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Bara Magna Shield
Bara Magna Shield
Shooting Thornax, melee, channeling wielder's powers
In use
Spherus Magna

The Bara Magna Shield was Vavakx's primary weapon.


The Bara Magna Shield was designed by the Great Beings, who left the blueprints in a cache of equipment. When a Glatorian found these blueprints, he enlisted the help of skilled Agori from Vulcanus to construct the shield, keeping the blueprints hidden to prevent the widespread dissemination of the design.

Despite its power, the Glatorian who initially wielded the Bara Magna Shield met a tragic end when he confronted the dangerous Baterra in the area north of the Black Spike Mountains. However, unbeknownst to him, the Agori had secretly made copies of the blueprints and manufactured more Bara Magna Shields. The production ceased when the blueprints were destroyed in a fire. The remaining shields were then used as victory trophies for Glatorian champions.

Vavakx obtained one of these shields and later disassembled it to understand its construction. Afterward, the Matoran took up the task of manufacturing them.


Vavakx's shield was made from a special material known as protochromium, which symbolized his position. Additionally, it featured a Thornax launcher, although Vavakx had the option to remove it if he desired. This launcher allowed him to shoot Thornax fruit at enemies, which could cause significant damage upon impact.

Vavakx occasionally coated the shield with poison to enhance its effectiveness in combat.