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Baterra Magna
Date Set
1,001 AGC

Baterra Magna is a multi-member storyline posted on the Lego Message Boards and worked on by JJS495, ArghYeMatey, Zacax (Zman6446 on the Message Boards), and Sidorak12814.


The storyline's idea was conceived by JJS495. He was helped in realizing his plans by three volunteers, Argh, Zman, and Sidd, who, along with JJS, would alternate turns in story-writing. That way, each of the writers would have an equal say in what happens, no one writer having too much control, not even the story's originator.

Each of the story writers also contributed their own character, JJS creating Erax, Argh creating Zundar, Zman contributing Zac from his own Author's Hangout story, Stopping Immortals, and Sidd creating Verunax.

The story saw its debut on September 6, 2010, featured on page 31 of the "Bionicle Multi-Member Story" Lego Message Boards forum, with JJS kicking it off. After that, Argh took a turn, then Zman, and finally Sidd, then the process cycled.

The story details how a team of four, the characters mentioned above, were recruited by Axonn and sent to Bara Magna to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika. The portal they use malfunctions and the wind up on an alternate Bara Magna where the Baterra have taken over.


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  • JJS gave himself a reprieve for the month of November 2010, due to lots of writing projects at school. This is a little ironic since he originally came up with the story, but none of his three partners is taking it badly.