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BIONICLE Nuva Episode
"The Suva Scuffle"
Episode no. 2
Airdate August 27, 2014
Running time 1:22
Writer(s) Jack Rizzo
Director(s) Jack Rizzo

BIONICLE Nuva Season 1
August 15, 2014 - present

  1. Magnetic Mania
  2. The Suva Scuffle
  3. Astray in the Drifts
  4. Tiribombastic!
  5. The Seventh Stone
  6. The Engineer

The Suva Scuffle is the second episode of BIONICLE Nuva. It aired on August 27, 2014.

Episode Synopsis

In Ta-Koro, Takua explains that a Fikou spider is sitting on top of Tahu's Suva and blocking him from accessing his Kanohi Nuva masks. Tahu doesn't think that removing the Rahi will be a challenge and draws his swords, though Takua does not approve of violence against such a small and defenseless Rahi.

The Fikou disarms Tahu when he takes a step forwards, using its webbing to wrench one of Tahu's swords from his hand. It then springs at Tahu, who activates his Hau Nuva and creates a force field. The spider rebounds off the shield and is squished against the wall behind. Tahu is relieved, and claims that it was no trouble, but Takua says he's seen Muaka tigers cause the Toa less hassle.



  • Fikou spider


  • This was intended to be the first episode of the series, but ended up being released second after Magnetic Mania.


BIONICLE Nuva The Suva Scuffle

BIONICLE Nuva The Suva Scuffle