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Back to the Deserts
Date Set
1,002 AGC

Back to the Deserts is a story written by Vagra Nui Tales. It tells the tale of an alternate Mata Nui in an alternate reality, in which he has returned to the Matoran Universe to defeat Teridax and is now returning to Bara Magna to meet his old friends.



"When I was flying, I saw an explosion on Bara Magna. Is it possible it hit the Black Spike Mountains?" said Mata Nui to Gresh.

"Some Agori saw an explosion, yes. But it wasn't that big." he replied.

But Mata Nui was afraid. After he heard the tales of the Skrall returned, he knew it wasn't a coincidence. "I want to go to the Mountains," he said.

Gresh didn`t like the idea, but he trusted his friend. "I'm going with you; you are not going alone."

"Thank you, but even with Elemental Powers, two beings will not survive. We need at least four Glatorian to come back alive," Mata Nui replied.

"I know someone. His name is Kazun; he`s a caravan guard. I'm sure he can help us; he's used to travel," Gresh said.

"Good, then we need only one more," Mata Nui replied.

Meeting Soran[]

At the gates of Tesara...

"Well, I think we are ready," Gresh said.

"Let's go then, I don't want to waste time," Mata Nui replied impatiently.

"Wait, wait for me!" a female voice shouted.

Gresh looked up and saw Soran, one of the younger Glatorian of the Jungle Tribe. "Soran, what are you doing here? I thought you were training with Vastus," he said, irritated.

"I was, but I heard of your expedition to the Black Spike Mountains, and I sneaked away. I want to go with you; I want some adventure."

"No! This is too dangerous!" Mata Nui said.

"Please, I want to go outside the village and train in real fights. Don't you understand that?" she replied, sad.

"Good, you can go with us if you want. But only to Tajun, not further."

"Yes! Finally, some action!"

Skrall Patrol[]

Driving through Sandray Canyon...

Mata Nui was worried. The last time they had driven through the canyon, they had almost died.

Gresh, who was steering, looked relaxed. "Are you afraid, pal?" he asked. "Yes, I hate this place."

He was still worried, but he tried to look more relaxed. "Well, we are almost at the end. And we have seen no Skopio, and no Bone Hunters."

But Gresh hadn't stopped talking when a Patrol Skrall showed up. "Finally, some action," whispered Soran.

The Skrall looked into the canyon, and commanded his steed to walk in it. "They are coming, I need to stop and hide," Gresh whispered, nervous. He drove the Thornatus behind a rock, knowing it wouldn't help. The Skrall had seen them already, and looked through the canyon, searching for his prey.

The group heard the Skrall stepping off the steed, coming closer and closer. But... the footsteps stopped, just before the rock. The Skrall walked away. But for what? Getting his Rock Steed to attack? Or did he just give up?

Meeting Kazun[]

The Skrall was still walking. He climbed on his steed and he gave it a command. They passed them with high speed. Was he going to get help? No, a Patrol Skrall could beat them easily; they were safe.

"Is he gone?" Gresh asked, whispering.

"Yes, I think so, but we should get to Tajun quickly," Mata Nui answered.

"Why did he go away?" Soran asked. "To get help?"

"No, he saw the Vorox coming this way." someone said. It was Kazun, caravan guard of the Water Tribe.

"Kazun? What are you doing here? And what do you mean with 'Vorox coming this way'?" Gresh asked.

"Vorox invaded Tajun; I was searching for help!" he said, panting. "Fast, drive us to Tajun, before it is completely gone!"

Battle for Tajun[]


Kazun was fighting for his life. Tajun, his home, had been invaded by Vorox, and they had already destroyed too much. This must stop, he thought. This had already gone too far. I will end their attack, even if I die. I will stop them all!

Meanwhile, Gresh and Mata Nui had almost driven the Vorox away from the arena of Tajun.

"I am almost done here, Gresh," Mata Nui shouted to the other side of the arena. "But they just won't go through the gate."

"Same here, I wish Soran was here," Gresh shouted back. "That tail could be handy."

A scream, Vorox hissing, a being that fell on the ground.

"That was Soran, we should go to help her!" Gresh shouted.

"But what about the Vorox? We can't let them destroy everything," Mata Nui shouted back.

"You need to choose! We can always rebuild this arena! But we can't rebuild Soran!"

"You are right, Gresh. We go."

The Vorox Leader[]

Mata Nui and Gresh came just in time; the Vorox were ready to kill Soran.

"Let her go! She hasn't done anything wrong!" Gresh shouted, angry. It seemed the Vorox didn't hear it.

"Let her go," Mata Nui said calmly.

A loud hiss, a building getting crushed by Vorox before their eyes. A shade appeared in the dust, and it formed the shape of a Vorox. But this Vorox did not look normal. It was bigger then the average Vorox, and had a very big stinger.

The Vorox raised his claw and hissed. It was obvious this was the leader of this pack of Vorox. The Vorox attacked!

Kazun was still fighting at the gate. I am almost done here, just a few more, he thought, not knowing Mata Nui and Gresh were fighting the pack leader.

Chase through Tajun[]

The Vorox were coming closer and closer; they walked slowly for a few seconds, but they sped up. They were going faster and faster.

"I will handle that beast! You go after the pack leader, okay?" Gresh said to Mata Nui.

"Good. I will stop him," he replied.

The leader ran away, but Mata Nui got after him. The Vorox sped up; Mata Nui couldn't catch him. This is not good, he thought. That Vorox leader is escaping.

He saw the leader running through another street. Of course, I have to use the streets to stop him. he thought.

A street, another one. He was behind the leader again. He lost him, another street, he got him again.

The leader hissed, but this time, it was possible to understand him. "Good job, Glatorian. Maybe we should fight,." he hissed. A fight began.

The Battle: Part One[]

Mata Nui was standing before the Vorox leader that had identified himself as "Nacrosius."

"Well, Nacrosius, you wanted to fight, didn't you?" Mata Nui said. He attacked by speeding forward, raising his sword, and slamming it into his enemy.

Nacrosius hissed out of pain and anger. "You will not defeat me!" he hissed. He slammed Mata Nui away, jumped on him, and raised his tail. "When you met me for the first time, you won. But now, I will triumph over you, Mata Nui," he hissed angrily.

"What do you mean?" he replied, without showing any fear in his voice.

"Don`t you remember where you got that little sword from, you worm?" he hissed, even angrier.

"You are...?" Mata Nui said, afraid.

"The little Vorox you got that fancy sword from, yes," he said. "Now, prepare to die!"

"I don`t think so," a familiar voice said.

The Battle: Part Two[]

The Glatorian was Gresh. "Ah, the green-armored Glatorian," Nacrosius hissed angrily. "Nice to see you are still alive. I want to stop every Glatorian by myself; I wish that was possible. But defeating you is exiting enough too."

Gresh took a step towards the Vorox leader. "Let him go," he said. His voice sounded angry, but calm. When the Vorox hissed at him, he took another step. He said the same sentence again, this time even angrier.

The Vorox looked at him with an smile. His smile told Gresh he wasn't going to get off of Mata Nui. "I mean it, let him go!" he said.

The Vorox raised his tail. Gresh jumped before Nacrosius and put his blade at his throat. He repeated the sentence.

Nacrosius didn't like it. He got away and called his Vorox. It was obvious he was giving up, but Mata Nui was still uncertain.

The Vorox leader walked away. The Vorox hissed at the two, only to be called back by their leader. The battle had been decided. Tajun was a safe place again.


Kazun's hut...

Gresh told Kazun about the mission to the Black Spike Mountains. Mata Nui felt strange, and got outside for fresh air.

Ah, my enemy has won, he heard, knowing someone had made a telepathic link. Why you don`t answer me? he heard.

I`m here, who are you? A leader-class Skrall? A Sister of the Skrall? he thought.

It seemed the stranger heard him. No. I am not even from this planet.

Who are you? Mata Nui asked.

Not so quick, Great Spirit. The voice sounded darker then every voice he had ever heard. I will reveal some things about myself, Mata Nui heard. I am the leader of the Skrall. I landed here in the way you thought, in the meteor you saw during your trip. You can stop the mission; I am already in Roxtus.

What if I attack you? he asked.

Bad idea. I am capable of cloning. I have already cloned thousands of Skrall.

The link stopped, but Mata Nui knew this being was not lying. He got into the hut and told them about the new plan: Getting to other cities to create a small army.


The streets of Tajun...

Gresh was angry. No one believed him or his story.

Mata Nui met the captain of the Tesara Guards. "So, you believe me?" Mata Nui asked.

"Gastron, what are you doing here?" Gresh asked. He was one of Gastron's best friends, and he liked the idea of a Tesara Guard in the team.

"I was here for business, and I saw Mata Nui. I thought that you were already to the Black Spikes. Why are you still here?" he replied.

"We are here to recruit Glatorian for an army; we want to fight the Skrall," Mata Nui explained.

"Fighting the Skrall? You think you can even enter Roxtus?" Gastron laughed. "There are Patrol Skrall, Elite Skrall, and Ninja Skrall! You will not win! Except when I..."

"What?" Mata Nui asked.

"Except when I send some of my forces to help you."

Gresh liked the idea. "Well, let's go to Tesara, then," he said happily.

They walked to the gate, only to find out that the Thornatus was heavily damaged. "You travel with that pile of junk?" Gastron said, cynical.

"No, we don`t! Someone destroyed it!" Gresh shouted. He wanted to sound angry, but he didn't.

"We`ll have to walk," Mata Nui said.

After getting some goods, they started to walk to Tesara.

Bloodbath in the Wastelands[]

The Wastelands...

The five Glatorian walked through the Wastelands. They groaned out of pain.

Suddenly, they heard the hissing of Vorox. One Vorox came upon every other. Mata Nui recognized it immediately. Nacrosius' clan was under attack.

When they looked over the hill, they saw the Vorox they had seen the previous day. They were getting killed — no, they were killed by something like five Patrol Skrall. Only Nacrosius was alive. They left Nacrosius, who had been heavily damaged, dying in the Wastelands. He was lying on the ground.

When the Glatorian walked to him, he tried to speak. The only thing the Glatorians could understand, were the words "I`m sorry. I had no choice."

After that, he stopped breathing. The once-so-powerful Vorox leader was food for the other clans.

Voices 2[]

The Dunes of Treason...

The Glatorian all felt strange. Mata Nui knew what was happening. Someone had created a mental link.

Ah, the group of Glatorian. Finally, I can speak to all of you. they heard.

What do you want; why are you giving us useful information? Mata Nui thought, hoping the Skrall leader could hear them.

Because I like playing with my enemies. The attack of the Vorox at Tajun: it was all part of the game. The attack on Nacrosius' clan: all part of the game. This trip through the Wastelands: all part of my little game. They heard him laughing; it was creepy to hear. But why would I let you go to Tesara if my plans are to attack Iconox?

Mata Nui was confused. Why would an enemy give them information like this? Tell us your name, Skrall Leader, Mata Nui thought.

Call me Shadow Skrall, they heard. After that, the link broke.

It was planned fast. Gresh and Mata Nui were going to Iconox to get supplies and warn the villagers, and the others would go to the other villages to inform them about the game that had been set in motion. Suddenly, they heard a message. I will attack Iconox in three days.

Patrols around Tesara[]

Tesara Arena...

The Glatorian appeared in Tesara, and they were ready to go to Iconox when they saw an army of Rock Steeds.

"What is that? It looks like a army of oversized Bone Hunters," Mata Nui said, afraid. Gresh looked and saw an army of Rock Steeds, with silver-armored warriors on them.

"I can't see," he replied. "But a Steed with silver warriors can only mean one thing: Patrol Skrall."

When the patrols were coming closer, they grew slower. At the Gatherers' Ridge, they stopped. They all knew what was coming. The army of Skrall was going to Iconox. Everyone knew their route. They were going to Elbow Peak, and from there, they would travel to Iconox.

The two Glatorian teamed up with some Tesara Guards, and they took a Thornatus. They both knew what was coming. A fight until death... Or worse.

Click's Return[]

White Quartz Mountains...

Mata Nui and Gresh were driving through the White Quartz Mountains.

"I miss Click. That little Scarabax was my first friend here," Mata Nui said sadly. "His abilities could be helpful too. He helped me defeat Tuma; he helped me in the battle with Strakk; and not to forget, the battle versus Nacrosius when I first met him."

Gresh, who was driving, laughed inside himself, and whispered to someone behind him. "Well, no sadness anymore, Click is here," he said to his friend. Click appeared from behind Gresh. "I wanted to say this earlier, but it was all going so fast," he laughed.

Click climbed on Mata Nui's shoulder and started to glow. "It looks like you still have that rock-hard shield in you," Mata Nui laughed.

Click was back, and they could see Iconox. They had one day to warn the villagers.

Iconox: Lost or Saved?[]

Iconox main gate...

"Ready, Gresh? This could be it, though," Mata Nui said to his friend. They could see the Skrall coming. "All Glatorian in the city are helping us, I don't think we will lose Iconox... But I fear for the lives of the Glatorian in training."

They were almost at the gate when the Skrall sped up. A memorable clash began.

Mata Nui had found trouble. A Patrol Skrall thrown him to the ground, and the Skrall raised his scythe. Mata Nui`s life flashed before his eyes, when he suddenly saw a small, sharp blade pushing into the Skrall's armor. The Skrall screamed out of pain. Alato came to Mata Nui and helped him on his legs.

Meanwhile, Gresh had his own problems. The Patrol Skrall were invading the city, and they attacked him by three.

The Skrall attacked. It was blocked, but another Skrall raised his blade, ready to attack. An elemental blast threw him off his steed, while another one was blasted away by an Thornax. The shooter was gone; he had his own battle.

Suddenly, Gresh felt a cold, creepy gust of wind around him. He heard a voice in his head. Gresh, you have fought well, but you will not be able to defeat me.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. One second later, everything was black.

The Discovery[]

"We are winning, the Skrall are retreating!" Mata Nui shouted over an square.

"This is going good. I think they are giving up," Alato shouted back.

The battle was almost won. The Patrol Skrall were mostly thrown off, or they were driven out. The battle had been won, and noone was heavily injured.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew through the city. Mata Nui heard the same, already familiar voice again. Missing someone? Here is your next mission.

Mata Nui looked around; he saw what was wrong. Gresh was gone. Well, I hid your friend in the old Bone Hunter Stronghold, where you will see an old friend. Mata Nui knew what to do. Save Gresh.

Gresh: Good or Bad?[]

Bone Hunter Stronghold...

Mata Nui arrived at the Stronghold. He saw a Vorox, which was even bigger then Nacrosius.

"Ah, the famous Mata Nui. Nice to see my enemy finally be here," it said. "Name's Nacrosius. I`m sure you remember me. My superiors have revived me from death."

He attacked Mata Nui before he could say something, and pushed him on the ground. Mata Nui attacked him with his blade, resulting in Nacrosius flying through the air. As soon as Mata Nui was back on his feet, he attacked again, but Mata Nui blocked it. He pushed Nacrosius on the ground with his shield, and aimed his sword on him.

"Concede," he said.

Nacrosius conceded. As soon as Mata Nui freed Gresh, he heard the familiar voice again. Well done; now let's see how you fight against your friend.

Gresh: Good or Bad? 2[]

Gresh looked still the same, and was still trapped. Mata Nui thought that words of the Shadow Skrall meant to say that he possessed Gresh, but it wasn't. Or it was...

Gresh growled a little, and his eyes stated to glow. Suddenly, the chains broke, and he was free.

"Gresh, is that you?" Mata Nui asked. You could hear his fear in his voice.

As I said, let's see how you fight against your friend.

The Shadow Skrall hadn't even finished his message when Gresh attacked Mata Nui with a punch. Mata Nui dodged it, but another one came, and another one.

Surrender, then I will free your friend of my curse, he heard. In that little moment, Gresh gave him a punch. Mata Nui was almost defeated by his best friend.


"Well, Mata Nui, you are finally defeated," Gresh said. "Who is worthy of the title 'Great Spirit' now, huh?" Mata Nui lay on the rocks, unconscious, and without any strength left.

Gresh walked to Mata Nui, with his Thornax Launcher in his hand. When he was standing before him, he aimed his launcher at Mata Nui. "Well, old friend," he said. "This is it."

Someone fired a Thornax, but it was not Gresh. It was Tarix.

The Thornax hit Gresh's hand. "Well, Gresh. are you in an evil mood?" Tarix asked calmly.

It seemed Gresh recognized Tarix. In less then a second, Tarix grabbed his blade, and struck Gresh. Immediately after it, he fired a blast of water. Gresh was defeated.

Shadow Curse[]

The Wastelands...

"What happened to him?" Mata Nui asked, afraid.

"I don`t know, but it isn't good," Tarix replied. "But I've got Berix with me, in case someone got damaged. Maybe he can help with this too."

"Whoo, no problem," Berix said. "A bit here, this here, and this here. Wait, this looks wrong. His body is black and slimy."

"What? How is that possible?" Mata Nui said aloud.

Well, maybe because he is cursed. I cursed him. But, now you won this part of the came. I un-curse him, Mata Nui heard.

"Wait, what happened? It is changing to normal," Berix said.

Hmm, I have an idea for my game. I am going to attack Vulcanus in one week. If you don't take Tarix with your team, it will be tomorrow. If you don`t pick up Kazun, it will be in two days. Be prepared in seven days, in Vulcanus, Mata Nui heard when they were going back to Iconox.


Roxtus, Shadow Skrall's chamber.

"Ah, you are here. Finally," Shadow Skrall was standing with his back to the Patrol Skrall. "I have good news. You get a name."

The Skrall wanted to say something, but Shadow Skrall interrupted him. "Silence, you worm. You have fought well in the fight for Iconox. You are the only one. The other Skrall fought well too, but they first took the tools of the defeated Glatorian, instead of helping others. This was something you didn't do. That makes me happy." He turned to the silver-armoured Patrol Skrall, and gave him a smile. "Your new name is Bronos. Be happy with it. You can speak if you want."

The Skrall looked to his leader and growled at him. "Thank you," he said. Then he left the room.

Raid on Vulcanus[]


After picking up Kazun and Tarix, the four Glatorian got to Vulcanus. Raanu was talking to Mata Nui; he wasn't sure about his theory about Skrall, Shadow Skrall, the game, and telepathic messages.

"Listen, I am not going to close the doors only because of a theory. I want proof of an enemy. Not just talking from someone who trusted a traitor." Raanu sounded a bit angry. "But I will close the doors tomorrow, at the day of the attack."

Meanwhile, the Patrol Skrall were coming closer. But they were not alone. An army of Ninja Skrall were behind them. The forces were getting stronger and stronger.

Raid on Vulcanus: The Hunger[]

The Skrall Patrol could be seen out of the watchtower. They appeared as a storm, just as in Atero. But this time, the Skrall stopped on something like fifty bio meters away from Vulcanus.

Getting hungry, villagers? they heard all over the city. The game used an attack plan, which was not known on Bara Magna. It was an dangerous attack plan. The Skrall isolated the city, so that none could enter it, or go outside, until they were almost starving. Then the Skrall would attack.

Raid on Vulcanus: The Deal[]

"We are starving! We should have attacked them immediately, it was stupid to wait. Another plan, Mata Nui?" Raanu said angrily.

"I don`t have one — but look, a Skrall with a white flag!" Mata Nui pointed to the main gate. It was a Patrol Skrall, with very dark red limbs. He identified himself as Bronos.

"I have came with the order to give Vulcanus an offer. If Mata Nui comes with us, we will go," he said with a cold voice. "If you do not give him up, we will attack."

Raanu looked like he had made his decision when Ackar came to him. "Raanu, I'be got a plan, Mata Nui, can you come too?" he said. "Give us an hour."

The plan was explained quickly. Mata Nui gave Kazun's weapon an upgrade, and they trained a few minutes with it. They walked outside and attacked the Skrall with elemental energy. But the Skrall Started to fight back. Another clash was going to begin.

Raid on Vulcanus: Elemental Clash[]

The Skrall were almost defeated. Vulcanus was almost safe. Mata Nui was battling Bronos, while the other Glatorian were fightning Ninja Skrall.

"Give it up, outsider," Bronos shouted, while pushing Mata Nui against a wall.

"Look what this outsider can do," Mata Nui shouted back. He launched a blast of elemental energy at the Skrall, who fell off his Rock Steed. The Steed ran away, scared of the huge beam of energy.

"You think that hurts me? I've seen Scarabax which were a bigger problem then you!" the Skrall shouted.

Retreat, this is a losing battle.

The Skrall immediately retreated, and Vulcanus was safe.

You have played good, Mata Nui, he heard later. But do not think you have won. In Tajun, there is an underground lab. We will meet there.

Mata Nui knew what to do now.

War Rising[]

Tajun, entrance to the lab of the Great Beings...

Mata Nui walked inside the lab. It was just as his previous visit, beautiful. But one thing was different; the door was open.

When he walked inside the door, he saw a demonic being, lying on the ground. When he walked towards it, it started to move. Mata Nui saw a massive, scissor-like weapon on its left hand, and an unknown weapon in its right. The being had two wings, and no legs.

"I am War," it said in a robotic voice. "I am here to destroy you."

It launched a blast of energy out of its weapon. Mata Nui was facing its greatest enemy ever.

Glatorian of Freedom?[]

"Get back, I don`t want to kill you so soon, I need some more training." War raised his double-bladed arm and attacked Mata Nui. Mata Nui blocked, and he striked War with his sword. War dodged it, and he flew upstairs, on the table where Gresh had once been healed.

"Come back," Mata Nui shouted when War flew away. War shot a blast, crushing the ladder.

Suddenly, War was hit by a scyte, that had been thrown from the space under the crushed ladder. A light brown-colored Glatorian, wielding a scyte and a shield, appeared above the ladder. They called for Mata Nui to come up.

After some troublesome climbing, and an attempt for War to take Mata Nui inside the ladder, he standed before the strange-looking Glatorian. "Hi, I'm Takane, a Glatorian of Freedom. What were you doing in the grave of that robot?" he said. "Don't you know about him?"

Takane's Story[]


Mata Nui learned very much in a few minutes. In the Core War, an group of rebels had formed a tribe. They crafted many powerful, and even some elemental, weapons and shields. They were not fightning machines, as were the other tribes. The Glatorian of Freedom were thinking about the history and legends of Bara Magna. They were mostly executed by other tribes, or killed in battle.

Takane was a leader of the tribe, and one of the very few survivors. The other survivor was Saroto, a powerful Glatorian from the plagued tribe. He had left it before the disease eliminated the tribe.

"One last question. Why is the weapon of your friend looking like a Skrall blade?" Mata Nui asked.

"The Skrall blade design was stolen from us. When they discovered our headquarters, they stole the design plans from us," was the answer.

Second War?[]

Takane was getting information from Mata Nui when they heard screams from outside. "What is happening?" Mata Nui asked an Agori.

"The Skrall attacked Iconox, without any warning. What if we are next?"

"They will attack villages in a simple way; first Iconox, then Tesara, and you knows what comes next." The villager screamed a little, but stopped after a few seconds. "I am the elder of Tajun, and you are...?"

"I am Mata Nui; these are Takane and Saroto."

Tarix came to ask Mata Nui about their plans for stopping the Skrall.

"I do not know. We cannot beat them with our small numbers and..."

"It's simple; call all Glatorian for a war. Then you confront this Shadow Skrall in a battle for leadership," Takane said. "This must be done. For Bara Magna."

Saltara Magna: Core of the Planet[]

Tarix was sceptical about a war at first, but after talking, he was feeling good about it. To take a more powerful weapon with them, he shown Mata Nui a cavern under Tajun.

"Do I have have to jump in... this? Really?" Mata Nui asked, scared. "It is deep and dark."

"Yes. This is an entrance to a cave, not very much lower. You will fall at least a few seconds."

Mata Nui decided to jump. He fell, faster, faster, and even faster. Click felt danger, and quickly transformed into the Scarab Shield to protect Mata Nui if neccessary.

Mata Nui saw a hill, threw the shield under his feet, and glided down. He saw a shadow on the ground. When he looked up, he saw a massive, powerful being. It seemed lifeless.

Mata Nui read an old text on the armor. "Give the power of the mask, and you will complete even the greatest task," it said.

Mata Nui put his mask on the being. He started to feel weak. Weaker, weaker. He suddenly saw himself lying on the ground. When he looked at his hands, he saw massive, silver claws. He was in the body of the robot.

Mata Nui: Alive, All Powerful, the Apocalypse[]

At first, Mata Nui was scared. He was big, extremely powerful, and a bit rusty. When he started to move, the rust fell off.

When he was back at the tunnel, the body slowly started to levitate. Mata Nui flew upwards, and saw a few Jungle Glatorian coming his way. One of them was Gresh.

"Mata Nui! We've got a problem! Tesara. It's been attacked!"

"Easy, Gresh. We will beat them here. Glatorian of all villages came to join us. Look: Glatorian from Iconox, Tesara, Vulcanus. Even some Vorox. We are ready."

One day later, the Skrall came. They seemed to know about the army. They waited about a thousand meters away from Tajun. While far away, they were easy to see. Mata Nui stood on the walls of Tajun, watching the strange attack. But when they waited a few minutes, Mata Nui heard a voice he would remember forever.

"Attack, my sons! Let them join me!"

It was the voice of the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, under the false name of Shadow Skrall.


The War: Battle at the Gates[]

The army slowly started to move, when the gates of Tajun opened. An army of Glatorian came out. They attacked the first line of Skrall Patrol with three against one. Even in that formation, they had many problems. There, they got the first Skrall down.

They ran in the gap, only to be slain by more Patrols. One did survive, and started to fight back. The Skrall was Bronos, the greatest Skrall under Shadow Skrall`s command. The other Glatorian was an female Glatorian of the Fire Tribe. She wielded a Thornax launcher and a torch.

"Go away, Bara Magna will not fall, even if I have to defeat you all!" she shouted, while slamming her blade against the Skrall's shield. The Skrall jumped off his steed and pushed her blade away, while striking at the female Glatorian`s legs with his Warblade.

Mata Nui didn't want to more lives to be lost, and flew to the battle. He fired powerful energy out of his hand that stunned the Skrall for a while. Mata Nui grabbed the Skrall, who slowly began to move again. Mata Nui threw the Skrall away and grabbed the Glatorian. While flying to the city, she slowly said her name: Flara.

When back at the city walls, Mata Nui saw an horrible sight. The Glatorian were retreating into the city. It seemed impossible to win this war now.

The War: A New Hope[]

The Skrall were approaching, when the doors closed. Mata Nui thought the Skrall were going to crush the walls, until new Glatorian came over the walls. It was mostly fast, agile Glatorian, that tried to reach the other side of the "Wall of Skrall" attack formation, as it was called among villagers. Most of them died, but some managed to take out some Ninja Skrall.

The gates got open a little, and a few Glatorian came out. Mata Nui recognized Ackar and Vastus. They attacked the Patrol Skrall with elemental attacks, and they got help from strong, slow Glatorian. They attacked the Skrall and made holes in no time. More Glatorian came to help, and Mata Nui saw the wall slowly disappear.

When, after a few minutes, the wall was beaten, they got a surprise. Ninja Skrall attacked the village and attacked the doors. Mata Nui decided to start fighting through, and confronted Shadow Skrall. He jumped on the battlefield and blew away some Ninja Skrall. He saw Elite Skrall appearing, through, and he started battling them. Luckily, they were not strong against the armor, and they got down easily.

Suddenly, he saw Shadow Skrall, confronting a Glatorian. Mata Nui launched a blast of energy, and materialized a sword. Shadow Skrall grabbed the Glatorian. It was Gresh.

The War: The Truth[]

Mata Nui stood before Shadow Skrall. Scared, afraid something would happen to Gresh, he began to talk softly. "I concede," he said slowly. "Do not hurt Gresh, please."

Shadow Skrall started to laugh. "Do you think it goes so easily? It's not an arena battle, it's the big world. The world I once saved, and which I now will ruin."

Shadow Skrall raised his sword. Mata Nui attacked him with a blast of energy, but it went horribly wrong. Shadow Skrall put Gresh before him, and used him as a shield. Mata Nui started to cry when Gresh fell on the ground.

"Why do you care about them? I do not remember you doing that while we were still on the good side."

Mata Nui looked up and closed his eyes. Visions flashed before his eyes. His creation, the Great Cataclysm, Teridax's reign, and more. When he opened his eyes, he started growling.

"So, it was you all the time, Teridax. How could you have traveled so far? And how did you get this body?"

"It does not matter, brother. What matters, is your life. And how it will end."

He charged at Mata Nui, who got hit. Teridax whispered a few words. Patrol Skrall showed up behind him.

"Are you such a coward, Teridax?"

Teridax blew him away with a gust of wind. A battle was about to begin.

The War: Mata Nui Versus Teridax[]

Mata Nui stood up slowly. He got a big blow from Teridax. When he was on his feet again, he already saw his enemy approaching again. Mata Nui reacted quickly. He dodged the attack, and when Teridax passed by, he slashed him with his sword.

Teridax got to his feet and activated his Hau. But it was not a normal shield.

Teridax sent his shield away. It hit Mata Nui, who got to his feet quickly. He ran away, to a deep cliff. "Bad choice of location, Mata Nui," Shadow Skrall said while he charged at Mata Nui. Mata Nui had already expected it, and jumped away. Teridax fell off the cliff and crashed to the ground. When Mata Nui looked down, Teridax wasn't there. He must have crawled away.

Whe Mata Nui was back at the battlefield, he saw a good thing. The Skrall warriors were getting beaten slowly. The war was almost over.

Suddenly, Mata Nui saw a black and red hand. The hand appeared by Gresh, who stood beside him. When the hand grabbed his friend, a dark voice was easy to hear over the battlefield. "Join me..."

The War: Mata Nui Versus Teridax 2[]

Gresh shouted for help, but it was too late. He was being held by the unbreakable grip of a shadow hand.

"Eat light bolts, Makuta!" Mata Nui shouted, while firing powerful light bolts at Teridax. It was powerful enough to open the shadow hand, but Gresh had already died.

"Teridax! You will not get away with this!" Mata Nui shouted to the hills the hand had come from. Teridax slowly walked up on the hill, looking over the battlefield, filled with dead Skrall. He slowly raised his hand, and started to collect power.

Mata Nui flew up to Teridax, who was ready to fire a powerful blast. Teridax fired. Mata Nui dodged. He flew to Teridax and attacked him with his electrified claws. Teridax seemed to feel nothing. He grabbed Mata Nui with a shadow hand. Mata Nui seemed to get weaker every second.

United Power[]

The few Glatorian who didn't leave the battlefield looked to the top of the hill. The robotic form of Mata Nui turned gray. Teridax opened the shadow hand. While Mata Nui fell on the ground, the Glatorian started to speak to each other. None knew what to do.

Ackar started to spread a message over the battlefield. The Glatorian raised their weapons. "For unity!" they said together. They ran up the hill, pointing their weapons at the astonished Makuta.

Teridax spread his wings, but it was too late. The weapons of the Glatorian got through his body. He lost his power. He fell on the ground. Makuta Teridax, the former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and leader of the Rock Tribe, was defeated.


Teridax lay on the ground, still unconcious. A Skrall, covered in red, black and gray armor, appeared before him. "Wake up, brother," he said. "We need to talk about your position in the tribe."

Teridax got up slowly. "What do you mean? And would you like to call me leader, please?"

"No. We are almost the same. We both were defeated by that masked weakling. I was only defeated one time less than you."

"How do you know about my defeat?"

"I didn't only try to escape the Red Star when I was imprisoned there. I have also planned my attack on Mata Nui. Bad you came in, Teridax."

The being laughed. "I would never accept you as my leader. Not here, not in our old universe." When he slashed with his scythe, a portal opened. "Teridax, meet the Zivon." He pushed Teridax in the portal.

"Makuta Vronn is unstoppable," he said quietly.