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"A whole school dedicated to fighting and self-defense... is that a good thing... or a sign that fighting is the only way to live, in the future?"
Balta's Samurai School
Headquarters Kahu Street 3 (Formerly), Kohonga City (Formerly), Kowa
Leader Balta (Formerly), Miira
Goal Teach Matoran fighting skills
Status Active

Balta's Samurai School is a school founded by Balta in which students are taught fighting skills.


Balta's Samurai School was founded by Balta after the False Reality adventure. He founded the school to teach Matoran fighting skills that were sacred in the False Reality, in order to keep the memory of that adventure from fading.

Vezok Fight

Miira and Mataiti battling Vezok in Piraka Attack

When the school moved to Comic Land, they were soon pulled into an adventure, known as Quest for the Four Great Lands. The class proved their talents there, but Balta was eventually killed by Grandeg's Elite Robot. Miira, the school's top student, became its new leader.

The school found their own building in Kohonga City after moving back to Bio-Land. Many new students came to the school, and it began to grow in popularity. The school was supposed to fight in the War of the Spiders of Doom, but the Rising interrupted them, damaging the island. Balta's Samurai School tried to help by finding Matoran trapped under rubble in the city.

When the Great Migration began, Balta's Samurai School moved to the Kowa Mountains. They helped the other inhabitants there and the ones that had recently moved there from other lands.

When an insane Makuta named Taorix attacked a refugee camp in the Kowa Mountains where the Matoran were hiding, the Samurai School helped defend the camp. Two members died: Mataiti and Pakri.

After the Battle of Bara Magna and the Matoran's travel to Spherus Magna, the school split, Kauhkahu and Ak founding their own schools in different places of Spherus Magna. Miira remains the head teacher of the original Balta's Samurai School, which has hundreds of members now.

The school's members now mostly work as a military group for Kowa, protecting it from any danger.

Known members


Kauhkahu and Ak

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