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BIONICLE Heroes: Trapped in a Nightmare

BIONICLE Heroes: Trapped in a Nightmare is a fictional BIONICLE role-playing game which follows the exploits of Toa Sero as he tries to uncover the truth about his past. It is the first game in the BIONICLE Heroes: Crystal of the Mind's Eye video game series.


The game is a seamless turn-based role-playing game. Characters are customized by changing their Jobs, much like in many Final Fantasy games. Each Job grants the character new abilities and new equitable weapons. While Matoran use Jobs, Toa instead change their element.


Chapter 1[]

Toa Sero wakes up in the middle of a dark night on the edge of a cliff on the island of Nirotgea. He quickly discovers that he has amnesia, before meeting two Le-Matoran: Shock and Waxer. The two Matoran are hostile to him at first until they realize who he is. Informing the Toa of his name and his position as the Final Stone guardian, they reveal that he has been missing for two months, along with two other Toa. Sero is confused by all this, until the Matoran explain that the Final Stone is the only object in the universe that can open the path to the Dimensional Rift, the only thing that keeps their world from chaos. Shock and Waxer had been patrolling the edge of the island looking for the three Toa when they received the news that the stone had been stolen. Sero, realizing the danger that the world is in, follows his instinct and sets out to find the thief.

Toa Sero travels to the Koro alongside Shock and Waxer, hoping to find answers. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the Koro, it has been burnt to a crisp, with no sign of survivors. Shock and Waxer are devastated, but Sero, not as distracted as the two, notices footprints in the ash. Following the trail to the Northern Mountains, they lose the trail as the terrain becomes more rocky. The three quickly lose all hope of finding whoever it is, until night falls and they see smoke rising from the peak of Mount Taunuu. After scaling the mountain, they discover a small Matoran encampment, where survivors are resting. A Ga-Matoran named Tui offers to help them search the mountains, feeling restless staying in one place after her village was destroyed.

The four find that the stranger, whoever it was, left the island by boat. Tui, who's Job Class is Pilot/Sailor, finds another boat and names it the Fire Stalker. The team then leaves Nirotgea for the next nearest island, Xnaiva.


  • Fighter
  • Mortar
  • Sniper
  • Engineer
  • Pilot/Sailor
  • Scholar
  • Explorer
  • Carver

Toa Elements[]