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BIONICLE Nuva Episode
"Astray in the Drifts"
Episode no. 3
Airdate September 16, 2014
Running time 2:29
Writer(s) Jack Rizzo
Director(s) Jack Rizzo

BIONICLE Nuva Season 1
August 15, 2014 - present

  1. Magnetic Mania
  2. The Suva Scuffle
  3. Astray in the Drifts
  4. Tiribombastic!
  5. The Seventh Stone
  6. The Engineer

Astray In The Drifts is the third episode in BIONICLE Nuva. It aired on September 26, 2014.

Episode Synopsis

Toudo is leading Lewa through Ko-Wahi to its border with Onu-Wahi. Lewa is tired of walking through a blizzard, but Toudo is silent when Lewa asks how much farther they have to walk. The only time Toudo responds is when Lewa jokingly asks if all Ko-Matoran have to be as antisocial as Kopaka, to which Toudo says "no".

Lewa decides to scout the horizon and see if they're close to their destination. He levitates using his Miru Nuva, but the blizzard winds throw him back down into the snow face-first. He gets up and calls for Toudo, who had been carried up into the air by the Miru Nuva's ability to share its power. At this point, Lewa realises his mask is missing and searches the snow for it, bringing him to the feet of Kopaka.

Elated at finding his Toa-brother, Lewa asks for Kopaka's aid in getting to Onu-Wahi, but Kopaka says nothing and leaves. Lewa finds that Toudo has abandoned him as well, leaving him lost and alone in the blizzard.

In a post-credits scene, Lewa is seen running towards the Onu-Wahi/Ko-Wahi border at night, a Krana Vu attached to his face.



  • Every shot of this episode featured digital particle effects; the snow.
  • Kopaka was intended to have a larger role - and indeed to speak - but this was cut, as the writer felt it didn't fit.
  • The post-credits scene was not in the original script, and was only added after a discussion with CallanLoF, the voice of Toudo.


BIONICLE Nuva Astray in the Drifts

BIONICLE Nuva Astray in the Drifts