Series title card
Setting Mata Nui
Date set July 28, 2014 - October 1, 2014
Media information
Runtime 1-2 minutes (average)
Writer(s) Jack Rizzo
Director(s) Jack Rizzo
Previous BIONICLE Mata

BIONICLE Nuva is a comedy-action series created by Jam Pot Studios and is hosted on the video-hosting site YouTube. It revolves around the Toa Nuva and their adventures on Mata Nui during the attack by the Bohrok Kal, and is being released concurrently with BIONICLE Mata. As of February 2015, production on the series is on an indefinite hiatus.


While creator had the idea for Nuva earlier in the year, production on the series only began shortly before the release of Fire & Ice. While it began as predominantly comedy, the writer intends for the series to occasionally take a more serious tone and deviate into action where possible.

After the release of The Suva Scuffle, it was decided that Nuva and Ids5621's Mata would exist within the same continuity, despite their differing visual styles.


Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description Writer Air Date
1. Magnetic Mania 1:21 Encounters with Gahlok Kal are never fun. Jack Rizzo August 15, 2014
2. The Suva Scuffle 1:22 Fikou spiders are no match for a Toa Nuva, right? Jack Rizzo August 27, 2014
3. Astray in the Drifts 2:29 Would it be foolish of me to ask why all Ko-Matoran are so...cold? Jack Rizzo September 16, 2014
4. Tiribombastic! 1:28 Some names are truly fabulous, even by Matoran standards. Jack Rizzo October 01, 2014

Cast and Crew

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Takua, as voiced by Jack Rizzo.



  • The Suva Scuffle was intended to be the first episode, but due to technical difficulties it was released after Magnetic Mania.
  • A t-shirt for The Suva Scuffle, featuring the antagonistic Fikou spider, can be bought here.


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