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BIONICLE Nuva Episode
"Magnetic Mania"
Episode no. 1
Airdate August 15, 2014
Running time 1:21
Writer(s) Jack Rizzo
Director(s) Jack Rizzo

BIONICLE Nuva Season 1
August 15, 2014 - present

  1. Magnetic Mania
  2. The Suva Scuffle
  3. Astray in the Drifts
  4. Tiribombastic!
  5. The Seventh Stone
  6. The Engineer

Magnetic Mania is the first episode of the show BIONICLE Nuva. It aired on August 15, 2014.

Episode Synopsis

Onewa is advising Hewkii while he buffs a huge figurehead outside Po-Koro, and telling him about being a proficient carver himself in his youth. Pohatu speeds in using his Kakama Nuva, with an Infernavika and an Ice Pokawi magnetized to his body, and tells the Matoran and Turaga that he had another encounter with Gahlok Kal. Onewa and Hewkii find the situation very funny and point out that this has happened to Pohatu before, which embarresses Pohatu. He asks for Hewkii's help in prying the Matoran off his armor, but Onewa says they need to savor the moment, and invites more Matoran to come and look.



  • Infernavika
  • Ice Pokawi


  • Epena
  • Podu


  • This was intended to be the second episode of the series, but it was finished before The Suva Scuffle and so was released first.


BIONICLE Nuva Magnetic Mania

BIONICLE Nuva Magnetic Mania