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Baterra Magnus
Baterra Magnus
Formed by A Skrall and a Baterra
Powers Various
Tools Spiked club
Status Alive, re-creating his body
Location Molecules scattered in orbit of Gigas Magna
Pronunciation N/A

Baterra Magnus (original identity unknown) was once a Skrall of the Rock Tribe. He became a member of the Enforcers of Gigas Magna, but in an accident, he was fused to a Baterra. He was rescued by Antidax, who apprenticed him and sent him back into the past to help his younger self conquer the universe.


Baterra Magnus was once a Skrall of the Rock Tribe living on Bara Magna. He later joined the Enforcers of Gigas Magna, serving in the society for many years prior and following the Battle of Bara Magna.

At some point, he was involved in an accident in which his body parts were fused to those of a Baterra. He was healed by Antidax, who trained him as his apprentice. He ordered Baterra Magnus to gain possession of the Kanohi Vahi and travel back in time to help his former self conquer the universe. There are believed to be deeper reasons behind Antidax's motives, but they are currently unknown.

During the Bounty Hunter Wars, Baterra Magnus saved Salahad from death and ordered him to kill Janneus, as his plan demanded it. When the Bounty Hunters' Guild destroyed Gigas Nui, he kept the imprisoned Antidax alive and later brought him to his base.

He later appeared to Tetrack and Forsk on Antidax's request to persuade them to make their own attempt to conquer the universe.

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He was apparently killed by Nightwatcher in a battle on Kodax Magna in 1,000 AGC. In fact, he was not killed; his atoms were scattered across space, and over the time period of ten thousand years, he was able to bring them back together.

Abilities and traits[]

His mind is fully that of the Skrall part of his being, and as a result he considers himself to still be a Skrall. Most of his external appearance is that of a Skrall as well; however, in actuality, most of his internal body parts are in fact robotic.

Baterra Magnus possesses a large arsenal of different weapons, most of which had not been developed by the time of his "death" in 1,000 AGC. He is in control of a massive amount of powers, and he is also skilled in the seven combat forms, making him a deadly foe to all who cross him. He is capable of controlling his very molecules to a degree of high precision, which makes him almost invincible. However, that trait can be used against him, as his duel with Nightwatcher shows.