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BIONICLE Heroes: The Final Battle
Fictional (will not be created)

A fictional game (will not and cannot be created in real life) by Shadowmaster.

Playable Characters[]

  • Toa of Fire - The first playable character, taking the form of Jaller. Attacks with quick fire shots. His special move is a triple fireball, and he can walk through lava and fire. His power level is 3/8. Unlocked on the ice level.
  • Toa of Water - The second playable character, taking the form of Hahli. Attacks with water orbs. Her special move is a stream of water, and she can walk through water. Her power level is 2/8. Unlocked on the stone level.
  • Toa of Earth - The third playable character, taking the form of Nuparu. Attacks with a strong earth blast. His special move is a yellow homing bomb, and he can climb walls. His power level is 7/8. Unlocked on the water level.
  • Toa of Stone - The fourth playable character, taking the form of Hewkii. Attacks with a strong, tri-blast of stone. His special move is a rebounding blast, and he can shatter through walls. His power level is 6/8. Unlocked on the air level.
  • Toa of Air - The fifth playable character, taking the form of Kongu. Attacks with a swift air blast. His special move is a very strong electric shot that can attack multiple enemies, and he can jump from green pads. His power level is 5/8. Unlocked on the earth level.
  • Toa of Ice - The sixth playable character, taking the form of Matoro. Attacks with a powerful, ranged ice attack. His special move is a freezing ice attack, and he can zoom in to attack enemies from a distance. His power level is 4/8. Unlocked on the fire level.
  • Toa of Life - The final playable character, taking the form of a golden Toa Inika wearing the Ignika. Attacks with a life blast that drains energy. His special attack is to kill all non-boss enemies on screen that do not have a shield up and are tangible. His power level is 8/8. Unlocked on the final level.


  • Fikou - Small yellow spiders. Very weak, but somewhat fast. Power level is 1/15.
  • Pahrak - The Bohrok of Stone. Slow, but somewhat strong. Power level is 3/15.
  • Gahlok-Kal - The Bohrok-Kal of Water. Fast and durable, but weaker (attack-wise) than the Pahrak. Power level is 2/15.

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Chapter 0: Protodermis Caves[]

Level 1[]

This is a tutorial level, and the only level in Chapter 0. This level cannot be revisited, so savor your time here. You start out in a Protodermis pool. You find that you are a silver Matoran. Continue ahead and grab the Hau to transform into the Toa of Fire.

You will immediately be confronted by three Fikou. These are weak enemies, and will fall easily. Defeat them and continue onwards. You will find yourself on a cliff, and you must activate a bridge to continue. There is a lever to the right wall which, when attacked, brings up a wreckage which was once a bridge. Press the indicated button (O) to use your powers and construct the bridge.

Once you reach a door, you are confronted by a mounted Zamor Launcher and trapped. Destroy it to unlock the door and continue into the next room.

When you enter the room, a Matoran greets you, but is kidnapped by Fikou and Pahrak. You will find him on a platform above, but you cannot reach it. Instead, you must hit a lever to the east wall of the room, which will drop a few stones next to the Matoran's hut. Using the boulders, you can now climb onto the hut, and leap (X button) towards the platform. The two Fikou will attack first, while the two Pahrak will use their shields to protect themselves from attack.

Destroy the two Fikou, then the first Pahrak will confront you. Defeating it will initiate an unusual cutscene, where the buttons you press determines the next scene. It will charge, but pressing the correct buttons will show you grabbing the Pahrak and tossing him at the other Pahrak, causing both to fall off of the platform and be destroyed. If you fail to press the indicated buttons, you will fall off of the platform (while taking damage as well) and have to climb up the hut again and get back onto the platform.

After the fight, the Matoran will thank you, and notify you of an enclave where more Matoran reside. Continue forward, and a boss fight will begin.

Boss: Panrahk[]

Before you reach the cave exit, you are trapped and must confront a Rahkshi. The Rahkshi, Panrahk has two attacks. The first is a staff swipe, which it performs when you are close. The second is a rock blast, which it does when you are far away. You will find that Panrahk will deflect any of your attacks. Instead, press the secondary attack button (O) when the rock is near to toss it back at the brown Rahkshi and stun it. Now, you can attack. Repeat this until the beast is destroyed, and the exit to the cave will open.

Chapter 1: The Ring of Ice[]

Level 1 - Ring of Ice[]

After talking to the Matoran villagers, you will enter the icy realm of Thok. You will find yourself in an open expanse of snow. Continue forward until you can see two walls of ice and an opening between them. Enter the opening and you will find yourself trapped.

In the four corners of the room, there are devices which will continuously summon enemies until they wear themselves out. First, go to the closest one to your left. This device summons only Fikou. After about 20 Fikou, the machine will die out. Continue to the one in the northwest corner of the room. This device summons Pahrak, and will die out after about 15 of them. Destroy all of the Bohrok and continue to the one in the northeast corner of the room. This device summons Pahrak and Fikou, and dies out after about 30 enemies are summoned. Destroy them and watch the cinematic.

The southeastern device is broken. The tree in the center of the room will suddenly retreat beneath the ground, revealing another device, which summons two Rahkshi. The Guurahk are weaker than the Rahkshi, Panrahk, fought in the first level, and are fought normally, but are more durable than Bohrok. Destroy them and continue to the next room.

You will find yourself on an icy cliff. The bridge pieces are on the cliff already, but they are frozen. You can see a deactivated enemy device under the bridge pieces.

You will be confronted by two Zamor Launchers after making the discovery. Destroy both of them, and a cave entrance on the wall will open. Enter the cave, and you will be trapped and confront a Guurahk. Before it is destroyed, another button cutscene is initiated. The Guurahk will unleash a water beam. By pressing the right buttons, you will dodge, grab the Rahkshi's staff, and destroy it. Failing to press the buttons results in damage and Guurahk regaining health.

Insert Guurahk's staff into a notch in the ground (O button) to activate the enemy device. The device, unable to summon any enemies, will release heat, and thaw the bridge pieces. By the time that the bridge is thawed, the device will have already wasted all of its energy. Use the bridge-building ability to construct the bridge, and continue into the next room.

You now find yourself on a jagged platform of snow. Three enemy devices are scattered all over the platform. They summon Pahrak, Guurahk, and both enemies, respectively. After destroying the enemies and wearing out the devices, a blue platform will rise at the edge of the snow platform. Go onto the blue floating platform, which will descend onto ground level.

Once on the ground, several Pahrak will confront you. Continue to a strange broken platform. Activate it and climb on, to activate a train-like ride. You will confront mounted Zamor Launchers and Nui-Rama, flying bee-like creatures on the way. Once at the end, you will reach a large snow platform. From here, 4 of both Guurahk and Panrahk, the Rahkshi from the Protodermis Cave, will attack you (note: Panrahk only takes three hits to kill).

Continue forward until you reach a large building, constructed of ice. Two Nui-Rama will attack. Destroy them, and enter the building to finish the level.

Level 2 - Arctic Stronghold[]

Once in the chamber, you will be trapped and attacked by Nui-Rama. Dispatch them, and continue. You will enter a large arena, the walls of which are lined with holes. Several Pahrak will emerge from the holes, and attack. Defeat the first wave, and you will confront a Guurahk.

After destroying the Rahkshi, a second wave will attack, and you will confront a Gahlok-Kal, a blue Bohrok that is more durable than the average Bohrok, the Pahrak. After its defeat, a button cutscene will initiate. It will shoot three energy blasts. Press the correct button to dodge, and leap over the Gahlok. It will swing its shield towards you. Press the button again to duck, and kick the Bohrok in the faceplate, crushing and killing it.

After this, a door will open, leading to an icy hallway. Go forward and enter a large chamber. A fountain rests in the middle of the chamber, and is the key to this room. The door ahead is locked, and a puzzle must be solved to open it. From the side of the fountain is a line on the ground intended for a stream. Attack the side of the fountain, so a stream flows onto the line, and meets a lever. Turn the lever so that the stream matches the next line, which also meets another lever. Turn the new lever so that the stream goes through the line through the center of the room. Once it reaches the fountain, the fountain will retreat into the ground, revealing another enemy device.

The device summons a three Guurahk and a Vahki, Rorzakh, a new, powerful enemy that shields itself in an energy bubble and always shoots out triple energy blasts. Wait for it to attack so its shield will go down, then attack. Repeat until it is killed, then take out the Guurahk.

You will find yourself in another large chamber. An enemy device rests in the middle of the room, and Bohrok holes are on the side of the chamber. Several Panrahk, Gahlak-Kal, and Panrahk will attack. Fend them off to activate the device.

The device will attempt to summon a Rorzakh, but the device malfunctions, and bursts into smoke. Unfortunately, the entrance to the next room is still sealed off, for the Vahki still remains below.

A lever at the side of the room will emerge. Turn the lever to activate a stairway below, as well as summon more Pahrak. Kill the Pahrak to open the passage below, and descend. You will arrive in an icy cavern. Go down the spiral cavern hallway, at the end of which you will face a Panrahk and a Guurahk. Enter the engine room, where, in the center rests the Rorzahk preserved in a status tube. Turn the lever at the side of the room, releasing the Rorzahk above.

However, you will find yourself trapped, and face a hive of Nui-Rama and a Guurahk. Destroy them, and return to the top floor, where you will face the Rorzakh. Dispatch it to open the door to the end of the level. Enter the dark hallway, and continue to reach a stairway, leading to a cavern.

Level 3 - Ice Caverns[]

Continue through the cave hallway to enter a large room. You are on a large platform, where there are several enemies waiting for you. They will not appear until you activate the four Nektann at the side of the platform. The Nektann will aid you in your battle, fighting off the Fikou and Pahrak that confront you. After this wave of enemies is defeated, a falling stalactite will crush one of the Nektann.

This time, you are fighting Gahlok-Kal, Panrahk, and Guurahk. Defeat them all, and another stalactite will fall on your second Nektann ally. Now you will confront a large wave of Fikou, Pahrak, Panrahk, Gahlok-Kal, Guurahk, and a Rorzahk, all the while dodging falling stalactites. Destroy your opponents, and a floating bridge will appear, giving you access to the next room.

Now, you are in a straight hallway, where Panrahk will confront you. Destroy them, and continue onto a floating platform. An odd enemy device will activate...but instead of a normal summons a hologram of Thok.

Mini-Boss: Thok Hologram[]

Thok's hologram will teleport around the room. He is cowardly in that he will not attack up close, and will shoot Zamor Spheres and ice blasts at you while summoning reinforcements (specifically Guurahk, Gahlok-Kal, and Nui-Rama) to attack you. After his health is reduced by half, he will activate two Zamor Sphere launchers that are mounted on pillars to fight you. He also will be protected by a shield that only opens when the Zamor launchers are destroyed. After Thok's hologram's health is fully reduced, a button cutscene will initiate. Thok swings his weapon at you. Press the button to duck and attack. Thok blasts you with his weapon. Press the button to deflect, and hit the enemy device that summoned him. Thok's hologram will be destroyed, but if you fail to press the correct buttons, he will regain a quarter of his health and respawn the Zamor launchers.

When the hologram of Thok is defeated, continue up the stairway into the ice fortress of Thok. You will arrive at a massive cave entrance. Enter to end the level.

Level 4: Boss Battle - Thok[]

Thok, the first Piraka, will taunt you, and leap onto a stone platform supported by pillars. Each platform has an enemy device under it, and Thok will leap between the four platforms. Each platform has its own health bar, and retains this health bar (meaning, if Thok leaps from one platform to another, when he leaps back to the first platform, it will still have the same amount of health it did when he leapt off of it). However, you cannot attack a platform when Thok is not on it.

You will find that attacking the enemies from the enemy devices is useless, because these devices have an infinite supply of enemies. Focus on the platforms instead, and you will discover that when the platform is destroyed, the enemy device under it will be destroyed as well. Whenever a platform is destroyed, Thok will also lose 1/8 of his health. After all four platforms are destroyed, Thok takes matters into his own hands.

Thok has four attacks: a weapon swipe, performed at close range, a Zamor Sphere attack, performed at long range, a freezing dash, and four ice daggers. Thok performs the fourth attack only at health below 1/4. After his health is reduced to 1/4, Thok's health bar will turn gray, signaling invincibility. Thok will teleport away, and summon Vahki to attack. Destroy them, and Thok will attack again, with his new ice dagger attack.

After his health is reduced to nothing, he is stunned, and you must perform the finishing move. If you fail to press the indicated buttons (it is a button cutscene), you will lose health and Thok gains health. If you succeed, Thok is killed, and the battle is over.

Grab the Kaukau floating over Thok's remains to finish the level and the chapter.

Chapter 2: Piraka Stronghold[]

Level 1 - Castle Gate[]

The level begins inside of a cavern. A massive castle is inside of the cavern, and the closed drawbridge awaits in front of you. When you reach the pit separating you from the fortress, several Panrahk and Pahrak will emerge from the ground. Defeat them, and the drawbridge will lower. Enter the castle.

You will find yourself in a dark hallway. Continue into a large room, guarded by a new enemy, the Visorak Oohnorak. These are swift, but easy. Destroy them all, and several Nui-Rama, Pahrak, and Gahlok-Kal will arrive. Defeat them, and a stairway will emerge from the ground, allowing you to continue.

You will arrive in a strange chamber. The remains of what appears to be four spike devices are scattered around the room. Build them all, and an enemy device in the center of the room will open, spawning Pahrak, Gahlok-Kal, Oohnorak, and Panrahk. The easiest way to defeat them is to lure them to the spike devices, which push outwards to damage both you and the enemies, so avoid making contact with them. After the enemies are destroyed, two new Visorak, the Keelerak, whom are swifter than the Oohnorak and dodge more often, four Fikou, and a Rorzahk will appear. The enemies will, oddly, all stay near the Rorzahk, but because they will always stick together, it makes them an easy target for the spike devices. The spike device will stun the Rorzahk and take down its shield as well, making them very useful.

Once all of the enemies are gone, the devices will deactivate, and two passages will open. The one straight ahead leads to a chamber that has a rune, useful in the next level. There is a chamber to the right, but it is blocked. The last chamber, to the left, has a lever. Hit the lever to close off the first passage with the rune (be sure to grab the rune first) and open the passage to the right. After this, some Rorzahk will attack. Destroy them and enter the new passage.

The chamber is lined with blue energy tubes and a destroyed platform. Reconstruct the platform and stand on it, activating a floating ride through the chamber. Flying Guurahk and Nui-Rama will attack you. Destroy them until the ride ends and you are dropped off in a room with green tubes. This is the final part of the level, and waves of enemies will attack you.

Nui-Rama will attack while several Guurahk, Panrahk, Oohnorak, and Rorzahk attack you. After they are defeated, the tubes will open, revealing Matoran Slaves. The slaves toss rocks at you at a distance and attack you with their claws when nearby. Defeat them, and a stairway to the next level will be revealed.

Level 2 - The Catacombs[]

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