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The Baterra Magna Alternate Universe is an alternate dimension in which the Baterra have malfunctioned and taken over.


At some point, the Baterra, pursuing the Skrall from the north, malfunctioned and took over Bara Magna society. The reaosn for this is unknown, but will most likely be revealed.

Four Matoran Universe inhabitants were sent here through a portal to retrieve tha Kanohi Ignika. They faced several challenges, but managed to stay alive long enough to make progress on their search.

Known Inhabitants[]


  • How in Karzahni Dianois got here is unknown, since it is, after all, Bara Magna, and no Toa should be there. It was probably just a method Zman used to develop the character of Zac further, but, since she was reused by Zman, her origin may be explained later.