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BIONICLE Heroes 2:Bara Magna is a fictional Sequel to the Real life Game BIONICLE Heroes.


The Objective of the Game is to Defeat Teridax and His minions. The game is split into 7 Areas, like the first game. there are four Levels in every area.


Tahu comes out of the Mata nui Robot and gos to Raanu who tells him that Unfamiliar creatures and Skrall are terrorizing the Agori and the Glatorian Aren't doing so good. Raanu takes him to the Agori Enclave, where he can access Several other areas. Defeating Teridax's Minions Allows access to The Gorge where you fight Teridax.

Agori Enclave[]

this is the Hub for the Game, it's where the player Completing a level.

The shop[]

Raanu runs A shop in the Agori Enclave selling three Different things

  • Hints
  • Upgrades
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Abilities
  • Extras

Zone select[]

In here there are statues of all the Final Bosses Masks

Character Showcases[]

in this room, it shows the Enemies.

Trophy hut[]

It includes three types of Rewards

  • Collectibles
  • Creatures
  • Acheivements


Tahu-Flamethrower like weapons

  • Power sword
  • Flame sword
  • Fire Sword

Takanuva-Machine gun like Weapons. Similar to Jaller's and Hahli's weapons from the Previous Game.

  • Twin Cutter
  • Light Slicer
  • Staff of Light

Gresh-Shotgun like Weapons. Similar to Kongu's Weapon from the Previous Game

  • Air Saber
  • Venom Talon
  • Jungle Shield

Kiina-Sniper like Weapons. Similar to Matoro's weapons from the previous Game

  • Talons
  • Water Blade
  • Vapor Trident

Pohatu-Melee Weapons.

  • Warblade
  • Twin Propellers
  • Sand Blade

Malum-Grenade like weapons. Similar to Nuparu's weapons from the Original. Only Unlockable Character.

  • Claws
  • Rotating fire Blades
  • Flame claws


  • Rahkshi-Weakest Enemies in the Game
  • Bone Hunters-Exclusive to Fero's Path, Only Racing enemy other than Some bosses, Sand Stalkers, and Rahkshi
  • Vorox-Exclusive to the First area
  • Skrall
  • Sand Stalkers-Strongest Racing Enemies
  • Exo-Toa-Only Found in Ahkmou's City
  • Piraka-Strongest Enemies in the game other tha Bosses


Malum's Volcano[]
Boss Level
Strakk Melted Mountains
None(Thornax Level) Blazing Gate


Firey Path
Malum Malum's Arena
Turahk's Temple[]
Boss Level
Panrahk Panrahk's Gate
None(Thornax Level) Sandy Temple
Lehrak Lehrak's Acid observatory
Turahk Turahk's Roof
Fero's Path[]
Boss Levels
Sahmad Racing Dune
None(Racing Level) Sandy Race
Skirmix Racing Canyon
Fero Racing Cavern
Tuma's Desert[]
Boss Level
Branar Forbidden Village
None(Thornax Level) Shadowy Dune
Stronius Black Canyon
Tuma Black Spike Mountain
Ahkmou's City[]
Boss Level
Ahkmou Exo-Toa Factory
None(Kanoka Level) City Streets
Prototype City Rooftops
Ahkmou(Exo-Toa) Coliseum

Last Two Zones Soon...