutaka smiled back. "ATTAAAAACK!!!". And in just a few seconds, the Makuta had to deal with both a dark monster and an army. But Dreadnaught threw away both Makuta and Toa to different directions. And then he made a high pitched scream. It was then, two other dark figures came and began to fight their enemies. The Makuta were in deep trouble. Their forces could not stand such a power from two directions.

The order's forces became stronger though, now they had even managed to jump at Dreadnaught and his two allies. As they killed one toa, two took it's place. There was no way they could win like this. Dreadnaught made another high pitched scream and all three ran away as they retreated.

"I WILL BE BACK!" he yelled at both the Order and the Makuta.

Ceasame was doing a facepalm in the background. He just had lost hope for his brothers. They were gonna lose this war and he knew it. It was then Helryx took his throat, hit him in the face and threw him at a rock. That's all it took to make him angry.


"Let's see about that" she replied as they began a sword fight.

"But what more is the course of conflict? It's also a strong shield. If you try to stop it, you will get destroyed by it's power. A power so big that a Gukko bird would afterwards eat on your corpse. There's no way you can stop the course of conflict. The only thing you can do, is just watch as it consumes your friends"
Joma from the Book of Metru Nui

Eritko fought with all power he could gain from his friends, but his dark clone just didn't seem to give up. It was still standing on it's feet trying to kill the four warriors. It's fighting skills were more violent and more aggressive than Eritko would have imagined. He could feel blood running from his mouth, which he was able to spit out afterwards. Eritko was also surprised that they were still alive. Wouldn't they be dead by now? It doesn't seem like it.

"Have you had enough of your fun" Dark Eritko shouted at his nemesis. Eritko hid a gun in his hand behind his back and smiled.

"Not quite enough" Eritko said. "But you can always come over here and kill me"

"NO" the clone yelled. "I want your death to be painful. REALLY PAINFUL!"

"Oh, for the love of Mata Nui" Eritko said with no amusement and revealed his gun and shot at his clone's shoulder. Dark Eritko yelled a painful cry, but it sounded very joyful as well.

"You seem to get it now" Dark Eritko said. "Come over here and fight like a real toa"

"I'm not a toa" said Eritko. "I'm the Alpha Being of Light". And in the same second, Eritko ran towards his clone and began a sword fight.

Dark Eritko's eyes just felt like a hot fire that was going to burst out at anytime. His violent combats was Eritko could recognize, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel that he was doing it a bit wrong in some ways. He kicked his clone on the back and took his armblade against his shoulder. Dark Eritko dodged the attack and hit his sword violently at his opponents' blades. Eventually, after much frustration, Dark Eritko knocked his head against his forehead, making the alpha being fall on his legs. The furious clone took his sword and pointed it at Eritko's neck.

"You lose, brother" he said with a grunt.

"You're right" Eritko said. "But still wrong".

"What are you talking about?!" Dark Eritko said confused.

"In fact" Eritko said. "You never killed me". With those words, he kicked Dark Eritko in the face.

Now Dark Eritko was mad. Really mad. He ran towards his enemy. No slow fighting this time. No mercy. Just one thought left in his head. Kill Eritko. The alpha being took his armblade and pointed it up in the air with his eyes closed. He then opened his eyes giving out a massive war cry while he in a flash, cut through Dark Eritko's body when he had just been a few centimetres away. The clone lied on the ground and made no single movement after that. Dark Eritko was gone.

"Why did I even expect that to happen?!" yelled Shadow Ceasame to himself as he had watched the entire fight together with Icarax 2 and Hjustematak. Eritko stepped towards his companions and gave them a serious look.

"Make sure to not tell what has happened to Helryx" he ordered. They all agreed.

Then came Raity after the fight was over. Eritko could see that he wanted to say something.

"I don't think I ever told you my purpous of being here" he said.

"Obviously, you didn't" Eritko said. "Great Beings always tell their purpous, but you are very different I most say".

"I know" Raity sighed.

"But I've come here to send a warning to your universe. Something far more threatning and far more dangerous than the Makuta will soon strike against your people. Prepare for many lifes to be lost. The Dark Spirit is coming"

In less than one second, Frofst flew his knife towards Makuta Tazzuk's mutated kanohi Shadax, making a scar on it. The King of Death gave a painful shout holding his hand on the wound while the Makuta of Time jumped on him in an attempt to make him fall in the lava pit, which was very unsucessful. Tazzuk took his fist and hit Frofst on his Vahi and grabbed his neck as he tried to snap it. Frofst tried to detach himself from the Makuta's arms, but they were just too strong. He then took his knife and stabbed it into Tazzuk's left arm. With a painful yell he dropped the Makuta of Time on the ground trying to cover the wound to not let the antidermis out.

"Drop that knife already and fight like a real Makuta" the King of Death yelled at his enemy.

"Oh, Tazzuk" Frofst said with a smile. "Don't you see?! I don't need to use my fists to show my power. I could always turn time back to fix your wound, but I choose not to"

"Then why don't turn back time so nothing of this war ever happened if you're so powerful?!" Tazzuk yelled.

"Because that ruins the revolution" answered Frofst. "Besides, it hasn't even started yet"

"And I will not let that happen" Tazzuk said and started the chainsaw from his right arm. He rushed towards Frofst preparing to slice him in half, but the Makuta flew up in the sky and took an antidermis destroyer from his back. After landing on the ground, Frofst aimed at Tazzuk and triggered. The king of death dodged it's laser and took a gun from his back to later fire it at Frofst' head. The Makuta of Time hid himself behind a rock while Tazzuk took cover behind another. They both shot at each other only to hit at the roof, or making stones fall into the lava by the bullets and lasers. Frofst rolled over to another rock and at the same time, shot a laser from his antidermis destroyer which made a small scratch on Tazzuk's crown.

They continued the gun fight until Tazzuk eventually ran out of bullets. Now Frofst had his chance.

"Face it, makuta" he said. "You have to surrender". Tazzuk crawled up on his feet, putting his arms behind his neck. He walked slowly towards Frofst with a sense of depression in his eyes.

"I wish this could have ended in any other way, brother" Frofst continued. "But war is war and we all just have to deal with it". After Frofst said those words, Tazzuk took out his wings and flew towards the Makuta. When the King of Death was just from one centimetre's distance, Frofst triggered his antidermis destroyer.

Helryx kicked Ceasame violently in the chest, making his fall on his knees, but he stood on his feet again in just a few seconds. He took his huge sword, swaying it towards Helryx's head, but as he missed, he sliced a boulder into half. Helryx took her oppurtunity and hit Ceasame in the face. He fell down on the ground, she hit him again. He lied on the ground trying to pick up his sword, but it was taken away by Helryx.

"Any last words before I kill you and take you out from your misery?!" she said.

"I... I'm sorry, my brothers" he said hurt and closed his yes.

Helryx was about to kill her enemy by cutting off his head until a gun shot and a dying yell could be heard. All the warriors in the battlefield stopped what they were doing. All eyes were now focused on the tunnel opening the sound came from, up in the middle of the mountain of the Makuta base. A kanohi mask was thrown from the opening and it fell at the bottom of the mountain. It now lied beside Ceasame and Helryx's positions. They both could recognize it. A hurt Ceasame gave an evil smile why Helryx looked at the mask heartbroken. It was the Mask of Time... Makuta Frofst, the one and only that declared the Organization of Darkness War, was dead.

From the tunnel opening, Tazzuk came out with the shattered armor of Makuta Frofst and threw it down the mountain. Of course, some Makuta couldn't help but to take all of it for new and fresh weapons.

"We... lost?!" Helryx said in despair.

"Well, well, well" Ceasame said trying to get up on his feet. "It looks like the Order of Mata Nui has tried to cheat".

"Not cheat" Brutaka said. "Just have some hope". After the King of Death had climbed down from the mountain he looked at all the warriors that had fought in the violent battle. He then looked at Ceasame with an angry look. He pulled up his wounded leader and pointed his chainsaw at his neck.

"You owe me an explanation later" he said quietly to Ceasame. The golden makuta showed no fear.

"If you just put me down, I'll tell you everything" he said with a smile as he got released and fell on the ground. He then looked at Helryx and Brutaka.

"You dirty pile of matoran meat" he hissed. "You expected me to not suspect anything?! Peace is nothing to me. I spit on that word". After Ceasame had finally got up on his feet to give out a speech.

"Everyone of you Toa, matoran, Order of Mata Nui members and dark hunters" he began.

"As the leader of the Organization of Darkness, I will banish you all from Teridax Nui as result of our victory, and now you all shall not leave the universe without Makuta guards looking over you. All in the name of Teridax, the Matoran Universe belongs to the Makuta".

All the makuta gave applause and cheering for their victory. Makuta Ceasame limped towards Helryx and then pat her sarcastically on the shoulder.

"You know, I could have just imprisoned you all" he said. "But that wouldn't give me that much pleasure. But remember, I won't be so nice next time"

"This isn't over" she answered with a tone that clearly showed anger. "Not in the slightest. Mata Nui shall come back and save us all from your tyranny. We will win one day".

"The course of conflict is also a feeling. The expression of it however is unseen. It circles around your head and consumes you until you get full of hatred. To explain it in a simple way, the course of conflict lives in us all, and we shall not underrestimate it's power."
Joma from the Book of Metru Nui

The end


From a highly unsuccessful hunt, Lhikan beheld the sight of his once home, Metru Nui. He could see Makuta and Rahkshi forces in their boats closing in towards the shores of the city as new rules had been made to give the entire universe strong guarding. From another direction, he saw how Matoran had gotten arrested for standing against Makuta Teridax's will. The only punishment he could see coming for them was death penalty. He also saw the matoran Ahkmou redirect several Po-Matoran building a huge wall that would circulate the entire city when it was finished. And from the Coliseum, he could see two members of the Light Hunters, which were Mata Knight and Krakua with two other matoran. He was assuming that their leader was with them at that point. From the expression on their faces, Lhikan understood that the poor Shadow Matoran was now nothing more than a memory.

This was exactly what he had predicted. He never thought Frofst would succeed in his plan to take over the Organization of Darkness and bring peace to the universe. He had even confronted him by saying that the whole thing looked like a suicide mission. However, with pride and strong will, Frofst refused to stop the plan. Lhikan, who had much more knowledge of his former group understood that they would never give in without a fight and whoever stood in their way would be dead in their claws. His memories of when the Organization of Darkness stood for something good had never passed away. When Teridax took control of it before the Great Cataclysm, he realized that there would come nothing good from it. And now with much more power than the Order of Mata Nui themselves, they could easily squash forces against them from a distance.

Recently, Lhikan had been hearing a warning of a threat, more dangerous than the Makuta themselves, that was closing in towards the universe. Nobody had heard of this threat yet, other than the great being Raity, as well as four members of the group 682Sitrius and the mighty toa hero named Heehvan. He knew he would spread the word like wildfire. It was also time to reveal that he was once again alive. Lhikan climbed down from the rooftop he had been standing on for a long while. As he was in the streets of Ta-Metru, he opened a door that was ajar, to see Vakama standing in there in front of a fire. Before Vakama could say anything about seeing the once toa hero being alive, Lhikan said with a serious tone: "There's something you need to know".

To be continued in The Sitrius Duty