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BIONICLE Chronicles: Destiny Revealed
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BIONICLE Chronicles: Destiny Revealed is the third installment in Valentin 98's BIONICLE Chronicles.

Chapter 1[]

Gresh hammered on his blades using the hammer he was supplied with by an Agori. He needed his weapons to be strong enough again in order to combat the Makuta.

Tarix walked into the hut Gresh was working in. Gresh, who did not expect Tarix, lifted one his blades, looking startled.

"Relax. It's just me," assured Tarix to his friend.

Gresh lifted the blade down. "Sorry, it's just that ever since the recent attacks on his village..."

"I know. The other villages are being attacked. Fortunately, that other Turaga of Fire, Dume, has ordered Toa and Glatorian to protect each village. The Agori volunteered, and so did some of the Matoran," said Tarix.

"Mm-hm," muttered Gresh, nodding. He looked down at his blade, put it on the metal he was using, and continued hammering on it.

Tarix turned around and strode out of the hut, looking around. The villagers were beginning to rebuild once more. Things were fine, but could have been better if Vlakro, the Toa of Time, and Reia, a Matoran of Time, were among then, safe and sound. The veteran Glatorian sighed.

He noticed a small being beside a cat-like creature approach. He recognized the being as Turaga Vakama. The creature beside him was known as Mingle, a Rahi cat that Vlakro found recently.

Tarix knelt down and petted the Rahi. As he did, he looked at Vakama.

"Hello, Turaga," spoke Tarix, inclining his head at the Turaga and noticing his look of concern. "What is bothering you?"

"Ko-Koro has been attacked by Rahkshi," replied Vakama sadly.

Tarix's eyes widened. Gelu had decided to go back to his new home in Spherus Magna's new Ko-Koro in order to recover from the recent events.

"Gelu went back there. Is he alright?!" demanded Tarix. To his relief, Vakama nodded.

"He has a slight injury, but I was told that he and the other Glatorian were fine," said Vakama.

"Who told you?" asked Tarix. He stared in surprise as a being who appeared to be the same size as Turaga Vakama, only with a white Kanohi mask, slowly walked to the two.

"I am Turaga Nuju, as you most likely know," said Nuju. "And I myself came to tell Vakama the news, despite being the village elder."

While Nuju was telling Tarix what had happened in Ko-Koro, Vlakrofoundhimself in a rather bad situation.

He still bound to the metal table he was laid upon. Sakarix himself then came and replaced the restraint that Vlakro had destroyed. The dreaded being than turned several pieces of machinery on, which caused Vlakro great pain. While the Toa was dazed, Sakarix left, silently plotting and wanting for his captive to be awake.

Moments later, Vlakro realized that he needed to be free and escape the the treacherous clutches of he Makuta.

Vlakro then attempted to tarnish the metal restraints by using his power over Time again. He felt his body glow with the energies of time, and moments later. He found himself standing on the floor.

Vlakro sighed in relief. He was free!

The Toa then looked around the room. He noticed that the clones of the Toa Nuva, minus Takanuva, and his clone, were still in their chambers.

Vlakro decided to destroy the chambers so that the Toa Vuan would be unable to be used against the heroes. He was about to unsheathe his Rotar Blades when he realized that he did not have them with him. He growled and put his hands down, looking around.

Vlakro then saw what appeared to be the exit of the ghastly room. He then realized that he had a choice - either destroy the Toa Vuan once and for all if he kept looking for a weapon in the room, or he could save the Toa Vuan for later, find the rest of his teammates if they were in this place, and get him and he other Toa Nuva out.

He picked looking for his teammates. As he edged toward the door, trying to not make a sound in case the Toa Vuan would awake, he thought he heard chittering and warbles growls outside the door.

Rahkshi!he thought. He then had an idea. Vlakro called upon his Kanohi Huna, which, to his surprise, he still had access to, and immediately turned invisible.

He realized that he could have done this while he was still bond to the metal table in order to confuse the Makuta. One of them would was most likely stupid would have probably undid the restraints while looking for the Toa of Time.

Vlakro then would have been able to escape. However, it would have most likely taken too long to wait for a Makuta to come in and accidentally set him free, and Vlakro knew that he had no time to lose.

He knocked on the exit a few times lightly, and the chittering and growling increased. Vlakro dove behind a piece if machinery, despite being invisible, as the exit opened.

In strode two purple Rahkshi. They looked around and continued into the room. Vlakro would have easily beaten them, for he had the element of surprise to his advantage, only he had no weapons. He then remembered his Scorpion Claw.

He immediately unsheathed the weapon, realizing that it was hidden in his armor all of this time.

He immediately called forth his Kanohi Rode, and became visible. He then jumped up and landed on one of the Rahkshi, splitting its armored head open with the Scorpion Claw. Vlakro then ripped the Kraata that was inhabiting the armor out of it, killing it.

The second Rahkshi growled in confusion. It attempted to stab Vlakro with its staff, but it missed and struck the ground. The Toa then split the Rahkshi's armored head open with his Scorpion Claw. Its Kraata hissed as Vlakro reluctantly picked it up with the Scorpion Claw and flung it across the room. It hit the will with a terrible thud and fell to the floor, lifeless.

Vlakro looked at it in disgust and went to Glia's tank.

Your reign of terror ends now, foul doubles, he thought.

The tanks of five of the Toa Vuan were damaged, trapping the evil doppelgängers inside. Vlakro stared grimly at the last tank, which was Tuha's, while advancing toward it.

Tuha was awake. His eyes were lit up in fury and hatred.

Vlakro then raised the Scorpion Claw - and brought it down on the control panel in front of the tank.

The panel gave off several sparks and exploded. The machinery holding the top of the tank collapsed, crunching the glass and crushing the unfortunate victim inside.

Vlakro stared at the remains of the tank, looking around the room as well and at the other tanks.

The Toa then sheathed the Scoprion Claw and walked out of the room, throwing a glance at the destroyed tanks.

He then looked around the hallway and took off in a room without looking back.

Meanwhile, under one of the destroyed tanks, the seemingly slain Tuha stared at Vlakro as he left the room, the fury and hatred still burning in his eyes.

Chapter 2[]

Vlakro crept along the silent hallways of the darkened base. He looked around, trying to see if he could any rooms.

He noticed a small light coming from one the wall. He walked up to it - and realized that he was staring at a horrifying, but small, insect-like creature with a bulb-like thing at the end of it glowing.

Vlakro immediately jumped back, but before unsheathing his Scorpion Claw and stabbing the insect. The insect, however, had already given a shriek, which Vlakro believed was to alert the Makuta. Unfortunately for it, the creature had died after being cut down by Vlakro's weapon.

Vlakro stared at the insect in disgust after it fell to the ground, twitching strangely for several seconds before lying still. He then looked around and thought he saw a door similar to the one that led to the room where he was bound. He walked up to it. The entrance opened and the Toa of Time entered the room.

What Vlakro saw next surprised him.

In cells similar to the ones the Toa Vuan were in, were the six original Toa Nuva.

Vlakro immediately broke out each and every one of the Toa Nuva. Moments later, his teammates had recovered and were very shocked to find Vlakro standing over them with the unsheathed Scorpion Claw.

"Hello, fellow brothers and sister," spoke Vlakro happily. "I hope you all aren't feeling sick after being trapped in their for so long."

" did you find us?" asked Lewa, who was holding onto a nearby table.

"Actually..." And Vlakro had explained how he and the Glatorian were assembled to find the Toa Vuan and the Toa Nuva, how they failed and were sent out again, how they encountered the Rahkshi and a new breed of them, the Dragarahk, how they had a several battles with them, and how the Rahkshi had captured Vlakro himself. He also told hem about how he came around in this place, freed himself, and seemingly destroyed the Toa Vuan.

"So that's what happened," finished Vlakro. He looked at his teammates.

His teammates stared at him for what seemed to be a few long moments.

"Well? Say something," said Vlakro.

Tahu looked at Vlakro. "Now all we have to do is get out of here."

Vlakro nodded in agreement.

"We'll need weapons though," pointed out Lewa.

Vlakro looked around and saw nothing that could be a decent weapon for each of the freed Toa. "We'll have to find all of your actual weapons plus my Rotor Blades. Sound good?"

The rest of the Toa Nuva nodded in agreement.

"What about Takanuva? What if he's here?" added Gali, who was looking worried.

Vlakro thought again. He then replied "Let's just hope that where ever he is, he's safe."

The other Toa nodded in agreement.

Tahu and the rest of the Toa Nuva crept behind Vlakro, who was leading their small expedition around the base.

The heroes had encountered several Rahkshi, including some Dragarahk, but with the help of their elemental powers and Vlakro's Scorpion Claw, they defeated the vicious monsters.

Vlakro turned around and signaled for the others to wait. He turned around again stuck his head into another hallway. There no Rahkshi nor Makuta in site.

Vlakro then signaled his teammates to follow him again, and they bounded across the hallway.

"I don't know what's worse, being stuck here with ever-slimy Rahkshi and Makuta, or being stuck here without our weapons," muttered Lewa quite loudly.

"Lewa! Keep your voice down to a Tahtorak roar!" hissed Kopaka angrily.

"Sorry, but-" before Lewa could finish, he found himself looking straight at a purple Rahkshi.

The other Toa were surrounded by Rahkshi as well.

"Nice going, Lewa," grumbled Pohatu. Lewa just stared.

Takanuva had never felt so cold in his life.

He was alone in a cave where he seeked shelter. It was raining outside now, and it was also night.

Takunuva then realized that he was a Toa of Light - theToa of Light, to be more precise. And he knew for a fact that light was warm.

He immediately raised on of his staffs and began to channel his power through the weapon. It immediately lit up in response.

Takanuva grinned from beneath his mask. Now he was not so cold.

He only wished that he knew where the Toa Nuva were so that he could assist him. His Glatorian companions were gone - for they had separated when a band of Rahkshi attacked. Takanuva feared the worst soon after that.

Whatever the case, Takanuva knew that he had to head out sometime. He had to, in order to find his teammates and the Glatorian, then get back to their home.

Takanuva got up as the rain stopped pouring. Tomorrow was a day of searching. Today was a night of planning.

Elsewhere, deep in a lush and green forest, sat a small figure, cross-legged in the middle of a clearing. His eyes were closed, and the light of the forest reflected on his mask, which was shined in the light, despite its age. The small being sighed.

In front of him, in his thoughts and his mind, a figure formed. The figure wore silver armor and a silver Kanohi mask of power, which had some strange fin on the tip of it. He carried two silver blades.

At the first, the figure in the being's mind was more than twice the being's size when standing. However, light engulfed the figure, and grew far more taller, and instead of two blades, he had a strange silver gauntlet and large lance-like weapon with a golden blade extending from the bottom of it and and an axe, along with two sword blades, on the top of it.

The figure vanished when the small being opened his eyes. He got up and breathed the air.

As Turaga of Time, thought the being. I must wait for this new Toa of Time and teach him everything I know about the dangers he must face and his destiny, as well as Time itself.

Chapter 3[]

"Toa," growled Sakarix, stroking the side of his sword with his finger. "Thought you could escape, eh?!"

The Rahkshi had captured the Toa Nuva and brought them down to the dungeons. They had chained each Toa far from each other to prevent hem from helping each other if they had a chance to free themselves -where the odds of that happening were quite slim.

"Truth is, I would happily killed all of you, one by one, cleanly with a stroke of this sword for each of you," rasped the Makuta. "Unfortunately, my master needs you...alive. Thus, I cannot have the fun that I believed was originally intended for me. But when my master says I can kill you..." Sakarix pointed the blade at Tahu's throat. "I shall do it, swiftly-"

"-and cleanly. Yeah, yeah. What's next, ever-slimy Makuta? You start sending your slimy-dirty Rahkshi to pick at our bodies?" snapped Lewa.

Sakarix gave Lewa a dirty look. Suddenly, his mask was glowing, and Vlakro realized with dread that Sakarix was focusing his mask power.

To his surprise, Lewa screamed in pain and began writhing. He was shaking his head. "My head! ARGH!" yelled Lewa. He kept writhing in pain.

"Heh. The mask lets things to your mind. Too bad you have to stay sane, or else I would have driven you mad...just for the fun of it," growled Sakarix. He began to cackle.

"Grr...!" growled Kopaka. He attempted to lurch forward, but was held back by the chains that bound him.

Sakarix laughed - a horrifying and dead sound. "Don't struggle, little Toa...or you'll face the same pain your friend just had." He continued to cackle.

This is a disaster, thought Vlakro. He could not blame Lewa for this, no matter how much he wanted to. Everybody makes these kinds of mistakes, including Toa.

"As for you, Toa of Time..." Sakarix turned to Vlakro. "My master deems you the most important Toa of your little team in his plan, though if he allowed me to, I would have happily blinded you - permanently - for what you did to my eye during our little battle."

Vlakro grimaced as Sakarix laughed.

"Farewell for now, Toa...until my master calls for you, you all will he spending your time in this rather lovely dungeon. A hahaha!" cackled the evil being as he walked out of the dungeon. When he exited, he ordered the two Rahkshi guarding the cell to close the door. As the two vile creatures closed the door, Sakarix said "And don't try using your elemental powers to free yourselves,'ll receive quite a...shock." With that, he laughed and walked away. The Rahkshi also seemed to have walked away with Sakarix.

There was silence, and then Kopaka said "This is your fault, Lewa. If you hadn't stayed quiet-"

"What?! Who was the Toa who suggested that we take the other way?! Who was the Toa who said that we should split up after that?! You!" yelled Lewa in anger.

"Stop it!" boomed Vlakro with such authority that both arguing Toa stopped talking and stared at him. "Enough. While we're fighting over what the other did, we're spending out time locked up in a cell in the base of our enemy! Do you two have no shame?!"

Kopaka looked away, while Lewa just stared. He then, too, looked away.

"What do you suggest we do, Vlakro? Other then just be held up by these chains?" asked Tahu.

"Well, you heard what Sakarix said about these chains, unless he was lying just to scare us into not using our powers," pointed out Vlakro.

"Well, I'm willing to see if he's really lying our not," said Onua, looking determined.

"Same here. We must free ourselves to combat the Makuta!" exclaimed Pohatu.

Gali shook her head. "But what if we try and fail, meaning that Sakarix was telling the truth, what will we do?"

"Well, how about we just try," growled Onua. He began to channel his Earth power throughout his body, while the other Toa did the same with theirnown powers.

Suddenly, Vlakro felt the weight of the chains binding his wrists and ankles vanish as he fell to the ground right on his feet. The other Toa did not notice and continued to struggle.

"Hey, Vlakro, how did you get down there?!" exclaimed a startled Lewa, looking at Vlakro. The other Toa followed his gaze.

"What-?!" exclaimed Tahu.

"Uh, guys, is it just me, or is Timethe only thing able to affect these chains?!" said Pohatu. "An amusing pun," grumbled Kopaka.

"It wasn't meant to be amusing! It wasn't even a pun at all!" exclaimed Pohatu.

"Guys, what about our mask powers? I mean, he didn't say anything about our masks!" pointed out Onua.

"Good point, and getting Vlakro to make these chains rust might take to long," concurred Gali.

"Let's try it. Vlakro, you keep watch in case," ordered Tahu.

"Got it." Vlakro bounded to the holes on the window of the large iron door. "Maybe I can rust the door and make it weaker so that we can easily break it down..." suggested Vlakro.

Meanwhile, his teammates, excluding Onua, had called forth their Kanohi Pakaris, Masks of Strength. Their masks began to glow as they began to channel the energy of their masks. Seconds later, they were all free.

"Stand back. I'm going to knock the door down," said Onua. Vlakro nodded and quickly made the door rust, then back away. Onua then began to focus on his mask power - and charged at the door.

There was a rather loud crash as Onua brought the door down. He stood on it, smiling grimly at his friends. "C'mon! What are you all waiting for? Let's go show those slimy Makuta who's boss!" he called to them.

Takanuva looked around as he cut through his way in the lush forest he was now traveling in. He had been traveling for hours, maybe days. All he knew was that he had to find his teammates - and fast.

The Toa of Light than heard a low sound. He glanced behind him, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

The sound seemed to be a click, so Takanuva inspected the area. After a few minutes of searching, he merely shrugged and continued on his unknown destination.

The Toa then found himself sinking into the ground. His first thought was quicksand, but then realized that the soil beneath his feet had vanished, and an opening was forming.

Takanuva used his power over Light to brighten the blade of his staff. He did not yell as he fell into the pitch-black darkness.

It took Vlakro a few seconds to realize that he and his friends were cornered and surrounded by a group of bestial Rahkshi.

"This seems very-hopeless," muttered Lewa.

"Lewa, be quiet. I'm trying to think," growled Tahu as the cornered Toa moved away from the advancing

Vlakro suddenly found himself wishing that there were some shield that could protect them. Tahu had tried to use his Kanohi Mask of Shielding to surround the Toa Nuva in a shield, only several of the Rahkshi somehow disabled the mask's power using their staffs.

Vlakro then realized that he was glowing, and that the Toa Nuva were covered by a clear dome that made what appeared to be the Rahkshi blurred.

One of the Rahkshi, a yellow variant, approached the dome and appeared to lay a hand on it. The Rahkshi became clearer as the yellow variant had shriveled up and fallen to he ground, rust covering its armor.

"Vlakro bright-glows, Rahkshi rust-tarnish, what's next?" wondered Lewa out loud.

"We realize that it may Vlakro who made this dome," replies Kopaka meekly.

"Yeah-wait, what?!" said an aghast Lewa.

The Rahkshi made several motions to each other, than followed one another away from the Toa.

A few seconds passed, and Lewa asked "Is the coast clear yet?"

"Would be if this shield wasn't so blurry," grumbled Vlakro.

Lewa chuckled as Tahu glanced at Vlakro. "How did you do that?!" he demanded to the Toa of Time.

"I...I don't know...I just wanted a shield to appear, and...well...there we go," responded Vlakro nervously.

"This could be a real game-changer. We might have a chance of getting out of here!" pointed out

"Not a chance, brother - but an actual method," said Gali.

Vlakro grinned beneath his mask at his newfound power and his teammates appreciated it. Yet, he still could not get rid of the strange, gnawing feeling inside of him, as I'd he were suddenly less powerful than he was before.

Chapter 4[]

Vlakro looked around and ran from side of the hallway of the base to he other. He glanced back and motioned his teammates to follow him.

Lewa ran out, followed by Kopaka, Pohatu, Gali, Tahu, and Onua. Lewa apparently looked as if he was not trying to speak, for his eyes showed nervousness.

The group continued like this, even when they ambushed by a group of Rahkshi. Fortunately, Vlakro's temporal powers proved useful against them, and kept the servants of Shadow at bay.

Tahu suddenly noticed a wide entrance. Curious, he peered in - and saw what appeared to be the most horrid thing he had ever seen in his life.

The room, unlike the other ones the Toa Nuva found in the base, was extended and far more wide. There were also lifts and balconies in the room. However, what shocked Tahu the most were the rows of chambers filled with a green airborne substance.

"You guys might want to take a look at this!" exclaimed Tahu, motioning his friends the entrance. He quietly went in, followed by the rest of the Toa Nuva.

As they went in and looked around, the Toa became shocked and worried.

"W-w-what...what are those...?" stammered Vlakro.

"Antidermis, Toa...and 'those' are to be my new brothers and other words, more Makuta!" replied a voice. The shadow of a huge shape at the door loomed over the Toa. It was Sakarix.

Takanuva looked around the underground ruins he was now trapped in. Sure, he could easily get out, but he had felt a rather strong - and strangely familiar - presence.

He glanced at a wall full of symbols. Takanuva inspected them until he found an image of his Kanohi Avohkii etched in the middle of a circle. He peered right at it so that his mask was level with the image.

Suddenly, the real Avohkii began to glow, as well the etching. Takanuva, however, was not surprised at all. A beam of light shot out from the real Mask of Light, and hit the etching. Takanuva watched as the wall opened before him, revealing an entrance.

It was then when the legendary Toa of Light realized that the presence he felt earlier was growing even stronger. He went into the entrance without looking back.

"Did you say Makuta?!" demanded Onua.

Sakarix nodded. "Yes, little Toa. But don't go around destroying-"


Onua had used his weapons to destroy on the chambers, which, to Vlakro's surprise, hissed.

"Tsk. Too bad I didn't get to tell you the consequences," muttered Sakarix. His mask began to glow, and Onua shouted in pain, staggering backward.

"Onua!" cried out Gali.

Tahu crossed his blades and began channeling his elemental fire power through them. The blades began to glow bright red.

"Oh no you don't," muttered Sakarix. His mask began to glow again, and Tahu as well fell to the ground.

Vlakro then began to channel his elemental power, and around all of his teammates, formed a temporal shield.

"Hmm? And what's this?" snapped Sakarix. His large blade glowing, he rushed toward the shield - and struck it with all of his might.

However, to Sakarix's surprise, the shield did not break, and the sword began to rust until it was a thin, shriveled up piece of protosteel.

Sakarix gaped at Vlakro and snarled. Vlakro then began to advance at Sakarix, who was still glaring at the

Vlakro then dove at Sakarix as the shield dissipated. However, Vlakro was still glowing.

Vlakro had found himself latched onto Sakarix's arm, and began to channel his power - through Sakarix. The Makuta also began to glow, and then started to scream.

The rest of the Toa Nuva, including Onua and Tahu, watched in horror and surprise as Sakarix's armor rusted and cracked. It also began to shrivel up just like his sword.

Soon, the same green, airborne substance found in the chambers seeped out of cracks in the Makuta's armor. It hissed, and then the vapor floated away.

Vlakro slowly got up as the rest of the Toa Nuva quickly approached him.

"No wonder the Makuta desperately need you, Vlakro," said Tahu flatly, despite being relieved. Vlakro merely smiled under his mask.

Chapter 5[]

"Freedom at last," Kopaka had said as the Toa stepped out into the open.The sky was clear with nothing but itself and some clouds. The Toa Nuva were surrounded by lush plant life that made the scenario look wonderful. It was hard to believe that such a fanatastic landscape could hide a base full of evil.

"The Makuta could be after us any second. We have to hurry," said Tahu.

"Why the quick-escape? Can't we just destroy their base?" complained Lewa. Tahu shook his head.

"I hate to say it...but they outnumber us. There's seven of us, and dozens of Rahkshi. Add the Makuta, and we might be captured once again," pointed out Tahu.

"But we've got Vlakro on our side! He can just use that temporal shield of his to-" began Lewa, but Vlakro cut him off.

"Tahu's right. We'd be taking a big risk here. Unless-" before the Toa of Time could finish, he found himself being warped away.

"Vlakro!" yelled Onua. He too was warped away.

The rest of the Toa were also being warped away. One by one, they vanished from the area.

Vlakro found himself staring face to face with Takanuva. He suddenly looked around and realized that they were inside a stucture of some sort. He looked behind Takanuva an saw a tall entrance that led to darkness.

"Takanuva! What-" began Vlakro.

"It's alright. Come with me," replied Takanuva.

"But - what about the others?!" demanded Vlakro. He unsheathed his Rotor Blades.

Takanuva just stared into the receptors that formed Vlakro's eyes. "I have no wish to harm you."

Vlakro stiffened for a moment, then sheathed his blades. Something odd is definitely going on, he thought.

Takanuva turned around and beckoned Vlakro to follow him. Vlakro nodded and both entered the door that stood behind the Toa of Light.

There was a light, and Vlakro found himself and Takanuva inside a dome-like room. In the center of it, there were six short pillars surrounding a seventh, which stood in front of a huge set of stairs. The stairs led to a sealed entrance.

"Where are we?!" demanded Vlakro.

Takanuva turned to face his teammate and whispered something. "Where the elements and light meet time itself," he seemed to whisper.

Vlakro stared at Takanuva, aghast. Whatever this place is, it's done something to Takanuva, thought Vlakro. He merely nodded. "Uh...alright."

Right before his eyes, the Toa Nuva were transported into the room. Each Toa stood on one of the six pillars surrounding the seventh one. Takanuva then walked up to the seventh pillar and climbed onto it. He then stood up on the pillar.

Suddenly, all seven pillars and the Toa began to glow in the colors of their respective elements. Vlakro watched with startled eyes as multicolored etchings appeared on the stairs and then on the door of the sealed entrance. There was a rumbling noise, and the door slowly lifted up, revealing another pitch-black entrance.

"Go, Vlakro. Go and meet your destiny," spoke Takanuva hauntingly.

Vlakro nodded and proceeded toward the stairs. He stopped in front of them, and them resumed walking.

As he walked up the stairs, he felt a powerful force emitting from ahead of him that grew stronger every step he took. Vlakro stopped and turned his head toward his teammates.

The rest of the Toa Nuva just stared at him, so Vlakro turned his head again and proceeded up the stairs.

The force grew stronger, but Vlakro kept up. He was then right in front of the dark doorway. Slowly and cautiously, Vlakro entered the doorway.

The Turaga opened his eyes. Underneath his mask, he smiled. The Toa of Time was finally approaching the power that was meant for him. Once he obtained that power, the Turaga would have to let the Toa find him, and the Turaga would mentor and guide the Toa through the trials and challenges that lay for him.

The Turaga of Time took the staff that lay across his lap and got up from the floor of his hut. Leaning on the staff, he slowly walked out of his home.

The Turaga looked at his staff and sadly smiled. There was once of time when this staff was a mighty weapon, and when the Turaga himself was a Toa.

Vlakro found himself in another dome-like room, and saw a long path stretched out before him. He walkedonto the path and peered over to the side. It lead to an abyss.

Vlakro carefully walked onto the path. He suddenly heard a crack, and felt something break beneath his foot. Vlakro lifted his foot, revealing a crack as big as it.

Vlakro cautiously, but still slowly, walked on the path. He finally approached another set of stairs, only these were a few steps that led to an alter. Vlakro climbed the stairs and stood on the altar.

At the top of the altar was bronze-colored, rectangular pedestal. He peered down at the inscription craved onto the pedestal.

"Toa of Time, the weapon needed to defeat evil you unknowingly seek lies before you. May the creators bless you, Toa of Time, and guide throughout your quest," read Vlakro.

To his surprise, the symbols that made up the inscription began to glow, and there was a flash of light. Vlakro backed away.

Right before his eyes, a weapon materialized right on the pedestal. It was upside down, and the tip of it stuck in the pedestal.

Vlakro studied the weapon's features as a ray of sunlight shined upon the weapon. The tip of the weapon facing the sunlight was a golden blade with a gold hilt. It was attached to a long lance with an axe blade at the neck of it. The actual blade of lance appeared to be stuck in the ground.

Vlakro grabbed the weapon with one hand. He pulled at it, then used both hands to pull the weapon from its resting place.

Vlakro gasped as he felt the weapon give way. It suddenly grew warm, as if it were alive.

Vlakro suddenly found himself holding the weapon up with one hand without trouble, despite the weapon being nearly twice his size.

The weapon suddenly began to glow, and Vlakro realized that he too was engulfed in bright light. He felt power - power that was so ancient, yet so strong. Vlakro himself began to feel stronger, yet stranger, as the light engulfing him and the weapon grew brighter.

Chapter 6[]

Vlakro slowly got up. He looked around and realized that he was in a forest clearing. He gazed down at his arms and gasped.

His arms were more muscular, and longer, than before. The same could be said about his legs, and he realized that he wore different pieces of armor on his body, rather then just shoulder armor and a chest-plate.

He attempted to unsheathe his Rotor Blades, only he found himself holding the same weapon he had long ago was it, seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days?

Vlakro could not tell, for he was too busy admiring his new body and weapon. He realized that below the axe blade of the weapon, his Hordika Shield was mounted on the weapon. He also noticed that his Rotor Blades were now longer versions of themselves mounted on the top of the weapon, one blade on each side of the axe blade.

"Ah, Vlakro. I am pleased to finally meet you," said a voice. Vlakro looked up and saw a very small figure in a light blue Kanohi mask approaching him. The figure stopped right in front of Vlakro and looked up at him. He barely reached Vlakro's knee in height.

"Who are you?! And how do you know my name?!" asked Vlakro, who was very astonished.

The small being laughed good-naturedly. "Calm down and look around you, Vlakro. And I am Flash, Turaga of Time."

"This is madness. What have we done?!" demanded Tahu.

The Toa Nuva and Takanuva had been freed from their positions on the pillars and went off to search Vlakro. They found no trace of him in the room at all, however.

"This is terrible-bad. What if he's gone for good?" said Lewa nervously.

"Lewa, if you were any smarter, you would have said that Vlakro had abandoned us for no reason," said Kopaka flatly.

"Ice-cold as always, brother," muttered Lewa.

"Alright, knock it off. We have to find Vlakro, despite the fact that we've known him for a short time," pointed out Onua.

"And how does how long we knew him have anything to do with this?" asked Gali flatly.

"Enough with this arguing. We have to find our teammate," said Pohatu. "Arguing isn't doing anything useful at all."

"Other then buy me time to take a look at these symbols, that would be true," called a voice.

Tahu turned around and saw Takanuva inspecting a group of symbols carved on the wall of the room. "Are those of any language we know, Takanuva?"

"Yes. This inscription appears to be in the language used by the Glatorian and Agori. This one below it appears to be in the Matoran Language," replied Takanuva.

"And what does it say?" asked Tahu curiously.

"It says...hmm...well, the inscription itself is a bit weathered, so I can't tell what it exactly says...I'll try my best though," said Takanuva.

"I'll help him. The rest of us should investigate this place and unearth any secrets it might hold," suggest Kopaka. The rest of the Toa nodded in agreement.

"Unearth? You got it," said Onua, who was attempting to make a joke. Kopaka merely groaned.

"A Turaga of Time?! How?!" said Vlakro, who was aghast.

Vlakro saw a flicker of sadness in the receptors that formed the Turaga's eyes.

"There was once a time where I was a Toa, but now, no longer," replied Flash.

Vlakro nodded. "Where am I?! How did I get here?! What happened to my body?! And what's this weapon?!" he desperately asked, waving the weapon around.

"The weapon you now hold is called the Weapon of Time. This is because, as you see, it is a variety of weapons at once. Anyways, it is an object of power, and can channel the element of Time itself, Vlakro," explained Flash.

"How do you know this?! And how do you know my name?!" demanded Vlakro.

Flash laughed. "All will be revealed later, Vlakro. For now, I must teach you many things, including the enemies you may and will face, your powers, and..."

He lifted his staff and tapped Vlakro's chest with it. ""

Vlakro stared at Flash. "Me? I know a lot about myself..."

Flash laughed again. "Ah, but not all. You see, you must learn many lessons from this day forward, and how you can become wiser, more mindful, and stronger."

Vlakro nodded. "I see...when do we begin?"

"Why not now?" suggested Flash.

Durost scraped up the remains of Sakarix's armor and gave a low, guttural growl. Prizik was studying the broken chambers that once held the soon-to-be Makuta. Several Rahkshi were investigating the remains of a section of a wall.

"Bah! These Toa grow stronger everyday! That pathetic Toa of Time web managed to destroy Sakarix!" screamed Durost.

He suddenly found himself flying at another wall. He hit it with sickening thud and lay on the ground, sprawled.

Prizik gaped at one of the Rahkshi, whose eyes were green instead of red began to speak in a familiar voice. "Sounded like you almost wanted me to be destroyed, Durost. Do I sense a future betrayal?"

"S-s-s-sakarix?! How?!" exclaimed Prizik in a surprised tone.

"Fool! I have possessed the body of this Rahkshi, but only temporarily," answered Sakarix, who had indeed taken control of the Rahkshi's body. "Now, you two get to work into helping me construct a new suit of armor."

"More like force us to do all of the work," growled Durost groggily as he lifted himself up. He felt a stab of pain as Sakarix had struck his fellow Makuta's side with the Rahkshi's staff.

"Quiet you. You will get to work on a new suit of armor. Starting with...'talking' those smiths into forging a completely new set of armor," hissed Sakarix.

"Sakarix, what about the chambers?! If Master finds out-" began Prizik, but Sakarix cut him off.

"Fool! We will let the Rahkshi deal with this mess," boomed Sakarix. "Master cannot know, and will not know."

"Letting the Rahkshi clean up this mess is like asking a Metru Mantis to let you pet it," grumbled Durost. Sakarix glared at him with fury.

"And what if the Rahkshi 'somehow' slip to Master about what happened? We do know that he has a better gift at speaking with Kraata than us," hissed Prizik.

"Excellent point," replied Sakarix. In a low voice so that the Rahkshi could not hear, he added "we will deal with these Rahkshi later...our way."

Durost and Prizik nodded in agreement and left the room. Sakarix turned around and walked toward the remains of his armor Durost had dropped. His arm darted into the pile, and it came out clutching Sakarix's Kanohi mask.

"The Mask of will be mine to wear once again..." hissed Sakarix, stroking the mask. "And once it is...l will find you, Toa Vlakro...and destroy you!" He stabbed the ground with the Rahkshi's staff.

Chapter 7[]

Vlakro had his hand on a small piece of metal, and was concentrating on making it rust using time. Flash was meditating on the top of a boulder, his staff lying on his crossed legs.

Vlakro felt the power of Time flow through him, and suddenly he felt the metal rust. He lifted it up and inspected it. It no longer had the silver, polished surface it had minutes before - it now had a red, scratchy surface.

At this, Flash got up, and to Vlakro's surprise, leaped off the boulder and landed on both feet in front of Vlakro. He took the metal from the Toa of Time and looked at it. Flash then said "Well done, Vlakro. But this is only the beginning."

"The beginning? The beginning of what?" asked Vlakro.

"Of learning to use your power for the right purposes. And the beginning of knowing how far this power stretches out, and what you can do with it," responded Flash.

"You honestly believe this is how far my power stretches out? Up to the point of making a lone piece of metal rust?"

There was a silence, and Flash said "No. I do not believe that. I do believe, though, that you cannot control your power if it reaches very high levels. It is my duty to train you for that. To train you in controlling your power if it reaches those levels."

Vlakro thought for a moment, and said "But I was able to make Sakarix's armor rust all the way where it couldn't hold itself together, and crumbled to pieces."

"Sakarix? Who is this Sakarix?" asked Flash.

Vlakro told Flash of how he came to the shores of the new Ta-Koro of Spherus Magna, and his adventures, from fighting Krivos in his Mutaka form, to battling the Toa Vuan; and from battling the Dragarahk, to defeating Sakarix and obtaining the Weapon of Time.

Flash listened without saying a word. There was a moment of silence after Vlakro finished.

The Turaga broke the silence, saying " you say that you were able to concentrate your power and channel it through Sakarix's armor, thus rusting it and ultimately breaking it?"

Vlakro nodded. "His antidermis slipped out and just...disappeared. I don't know what happened to it."

Flash then walked around Vlakro and toward his hut. He motioned Vlakro to follow him. The Toa got up and walked after the Turaga.

Flash led Vlakro to a large gave and picked up a small quartz-shaped metal. It began to glow orange.

"What's that?" asked Vlakro, curiously studying the object.

"It is called a lightstone, and as its name suggests, it lights up," explained Flash. "It is very useful in dark places such as this cave." He went in.

Vlakro cautiously followed the Turaga into the cave. A few minutes later, they reached the end of the cave, where a large, metal box lay before them.

"And that is...?" asked Vlakro, expecting an immediate answer.

Flash did not reply, however, and crouched down. When he got back up, he pried the lid open all the way. Flash lowered his lightstone over the contents of the box and Vlakro stared.

In the box was a large, metallic object. Vlakro thought it was a device at first, but when he looked closer, it turned about to be an armored glove of some sort.

The glove had a tool attached on each two sides. It had long black claws, and even gave off a shine, despite the small amount of light in the cave.

"Turaga...what is this?" inquired Vlakro.

"It is called the Onslaught of Unity. It is a gauntlet capable of attack and defense," explained Flash.

Vlakro did not seem entirely impressed, though it was hard to believe that all about this glove.

"It can shatter almost any structure, and it is made of the same material your mask and your armor is made of - Protosteel," continued Flash, looking up at Vlakro. "I gift it to you."

Vlakro looked down at the Onslaught in interest now. He lowered his arm into the box that held the gauntlet.

To his surprise, the Onslaught jumped up and slid right onto Vlakro's right arm. Vlakro felt the gauntlet tighten around his arm, and stop.

Vlakro looked at Flash, expecting him to be surprised at this sudden occurrence as well. However, the Turaga did not look shocked at all.

"Ah, the Onslaught itself as accepted you. Now unsheathe the Weapon of Time and come with me, Vlakro. For you shall truly rise as Vlakro, Toa Nuva of Time!" exclaimed Flash, barely containing any excitement he had.

Vlakro nodded and smiled. "As you wish, Turaga."

Prizik fumbled with retrieving a small, insect-like Rahi that escaped from its cage in the laboratory.

The Rahi suddenly appeared in a corner, and Prizik reached for it using his staff.

"I've got you now, little insect," he sneered.

The Rahi then leaped onto Prizik's head, and began crawling all over it.

"Agh! Argh! Get off!" yelped the Makuta, swinging his head so wildly that the insect flew off.

The insect hit the door with a small thud. It lay on the ground motionless.

"When you're playing 'Catch the Little Insect', you can go help Durost with the armor," droned a voice.

Prizik looked up and saw a Rahkshi standing at the doorway. It took a step forward, and as it did, there was a small crunch.

"Well Sakarix, it seems that you did my job for me," sneered Prizik.

Sakarix looked at him through the dead but piercing eyes of the Rahkshi. "Never mind. Why are you here and not overseeing the production on my armor?"

"They're Nynrah Ghosts - Matoran. They can easily be managed by Durost, despite his...intelligence?" said Prizik.

"In terms of intelligence, he is smarter than you, since he was not stupid enough to work on my armor, while you sit here chasing insects," hissed Sakarix. Prizik pretended to recoil as Sakarix began to march out of the room.

"I don't know who is more terrifying - you or Master Teridax," grumbled Prizik sarcastically.

Sakarix immediately stopped at those words. "I would have said that I'm more terrifying, but Teridax, you see, can destroy in the blink of an eye," hissed Sakarix. He cackled at the supposed fear in Prizik's eyes, and was still cackling as he stalked out of the room.

"Anything new?" asked Tahu as he met up with Takanuva and Kopaka, who had exited the room with the symbols.

"Well, we found out what those carvings meant," replied Kopaka.

"And...? What do they mean?" asked Tahu.

Kopaka sighed. "Something about a weapon for a Toa to use to taken any evil."

"Something? Like what?"

"We don't know. Whatever apparently described it in languages we understand is scratched over," answered takanuva.

"This doesn't make any sense..." muttered Tahu. He began to pace back and forth.

Kopaka approached him and put a hand on his shoulder. "We know too, Tahu. Believe me. But we'll find Vlakro and-"

Before he could finish, Kopaka suddenly began to glow. The same occurred to Takanuva, and Tahu realized that he too was glowing.

The glow of each Toa died down, and Tahu realized that his armor had changed shape. He noticed that the same had happened to Kopaka and Takaknuva, and that their Masks had changed as well.

"What...what happened?!" demanded Takanuva, shocked.

"Our adaptive must have activated somehow!" exclaimed Tahu.

"But what could have triggered it?!" asked Kopaka.

Before anyone could reply, a loud rumble was heard. A crash soon came.

"I don't know - but I think we're about to find out," said Tahu.

Chapter 8[]

Takanuva knocked Tahu aside as large spikes emerged from the holes on the floor of the ruins. Kopaka attempted to freeze a spike in place so that it would not go back underground, but the spike managed to break the ice covering it.

“This place – is a deathtrap!” yelled Gali, who, like the rest of the Toa Nuva, was in the adaptive armor she had received a time ago. She was midair thanks to the jets on her armor, but was caught in between a pair of spikes.

“You don’t think so?!” hollered back Kopaka. He barely dodged another moving spike.

“Who’s closer to that switch that Lewa just had to pull that activated these things?!” shouted Onua.

“It’s not my fault that I never-knew that switch would activate these spikes!” yelled Lewa angrily. He attempted to fly over to Pohatu and help him away from a spike his propellers got caught on, only to have one of his small jetpacks receive the full brunt of a moving spike.

Lewa yelled as the jetpack went out of control and sped him toward a wall. He hit the wall with a loud but rather unpleasant noise and dropped to the ground like a stone.

LEWA!” shouted Onua. He sped toward the Toa and caught him, right before he landed on a spike that had just risen from the ground.

Kopaka freed Pohatu’s propellers, both the Toa of Stone and the Toa of Ice dodged spikes as they flew toward the switch.

“Kopaka, you get to that switch, I’ll clear the way!” exclaimed Pohatu. He caused several large stones to emerge from the ground, and used them to break down a few spikes that were guarding the switch.

Kopaka took this opportunity to fly right toward the switch. Just when he was about to grab it, a lone spike rush up at him and grazed his shoulder.

Kopaka groaned in pain, but managed to grab the switch and pull it down just before a spike could bury its point into Tahu’s exposed chest. As soon as Kopaka pulled down the switch, all of the spikes in the room disappeared back into the ground.

“Kopaka!” yelled Gali. She rushed toward her teammate and safely carried him to the floor. She then helped the injured Toa of Ice to his feet.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine. I’ll live,” assured Kopaka. Gali, knowing that Kopaka was not one to argue with, nodded.

Tahu flew down to stand right next to Kopaka. “If you hadn’t gotten to that switch and pulled it down in time, there would have been at least one less Toa,” he explained to the Toa of Ice. “Thanks.”

Kopaka nodded. “It’s good to know we all can live to fight another day.”

Tahu nodded in response and turned to Lewa, whose arms were around Pohatu and Onua as they carried him toward Tahu.

“Lewa, that was careless. None of us knew what that switch could have done – that is, until you pulled it,” said Tahu, looking disappointed at his teammate.

“Well…it now we ever-know,” said Lewa meekly, trying to crack a joke.

Gali shook her head in disappoint. “We have to get out of here,” she pointed out.

“Everyone, over here!” yelled a voice. The Toa Nuva turned to see Takanuva in front of a new, open entrance.

“See? Pulling that switch was worth it,” said Lewa.

Zeneriah was rather persistent. As a Makuta, he did not have the same respect and loyalty the “others” had towards their new leader. No, none at all.

Zeneriah was one of the original ninety-nine Makuta who served under Makuta Miserix before he was betrayed and defeated by his lieutenant, Makuta Teridax. Zeneriah was one of the few Makuta still loyal to Miserix and the Great Spirit Mata Nui, so he rebelled alongside other Makuta loyal to Miserix. However, when all of the rebels but Zeneriah died, he went into hiding, and waited for thousands of years to come out since then.

Unfortunately for him, when Teridax came into control of the Great Spirit robot and the Matoran Universe, he sought out all of the Makuta loyal to him and those still in hiding - and absorbed them all. That is, all except for Miserix, who was within Teridax’s reach, and Zeneriah. Zeneriah begged for mercy, and promised to do anything Teridax wanted him to do. Though Teridax had heard this from the other Makuta he later slew, he realized that Zeneriah had great potential, and was capable of maximizing his power.

After Teridax was ultimately defeated by Mata Nui on Bara Magna, Zeneriah had went into hiding again. He had hidden himself on a remote island on the newly-reformed Spherus Magna until the weakened essence of Teridax himself rediscovered Zeneriah. This time, however, Zeneriah willingly joined Teridax, on the contrary that he would operate alone and do what he wished with his life.

Yet, he was forced to work with his new “brothers” – Teridax’s self-created Makuta – and had to conduct experiments and make new weapons in favor of his new master and his comrades. Thus, he was forced to hide his true nature and act loyal to the newer Brotherhood of Makuta, or suffer the consequences past disloyal Makuta members had to face.

So now, Zeneriah had penned himself up in his laboratory, testing out different weapons that could be “useful” to his species.

He turned when he heard the entrance to his laboratory open, and in came a small being with bat-like wings and lime green and black armor. The being had a set of large claws as weapons, and was carrying a small metal box for his master Zeneriah.

“Master Zeneriah, I have brought the required power source you requested. It is contained in this box,” squeaked the being, proudly holding out the box to Zeneriah.

Zeneriah immediately swiped it out of his assistant’s claws. “Excellent work, Evrin.”

“Thank you, sir,” replied Evrin, bowing. He craned his neck to see what was behind Zeneriah, who followed his gaze. Evrin studied Zeneriah’s latest project with interest and said “May I give you a suggestion, sir?”

Zeneriah gave his assistant a cold stare, but nodded. “Let’s hear it.”

“Why would you place the energy source of this…’Makuta Metablaster’ above the caliber? Why not behind it or somewhere where it isn’t vulnerable?” suggested Evrin.

“It’s easier to replace,” replied Zeneriah.

“Philosophy would say that the blaster would not function as long as it should function when it is vulnerable.”

“’Philosophy’ is wrong.” ”But my philosophy states that-“

“I don’t give a Hau about what your philosophy states! It sucks!” roared Zeneriah angrily, banging his fist against his worktable.

Evrin squeaked in surprise and leapt back, crashing into several containers. He fell on the floor and began to rub his head, groaning.

“Now look what you’ve done, you little fool! Get out! OUT!” shrieked Zeneriah, unsheathing his sword and fuming.

Evrin yelped at the sight of the blade and ran off, making odd noises. Zeneriah put the sword down and sat back down onto his chair, growling and still fuming.

I should not have yelled at Evrin like that. I won’t be surprised if he turns up a week later in the claws of Durost like last time he ran off, thought Zeneriah.

He turned to the box Evrin had given him and carefully lifted the lid up. Zeneriah then stuck his hand in it and slowly took out the energy source for his new project.

It was a green, glowing sphere that pulsed at every moment. Zeneriah carefully placed it inside a small canister, and closed it. He then began to attach it to the rest of the weapon.

Moments later, he was finished. Zeneriah studied the new weapon he had forged. It was almost as long as his arm, with a long barrel to fire blasts of energy connected to the canister on top. It looked like more of a rifle than a blaster.

Using the special lens attached to his Kanohi Cide, Mask of Injection, he locked on his target – a small cage containing a sleeping Rahi creature that served as one of his lab subjects – and fired.

There was a flash, and where the cage containing the Rahi once stood was a small pile of charred embers and scrap metal.

“Oh well…I was done with him anyways,” growled Zeneriah, clearly pleased with himself. He began to cackle, then frighteningly laugh in amusement.

While Zeneriah was admiring his newest creation, Prizik was taking care of several not satisfied Matoran and Agori laborers. They were not satisfied not only because of the treatment and resentment the Makuta gave to them, but the fact that they were nothing more but slaves to some of the cruelest beings in the universe.

Prizik tore open a large, metal box he thought would contain a dissatisfied “house guest”. However, there was nothing but pieces of clean metal Zeneriah had ordered Durost and some of their Shadow Matoran to bring to his laboratory.

Prizik heard a cry, and whirled around to his personal Shadow Matoran, a former Ko-Matoran by the name of Minzla, dragging an unconscious Agori and a panicking, struggling Matoran laborer.

“Minzla! Excellent work. Where did you find them?” asked Prizik, annoyed at the sounds the squirming Matoran made in his servant’s grasp.

“This one –“ Minzla held up the Agori. “- this one was hiding behind a crate until I discovered him. This little, squealing fool over here tried to play hero and rescue him, but instead landed the Agori and himself into my grasp,” he said.

Prizik bent down to inspect the Agori. He turned to the Matoran prisoner and cackled in amusement. “Minzla, look at how he squirms at the sight of his true superiors. Can you really believe that you were once one of these little fools?” ”No, I cannot. They are certainly weak, disobedient, and pathetic,” said Minzla, who was obviously taking pleasure in this conversation.

Suddenly, the prisoner Matoran somehow broke free of Minzla’s grasp, and fell to floor. He began to crawl away from the two evil beings, but slowly.

Prizik used one of his staffs to clout Minzla on the side of his head. “You fool! How could you let him slip from your grasp?! He is not some slimy Rahi eel! Be lucky that he can’t get far!” he yelled, fuming. He then struck the Matoran prisoner, who had not gone far, on the back, sending him reeling to the side.

The Matoran looked at Prizik first, then Minzla. Prizik saw a flash in his eyes. Was it a look of pure terror, or disgust? He did not bother asking, and did not bother knowing – ever.

The Matoran glared at Minzla with cold hatred. “You…you’re a traitor…a traitor to your own kind. You laugh while they starve, while they are struck for no reason, and call us untrue names!” he spat. “You’re no Matoran while you serve the filthy Makuta – you’re one of them, a plague! A disease! A –“

He did not have time to finished, for another blow made by Prizik’s staff sent him sprawling and gasping for air.

“How dare you?! How dare you talk like that to my servant?!” roared Prizik, fuming and eyes glittering with pure anger and resentment. He turned to Minzla, but did not take his eyes of the prisoner. “Kill him.”

“Kill him?” echoed Minzla.

Prizik nodded impatiently. “Yes, you dimwit, kill him. He insulted you. His price to pay – is death!”

The Matoran laborer looked up at Minzla, eyes flaring. “You see how he talks to you?! How he calls you a ‘dimwit’?! How can you serve him for that?!” he yelled.

Minzla glanced at Prizik, then at the prisoner, and lifted up one of his daggers.

The Matoran laborer’s eyes widened fro the depths of his Kanohi mask. “No…please…have mercy…please…!” he pleaded.

Minzla hesitated, and then glanced at Prizik for more directions. Prizik merely nodded and said “Do it.”

The Shadow Matoran nodded, and raised the dagger even higher.

The Matoran laborer just stared right into Minzla’s eyes, red pools. He began to tremble.

“You see how he trembles, Minzla? He pretends to be brave, but is really a worthless coward…or is it the other way around? I think not,” hissed Prizik. “Kill him.”

Minzla let the arm with his dagger drop.

Instead of burying its point into the exposed throat of the prisoner, however, he let it fall from his hand as soon as his arm reached his side.

“I can’t,” whispered Minzla, shaking his head.

Prizik growled, and hit Minzla with his staff. Minzla clutched his chest and stood on his knees, gasping in pain and looking up at his master.

Prizik looked at his Shadow Matoran servant in disgust and then glared at the prisoner Matoran. Then, without a word, he lifted his staff – and brought it down on the Matoran laborer’s throat.

There was an unpleasant sound of the sharp point of the staff burying itself into the neck of the prisoner, and the lights from the receptors that formed the former Matoran laborer’s eyes flickered and faded. His heartlight did the same.

Without any difficulty, Prizik ripped the staff out of his dead victim’s throat, creating yet another unpleasant sound. He then turned to Minzla and stalked over to him.

“You see, Minzla? That is how we deal with our enemies. That is how we deal with those who think they can command us, but who are really weak and pathetic on the inside. Do you understand?!” snarled Prizik, helping the shocked Shadow Matoran up.

Minzla hesitated, then nodded in terror.

“Good. Now, gaze at that once-pathetic wretch, and follow me,” growled Prizik. With that, he turned around and left the scene of the death of the Matoran laborer.

Minzla just stared at Prizik as he left. Once he did leave, Minzla glanced back at the dead Matoran and shook his head. He finally sighed and turned around. He stole one quick, last glance at the dead Matoran, and finally left with his thoughts and fears, never being able to forget the final look the once-living Matoran prisoner gave him as the life left him.

Chapter 9[]

Vlakro went into the entrance of Flash’s hut. He had some questions he felt needed immediate – and truthful – answers to.

When he came inside, he saw Flash mediating on the soiled floor of the hut. Flash looked up at the Toa of Time, a look of tiredness in his eyes.

“Turaga, I have some questions you have answers to,” said Vlakro without emotion.

Flash nodded, appearing to not catch Vlakro’s tone of voice. “As you wish, Vlakro. Your first question?” ”But first, you must know that you can’t lie. Even if you do, I’ll found out using my Rode. And if I find that you’re lying – well…”

“Are you threatening me?” asked Flash coolly.

“No. I’m demanding answers the way a Toa would,” replied Vlakro. “My first question. How did I get here in the first place?”

“You were in some ruins where you found the Weapon of Time and touched it, weren’t you?” pointed out Flash.

“That’s true. But before I came here – did you know that this would happen?”

Flash nodded. “I helped set the Weapon of Time in those ruins a long time ago, before those ruins even came to Spherus Magna when it reformed.”

Vlakro stared at him in amazement. “Who built it and why?” he asked.

Flash appeared to hesitate, but said “The Great Beings themselves can down to me and asked me to assist them in building it. It was to keep the Weapon of Time safe and protected – not to mention hidden – from everyone but its destined wielder – you, the Toa of Time.”

“Who created the Weapon of Time and why?”

Flash appeared to hesitate yet again. “Well…I suppose it can’t hurt letting you know. You see, I was also a Toa…a Toa of Time.”

What?!” yelled Vlakro, leaping back. “But – I thought – I thought I was the first one –“

Flash laughed. “If you were, there would be no Weapon of Time to begin with, and the destiny you shared with it was responsible for your transformation into a Toa anyways. So thus, without its existence, you would not be the figure you are today.”

“I was once the first Toa of Time in existence. But those days are long gone, along with my team of Toa. When the construction of the hidden ruins was complete, the Great Beings brought to me a lance-like weapon. They asked me to channel my power over Time – as much as I wanted, for it would be amplified no matter what – in order to complete it. With them being the Great Beings, I asked them why they could not use their abilities of creation to create their own energy of time to complete the Weapon of Time. They said that would interfere with the destiny the Weapon shared with a hero. So, I agreed to complete the powerful tool you hold today.”

”Instead of giving a decent amount of my power to finish the Weapon – enough to leave me a Toa, like the Great Beings had predicted – I gave up allof my power as a Toa. This loss of power within me transformed the Weapon into the mighty object it is today, while it transformed me into this feeble state. I would have told you why I did this, but I believe you have a destiny to follow.”

”A destiny to follow – what kind of -?!” began Vlakro, but Flash cut him off.

“The Weapon of Time is one of many great weapons forged to cleanse this universe of its evil. The Weapon of Time, however, is meant for taking down evil that lurks in different corners of this universe – some ancient, some forgotten.”

”But not by you.”

“Interesting attempt at a joke, though this is by far serious. Now, anything else?”

”Yes. Turaga Flash…would it be possible for me to go back in time and be able to save my Matoran friend Krivos from being a slave of the Makuta? Without affecting this future - today, of course,” wondered Vlakro.

Flash gave Vlakro a look of what appeared to be horror. “No, Vlakro. Whatever you do, you must never everuse the power of Time to actually go back in it in order to save someone or something from certain doom. Great Beings preserve us if something is altered – whether completely or not – in the future by a literal change in the past caused by anyone.”

”It’s that bad?”

“Yes Vlakro. You could unintentionally cause the deaths of thousands of lives today if you save just one in the past – not that you would. But with time…almost anything is possible. Heed my advice Vlakro, and if you should ever come into the level of power where you can alter time itself – do not do it. Understood?”

Vlakro nodded. “Yes, Turaga – I understand.”

Thus, Vlakro decided to set out on a new journey – to return to the villages governed by Turaga Vakama and the other Turaga.

He tried to talk Flash into coming with him, for he felt that the wisdom of one more Turaga would be needed in the future. Vlakro also felt that it would be best for Flash to be in the company of beings just like him. However, Flash, being stubborn in Vlakro’s eyes, refused to go, for he apparently felt that there were more “answers” he needed to discover on his own.

So, as Vlakro cut down branches and groups of grass surprisingly taller than him, his thoughts and mind began to wander.

The Toa of Time thought about the fate of Reia, his supposedly longtime friend as a Matoran before Vlakro lost his memory, according to Vakama. He grew more and more worried that he did not know the final fate of the female Re-Matoran, and he also feared for the fate of the Toa Nuva and Takanuva.

The image of Krivos – as a Matoran – appeared in his mind. Vlakro was still haunted by the fact that he had to slay his own friend in order to preserve the life and welfare of others. What haunted Vlakro as much as the death of Krivos did was the fact that Vlakro had broken the Toa Code – by killing a sentinel being. Worse, no one – not even Flash, whom Vlakro trusted the most out of all the beings he had met so far, despite the fact that he had only known him for a very short time – knew the fate Vlakro had given to Flash. No one who knew of their final battle together bothered to ask Vlakro what happened on that day, especially when Vlakro had returned from committing the grievous task, for he was beyond exhausted. The death of his former friend had taken its toll on the Toa of Time then.

A loud, sudden hissing noise took Vlakro away from his thoughts and brought him back to the world of reality. It continued until the cry of someone – or something – else pierced the air. Vlakro took it as a cry for help.

The Toa briskly looked around. Confused at which direction to go, he darted straight. In his head, the Toa’s thoughts ran with him. He knew that if his assumption was wrong, it would cost the life of another being.

He suddenly wondered why he was doing this; and why he was darting through between trees toward what appeared to be the noises caused by a hunter approaching his prey. Vlakro could have just mistaken an animal about to make a meal out of another one. However, he felt drawn to the cry for help for some strange reason – as if it were calling out to him. Whether or not it was doing so, the cry felt familiar – way too familiar, and far from being the shriek of a helpless animal about to be lunch.

Vlakro suddenly found himself staring at a large lake that seemed to expand for miles across; his gaze, however, darted toward a huge, hulking form emerging from the water and approaching a small and rather familiar figure.

It took the Toa seconds to realize that the figure was, surprisingly, Reia.

Reia?! Here?! How?! Vlakro thought wildly, his mind racing faster than he could run.

His eyes then darted toward the form of the large, hulking brute approaching Reia. The creature appeared to be a rather scaly amphibious being, with the ability to walk upright like a Toa or any other normal being. Vlakro noticed a set of huge spikes emerging from a very crooked spine, and realized that the creature, amazingly, carried a shield-like object and a sword with a launcher attached to it in its claws.

To his surprise, the creature cackled and spoke.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” asked the creature out loud. It then answered its own question by saying “Prey for Balista, of course!” It continued to cackle madly.

So, this big creep’s got some weapons suit for a Toa, about to eat what would appear to be my old friend, and able to talk in third person and answer his own questions at the same time, Vlakro thought. I won’t be surprised if he named himself.

The Toa slowly began to walk toward the altercation. I’ve had enough of this.

The creature – whose name appeared to be Balista – started speaking again. Before it could finish, however, Vlakro, unnoticed by both the monster and Reia, raised the Weapon of Time and pointed it at Reia’s tormenter.

Seconds later, the monster was flew into the air and hit the ground with a sickening thud, still smoking from being hit by a powerful beam of energy – the sign of Vlakro’s intervention using the Weapon of Time.

“Leave her alone monster, and you won’t happen to worry about losing that worthless tongue of yours,” boomed Vlakro, approaching the fallen monster.

The Toa of Time noticed the being Balista was picking on – who looked exactly like Reia – gape at him and take several steps forward. Her eyes widened. “Vlakro?!”

He nodded. “Long story, Reia. Are you alright?”

Reia slowly nodded, trembling. “Y-y-yes…” she stammered.

Vlakro nodded again, and turned to see Balista slowly get up and glare at him with fury and resentment.

“Balista will get you, fool! He will get you for trying to steal his prey!” the monster hissed.

“Oh great – it speaks in third-person,” Vlakro mumbled, clearly not amused.

“Silence you fool! Silence when Balista is speaking!” the monster shrieked.

Vlakro lifted a large branch off the ground. “Oh put a twig in that, you dumb twit,” he growled, throwing the branch right into the open jaws of Balista.

The branch landed where Vlakro had intended for it to land – inside the jaws of his opponent. Balista suddenly began to drool and gag.

Just then, right before Vlakro’s eyes, an image of Krivos as a Matoran appeared before him and vanished. The Toa realized that Balista must have been choking, and if something was not done to prevent it, he would surely die – and Vlakro would be responsible.

The Toa knew that the monster was not what anyone might have exactly called “sentinel”, but he had no wish to kill anyone or anything else either, whether they were evil or not, or intelligent or not.

Vlakro pointed the Weapon of Time at the still gagging Balista, who was slowly dropping to the ground. For at least a second, he thought that a beam of energy would defeat but not end Balista, but decided to try something else.

Vlakro rushed toward the choking monster, raising the Weapon of Time as he did. As soon as he reached Balista, Vlakro swung his weapon at the monster with all of his might.

Within a second, Balista was flung into the air as a result, the branch escaping his jaws and landing harmlessly into the body of water below. There was a splash, and Balista joined the branch that would have killed him.

Vlakro immediately turned around to face Reia, who was still trembling. “Let’s go,” the Toa ordered.

Reia nodded and Vlakro bounded away from the lake. He turned his head to see the Matoran anxious to get away from the lake following him.

Both the Toa and the Matoran were walking side by side, with Vlakro cutting down obstacles such as tall grass in their way.

Reia slowly looked up at her friend, who she barely recognized, save for his mask, his voice, and the twin blades attached at the top of his weapon. The blades looked exactly like Vlakro’s previous choice of main weapons – his twin Rotor Blades.

“Vlakro…what happened to you? Where did these weapons come from, and why do you look so different?” she asked, stopping.

Vlakro stopped ahead of Reia and turned to her, grinning. He looked down at her and said “Curious as always, little one?”

He took note of Reia’s shocked expression after he said that. Vlakro realized that he said something he would not have said for another while.

“Well, it’s a long story, really…but where’s the harm in telling you?” he said.

Vlakro told Reia of how he and the Toa Nuva – minus Takanuva – escaped a hidden Makuta base, and how they were teleported to an ancient ruin, where they found a strangely-behaving Takanuva. He described how the Toa Nuva and Takanuva stood on altars meant for each of them and somehow opened the entrance to a room Vlakro was supposed to enter. Vlakro then told Reia about how he entered the room only to find the Weapon of Time, which appeared when he stood in front of its altar. He mentioned that once he touched it, the Weapon of Time teleported him out of the ruins and transformed his body by making it taller and improving the abilities it could perform. Vlakro then told Reia of his meeting with the Turaga of Time – Flash – and how he gained the Onslaught of Justice.

“After days of training with Flash to hone my powers and control over Time, I decided to head out in search of you and the rest of the Toa Nuva,” he said, ending his tale there.

“Wow! A real Turaga of Time?! Unbelievable!” exclaimed Reia. “It’s too bad he didn’t come with you, because if he did and met the other Re-Matoran, he would definitely be happy to be around – “

She stopped suddenly and began to whimper. Vlakro realized that something was wrong - and slowly turned around to see a trio of menacing Rahkshi, staffs pointed at the Toa and his Matoran companion, ready to strike.

Chapter 10[]

Flash was still mediating, which had been doing for hours ever since Vlakro’s departure. As he did, his own thoughts began to wander, and he began to remember a day he would regret for the rest of his life. A day that would haunt the Turaga for the rest of his life. A day Flash would never forget, and a day that was, in reality, a nightmare.

Back then, during that time, in the Matoran Universe, Flash was a young Toa of Time on the first Toa team in existence. However, he was not known as Flash back then – his name, his true name, was Chrolyx, Toa Artakha of Time. The Toa Artakha were the first Toa team ever, and consisted of Toa of almost every single element that existed during that time, with the exception of Light and Shadow. They named their team after their ally, friend, and mentor Artakha, who gave the Toa weapons and a role in the Matoran Universe.

This day was during a time of war, where the Toa Artakha and their allies – the original Brotherhood of Makuta, who were not servants of Shadow, but Light, led by Makuta Miserix – had begun to clash with the League of Six Kingdoms, which were six large armies lead by six warlords who had plotted against the Great Spirit Mata Nui – the Barraki.

Chrolyx was racing up the stairs of a large temple, where the final battle between many of the heroes of the Matoran Universe and the League of Six Kingdoms took place. He was flanked by Helryx, a Toa of Water who was also second in command of the Toa Artakha, and Feilix, a Toa of Air who served as the team’s main tactician. They, besides another Toa, were currently the only surviving members of the Toa Artakha, for the rest had fallen in battle.

When reached the top of the temple, they found their leader – the valiant and noble Toa Artakha of Fire, Maxilos – in conflict with the most cunning and sly of the Barraki – Takadox.

Unfortunately, Maxilos was hypnotized by Takadox, who had the ability of hypnotism. He silently stood there, motionless, and approached by Takadox – who was lifting his blade to deliver the final blow.

“No!” yelled Feilix. He let loose a gust of air at Takadox, knocking the blade out of his hand.

Takadox hissed in fury, and scrambled for his blade. Maxilos, free from the warlord’s control, turned to see his three remaining teammates rush up to him.

Before the four could rejoice at reuniting, however, they heard several hisses, and they saw the other five Barraki warlords – Kalmah, Pridak, Mantax, Carapar, and Ehlek – approach them, weapons unsheathed. Maxilos saw Takadox retrieve his blade and silently get up at the corner of his eye.

“You three get the other Barraki. Takadox is mine!” the Toa of Fire ordered.

With that, Maxilos hurled himself at Takadox, brandishing his Protosteel Sabers.

“Maxilos! Wait!” yelled Feilix. Before he could run to the aid of his friend, however, he was suddenly facing Ehlek and Mantax.

“You’re going down, Toa! And after that, we’ll decorate our trophy room with your corpses!” hissed Mantax.

“No disrespect to your past unfortunate victims or anything, but I won’t be surprised if your trophy room smells of the poor rotting corpses in it,” snapped Feilix.

Mantax hissed and flung himself at Feilix. The Toa of Air merely stepped out of the way. Carapar, who had hurled himself at Chrolyx, also missed his victim. Both Barraki collided with each other midair and dropped to the ground, unconscious.

“I thought Carapar was stupid, but Mantax?!” hissed Pridak, running toward Helryx and brandishing his blade. Helryx raised her sword, and a clang of metal against metal was heard. Their blades had met, hungry for the death of the other’s owner.

Chrolyx realized that Kalmah was missing, and seconds later, was on the floor at the feet of the estranged Barraki warlord.

“You’re Chrolyx, aren’t you? The Toa of Time? Perfect – I could use your powers any day,” he hissed, grinning madly.

In response, Chrolyx leapt up and slashed at Kalmah’s exposed chest. However, he missed his mark – only to careen the blade of Kalmah’s sword off its handle.

Kalmah stared as blade of what was once his sword rusted into a pile of worthless metal. He backed away from Chrolyx, turned around, and quickly fled on his heels.

“Kalmah! Where are you going, you fool?!” Pridak roared. “Not even Carapar is stupid enough to – “

Before he could finish, however, he staggered forward, and slumped to the ground. Helryx stood victoriously over her defeated foe, holding up her shield.

“A shield isn’t just good for defending, Barraki. Remember that – if you can,” she muttered to her fallen opponent.

Feilix, meanwhile, stood over the crumpled form of Ehlek, who was knocked out because of a small but powerful cyclone the Toa of Air hurled at him. He turned to see Takadox and Maxilos, still engaged in a dual of blades.

“We’ve got to help him!” yelled Chrolyx, racing toward the two fighters.

Takadox, however, hurled Maxilos with surprising strength into a pillar. The Toa of Fire hit the obstacle with sickening thud, and then sunk to the ground, unconscious.

“Maxilos!” screamed Helryx. She glared at Takadox. “You’ll pay for this, monster!”

Takadox, however, was not listening. Instead, he had gazed into Chrolyx’s eyes and used his hypnotic stare to mesmerize the Toa of Time into stopping his tracks.

“The only good Toa – is a dead Toa!” roared Takadox, raising his sword and hurling himself at Chrolyx.

As if out of nowhere, Maxilos threw himself in front of Chrolyx – and the Toa of Time snapped out of his trance just to see the point of Takadox’s blade emerge from his leader’s back.


The cry escaped from Chrolyx’s mouth and pierced the air just like how Takadox’s sword pierced through the body of Maxilos.

Takadox hissed, and said “Another day, perhaps!” before turning around and fleeing the top floor of the temple.

Feilix started after the warlord, but Helryx grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Our leader needs us!” she growled.

The Toa of Air nodded and the two rushed over to Chrolyx, who was cradling the body of Maxilos in his arms. Helryx and Feilix both knelt down and helped Chrolyx, still weak from the trance, hold the body of their leader.

Maxilos was not finished, however, but he was dying. He gazed into the eyes of each of his teammates one last time and said “I knew…we’d win. Now…I can finally…rest…knowing that while you three and others survive…the universe…is in good hands…and I can…praise the rest…of our team…who had fallen while…fighting this war…I can see them…again…and…we’ll all….watch over you.” The great Toa of Fire’s head went limp, and he spoke no more.

Chrolyx, Helryx, and Feilix silently stared as the heartlight of Maxilos flickered several times, then finally faded into the darkness of the death of the legendary Toa Artakha of Fire.

Chrolyx gazed at his remaining teammates, who stared back at him; Helryx had a look of anguish and melancholy on her face, while Feilix had a look of anger and resentment, as well as sadness in his eyes. Chrolyx shook his head and began to sob.

Flash found himself abandoning his meditation and quietly sobbing, the memory of that day haunting him till his last breath.

Zeneriah growled as he searched for yet another escaped Rahi. He always wondered how he ended up with the escaping ones.

The Makuta continued walking and destroying boulders that got in his way when he suddenly slipped on a vine and found himself tumbling down some sort of pit. Zeneriah unfurled his wings and flew up, but not before noticing an odd shape at the bottom of the pit. He flew down to investigate.

Thanks to the light shining down into the pit – in which Zeneriah was happy about enjoying the company of for the first time in thousands of years – he could make out the details of the object.

To his disgust, it was a body. Zeneriah, being a scientist however, continued to observe it. He took note that no organic matter was left on this corpse, only space where they helped hold the biomechanical body parts together. His eyes darted to the armor on the body’s chest.

Odd…I’ve seen this armor before…on a Toa…but that was thousands of years ago, the Makuta thought. The last time I saw him was during the war with the original Brotherhood of Makuta and a large team of Toa against the League of Six Kingdoms. His eyes widened when he realized who this body belonged to. It can’t be. Him?!

Zeneriah immediately inspected the shoulder armor of the body of the Toa. Both shoulder pieces were a dark red color, just like parts of the body. The torso was black, as well as other pieces of armor on the body.

The Makuta inspected the head of the Toa’s corpse. It had no mask on it, just the bizarre-looking face every Toa had under their masks.

Zeneriah lifted the corpse up. As he did, one of the arms and both of the legs detached from the body. Zeneriah hissed in disgust.

This is the corpse of a Toa of Fire I once knew too well…and was the leader of the first Toa team ever…what was its name…? Zeneriah thought while gathering up the separated body parts of the corpse. Ah yes, the Toa Artakha, named after the legendary being himself. And their leader’s name…what was it…ah…


The Rahkshi of Weather Control conjured up a small storm to bring Reia out of her hiding spot from behind a tree. The Re-Matoran dove away from the tree just as it was struck by lightning caused by the storm, but was about to be an easy target for a Rahkshi of Chain Lighting. Just as the Rahkshi could strike Reia with its charged staff, she immediately bounded away from the Rahkshi and dove into a bush.

Vlakro, meanwhile, was warding off a Rahkshi of Insect Control, who had summoned a small army of locusts to its aid.

“Argh!” yelled Vlakro in confusion, for the locusts completely covered the Toa of Time.

So this is how it ends for me – being overtaken by a swarm of crop-eating pests, thought Vlakro, little knowing that death did not wish to claim him to claim him today.

A sudden gust of wind blew all of the locusts off Vlakro – save for one that Toa of Time then swatted away with the Onslaught of Justice.

Vlakro quickly looked around. He knew that the gust of wind that just saved him was not normal to occur on a day like this.

Someone else – besides me, Reia, and this Rahkshi – is here, Vlakro thought. He launched an uppercut at the Rahkshi of Insect Control before it could summon anymore locusts, and heard the strangely satisfying noise of armor being sliced apart.

Vlakro quickly finished off the ex-Rahkshi’s squirming Kraata – which he knew Lewa would have described as “ever-slimy” as always. He hurled himself onto the back of the Rahkshi of Chain Lightning, and channeled his power over the element of Time through the Rahkshi’s body of armor. Seconds later, Vlakro heard the sound of metal breaking, and stood on the rusted remnants of the Rahkshi’s armor. The Toa of Time gazed into Reia’s eyes, and then stepped on the ex-Rahkshi of Chain Lightning’s Kraata for good measure.

Vlakro was about to help Reia to her feet when the Re-Matoran gave off a shrill scream. Vlakro turned to see the still-standing Rahkshi of Weather Control lunge at him while brandishing its staff.

An even stronger gust of wind, however, blew the Rahkshi away from its target, and it crashed into the trunk of a tree. The Rahkshi sank to the ground as a green figure with yellow and silver armor leapt toward it, delivering several blows with his sword. He then struck the Rahkshi’s neck using a golden-colored shield, revealing the Rahkshi’s Kraata. The being looked at the Kraata in disgust for a split-second, then split the vile, slime-covered thing into two before straightening up and turning to Vlakro.

“Rahkshi and their Kraata – the only two things that gave me the chills,” remarked the figure. “Say, you should have watched yourself there. For starters, one doesn’t simply jump onto the back of a Rahkshi of Chain Lightning without expecting to get zapped by it and become another smoking corpse. As for the Rahkshi of Weather Control – “

“Alright, alright. I get the point. Thanks anyways,” said Vlakro in an annoyed tone.

“Hey, don’t interrupt me,” snapped the being.

“Sorry. But who are you?” asked Vlakro.

“Me? I was once a Toa part of a mighty team of them a long, long time ago…but that was back then,” responded the being. He shook his head and then said “I’m sorry, I wasn’t giving you a straight answer…I’m Feilix, Toa of Air.”

Chapter 11[]

A monster, Zeneriah thought. I am making a monster.

After Zeneriah had found the body of the long-deceased Maxilos – which, to his surprise, was not as decayed as he thought – he had thought up of something rather abnormal. This thought soon developed into an idea, and in turn, a plot. A plot to destroy the Brotherhood of Makuta from within.

Zeneriah had used biomechanical implants to reattach corpse’s pieces back together. While doing so, he poked around the innards of the corpse and added different types of technology that would allow the body to operate as a completely different being – a robot. Zeneriah also gave the corpse a new, inexhaustible energy source, similar to the one Teridax had used for his Exo-Toa machines.

Zeneriah fashioned a new helmet for the robot, as well replacing some of the old armor with pieces of stronger, better ones. He made sure that this helmet would be completely different from Maxilos’s old Mask of Biotechnology – if he could recall how that looked like anyways. He made sure that of this in order to prevent Teridax from recognizing the soon to be former corpse.

Finally, Zeneriah hung the corpse in between two generators in a large room of the Makuta base reserved for Zeneriah’s projects and used several advanced cables to connect it to the generators. He made the finishing touches to the connection, and quickly flew over the controls. One charge needed to jumpstart the robot, and Teridax was as good as crippled.

Mata Nui…help us if I create an abomination instead of an agent used to destroy your greatest foe, Zeneriah thought. He laid his hands on the controls and went to work.

There was flash of light in the room, and pure energy suddenly began to coarse from the generators into the cables, and in turn, into the corpse.

The eyes of corpse suddenly lit up in a blue color, and seconds later, the energy stopped pulsing through the machinery. But the deed was done.

The reanimated corpse – now a complete robot – briskly looked around, and pulled the cables attached to it off. Zeneriah just stared in glee.

The robot looked around again, and suddenly noticed Zeneriah. It studied the Makuta for a moment, and for a moment, Zeneriah was afraid that the robot had recognized him. To his unexpected surprise, it merely walked over to him and inclined its head.

Zeneriah grinned, and began to cackle in glee and madness.

I have done it! A robot made from a completely biomechanical corpse that no longer hosted organic tissue – a success! he thought wildly. Now all I need to do is make sure that my creation will obey me, and me only – and will also fulfill its part in my plan.

The robot stood motionless in front of Zeneriah. The Makuta looked at his creation and said “Do you know I am?”

The robot just gave Zeneriah a blank stare, then started making some odd movements with its head. Zeneriah realized that it needed a voicebox.

Blast it! Blast it, blast it, blast it! How could I have forgotten to install a voicebox?! he thought, annoyed. Zeneriah scrambled toward the spare parts he kept in case of emergency. He searched through the pile until he held up a small, mechanical box with several wires still attached to it.

I really need to keep the spare parts in order, Zeneriah thought. He rushed over to the back of the robot, and using his tools, opened the back of its neck, revealing an empty cavity – one that was meant for the voicebox.

It’s a shame I don’t know where Evrin is – oh wait, even if I did, why would I ask him to help me with my creation? He might report me to Sakarix, like the time I threatened to sneak a Kraata in Prizik’s quarters. Wait – horrible comparison, he thought. “Done!”

Zeneriah sealed the now filled cavity in the back of the robot’s neck, and then rushed in front of it, facing it.

“Do you know who I am?” repeated Zeneriah, hoping that the voicebox was what was needed.

The robot hesitated, then odd sounds began to emit from it. The sounds turned into garbled, distorted words – if those were words anyways – and finally –

“Yes. I am your servant, and you are my master,” spoke the robot in a voice that was not derived of emotion, to Zeneriah’s surprise.

“What is your purpose?”

“To serve you, Master. Your wish is my command, and I currently anxiously await one now.”

This is actually really funny – the corpse of a once-mighty Toa, now a robot who will do my utmost bidding, thought Zeneriah giddily. “What is your name?”

“I have no name, Master. You have neglected to give me a name, so to say,” responded the robot.

Zeneriah cackled to himself, and said “From this day forward, servant, you will be known as ‘Maxus’ – and you exist to do my bidding. No matter what commands I give you, you are obey them and me, and answer to me, and me only. Do…you…understand?”

The robot inclined his head, then fully nodded. “Yes Master. I am Maxus, and I exist to do your bidding. No matter what commands you give me, I am to obey them and you. I answer to you, and you only.” Zeneriah beamed at his newest creation. “And always remember this – your name is Maxus.”

In honor of the mighty Toa I once knew, the Makuta thought.

“So, where are we going?”

Feilix’s question struck Vlakro by surprise. “What do you mean by ‘we’?”

“Well, I have no where else to go, and I could use an adventure – especially if it involves another Toa,” explained Feilix. “I haven’t battled alongside another one for years.”

“Hmm…well…I’m looking for this temple that’s apparently ‘where the earth meets the sky’ a Turaga I met told me about. Any ideas?” asked Vlakro.

“It’s quite obvious the temple’s on a mountain. They are kind of like ‘earth’ that ‘meets the sky’,” said Feilix.

“Figures,” muttered Vlakro.

“So…can I come with you and your Matoran friend?” asked Feilix.

Vlakro studied Feilix. He was quite thin and tall, though his arms and legs appeared to be muscular. He also held a long broadsword that was as green as the leaves of the tree, and the golden, rectangular shield he had used in their battle against the Rahkshi.

“I don’t why not,” said Vlakro, before stumbling over something. “Hey!”

Reia raced to Vlakro’s side. “Are you OK?!”

“I’m fine, Reia – but what’s this?” said Vlakro bending down to inspect what he had tripped over.

Feilix bent down beside Vlakro. “It’s some sort of tablet,” he said. “And there’s an inscription on it…maybe I can translate it.”

Vlakro studied the inscription. “How? It’s not in the Matoran Language,” he said.

“I know. But I’ve had my share of unfamiliar languages long before you were even a Toa,” replied Feilix. He studied the inscription for a while, then nodded.

”Well? What is it?” asked Vlakro impatiently.

“The inscription’s in Vorox. They’re a rather not-so-nice species – “

“No, I mean what the inscription meant.”

Feilix sighed. “It says ‘Warrior of Time, to find a power here’…the rest I can’t make out.”

”A power? What kind of power…?” asked Vlakro.

“Do you honestly think I know?” replied Feilix angrily. “Come on – this has got to lead somewhere.”

Feilix walked into the long grass that stood before him and disappeared.

“Hey – Feilix – wait up!” yelled Vlakro.

“Vlakro, the grass is as tall as you. If you carry me on your shoulders, I might be able to see where he’s going, and what lies ahead,” suggested Reia.

“Good idea. And I know you won’t do well here due to your size,” said Vlakro. He bent down and let Reia sit on his back.

When he got up, he noted that it was suddenly dark. “Ahem, Reia, your hands are on my eyes.” ”Sorry. And I think I see some movement in the grass,” said Reia.

“You think its Feilix?” asked Vlakro.

“I don’t know. But we have to find him,” replied Reia.

Vlakro slightly nodded and took a deep breathe. “Here goes nothing.” He then ventured into the grass.

A few minutes passed, and Reia then said “I see him – or rather, his head. He’s not far, but I think I also see some sort of cave…wait, Vlakro, how come you can’t cut down the grass?”

“I wish I could, Reia – but the thing is, it’s too thick here to cut anything done, let alone move really fast. We should have thought of this earlier,” replied Vlakro.

“You mean you. You have the weapons here, not me,” mumbled Reia.

“Ha-ha. Very funny. Hey wait – “ before Vlakro could finish, he found himself toppling out of the grass. “Ack!”

Reia immediately bounced off Vlakro’s shoulders and bounded up to Feilix, who gazing up at something. “What in Mata Nui’s name - ?”

Vlakro slowly got up, and followed the gaze of his companions, eyes widening.

What Reia and Vlakro thought was a cave entrance was really a large ruin entrance. Stone neatly cut and placed on each other formed some sort of bizarre doorway. Overgrown roots and branches covered much of the stone, which was cracked in places. Vlakro could also see some runes on parts of the doorway.

“I have a feeling we’re being expected,” said Vlakro. He advanced toward the entrance.

“Expected? By whom?” wondered Reia out loud.

“Vlakro, what are you talking about? Who’s expecting us?” asked Feilix, noting the sudden strange behavior in the Toa of Time.

Vlakro gazed back at Feilix and smiled underneath his Kanohi mask. “You’ll see,” he said mysteriously, before sinking into the darkness of what the entrance led to.

Chapter 12[]

Vakama slowly walked to the small campfire Matoran and Agori would daily gather around to hear the stories several had to tell others. He sighed.

Moments later, came a short figure about Vakama’s height wearing a light blue colored Kanohi. The being also had a staff of the same color.

“Turaga Nokama,” said Vakama.

“What happened to calling me just ‘Nokama’, brother? Are you too disturbed by the recent news?” asked Nokama politely.

“In full honesty…yes,” replied Vakama. He stiffened. “I remember there was a time, long ago, when the six of us were the mighty Toa of Metru Nui. Ah, those were the days…”

“I remember, Vakama. I remember it all. Makuta, the Dark Hunters, Sidorak, Roodaka, and their Visroak hordes…I remember it all,” said Nokama, putting her hand on Vakama’s shoulder.

“I know you do. The others do too. But that was long ago we were mighty heroes…and such fools. Now each of us are in the weakened state of a Toa,” said Vakama bitterly.

“Fools? How were we fools?” asked Nokama. Vakama expected her to have an angry tone of voice, but was surprised to find it full of melancholy instead of anger.

“Because, Nokama…we were such fools when we couldn’t defeat Makuta once and for all by imprisoning him,” replied Vakama. “We had a chance to do it – “ ”And we took it, remember? The six Toa Metru combined their powers to form a prison of solid protodermis to keep Makuta there in for all eternity,” pointed out Nokama.

“Only that failed a short while later,” said Vakama.

Nokama patted Vakama on the shoulder. “It wasn’t your fault that when you took down Roodaka, Makuta would escape because of the shard of protodermis embedded in the Visorak’s viceroy was destroyed. You didn’t know – even though Norik tried to warn you.”

Vakama gazed at Nokama for a moment, then said “Funny. We were once Toa while Norik and his team were shorter beings called the Rahaga who had little access to their elemental energies. And their time in those forms was temporary. Now, they’re the Toa, and we’re the shorter beings – only in this case, permanently.”

“I still remember how you told Norik you couldn’t stand anyone who told ‘bedtime stories’. Now you’re the one telling them yourself,” said Nokama, a glint of amusement appearing in her eyes.

The two Turaga heard footsteps, and saw four more figures about their height approach.

“Matau, Onewa, Nuju, Whenua. What took you all so long?” asked Vakama calmly.

“Well, fire-spitter, for your information, we ‘tried’ to convince Dume to come with us, but knowing him, he’s as stubborn as a Brakas monkey,” replied Matau, a Turaga with a green Kanohi mask and a staff of the same color.

“I’m not surprised he’s not here. Of course, I didn’t see him with you four,” replied Vakama.

“Very funny,” mumbled Matau. “Remind me why we’re here again and not with our respective villages.”

“And I thought you said that Dume was stubborn,” muttered Whenua, a Turaga with a black Kanohi mask and a black staff.

“What was that?!” demanded Matau. ”Enough arguing. The six of us gathered here for one thing – to hear about our current situation with the return of the Makuta,” said Nokama sternly. Vakama stood straighter. “Alright. We all know that the Toa Nuva are missing, along with Takanuva and Vlakro. We also know that activity caused by the Rahkshi is steadily increasing. Barely any Toa guard the villages now these days. The Glatorian, including the ones Mata Nui himself granted powers on, have suffered several casualties. Very few Glatorian are dead, but many are injured. We must try to know how to deal with this situation.” ”Because of this, the Matoran and Agori turn to us to see if we can offer them assistance in any way possible. I only have two ideas – to sent out someone to help find the Toa Nuva, which, I believe you all might regrettably say, is a risk. The other is asking for potential allies.”

“Allies? Such as…?” asked Whenua.

“The Order of Mata Nui. They can help us, for we share the same enemy, and serve the same cause,” replied Vakama.

“Them? Forget it, fire-spitter – remember how they kept imprisoned just because we wouldn’t allow them to set up a base in Metru Nui while they fought Makuta’s forces? And remember how the Order of Mata Nui were the ones who, overall, started that battle on Metru Nui that almost left it in ruins?” pointed out Matau.

“You have a point, Matau – but the past must be forgotten to make way for the future,” said a voice. Matau glared at Nuju, a Turaga with a light gray Kanohi mask a staff of a matching color.

“No, the past must be kept recorded! We’re not going to be begging for the Order’s help. They can’t work well with us at all!” said Matau angrily.

“Enough!” yelled Onewa, the last Turaga, who had a brown-colored Kanohi mask and a staff of the same color. “Matau, you have a point, but it’s better then having innocent lives lost. I agree with Vakama and Nuju.”

“I’m with Matau. We can’t let go of what the Order did to us – and the Matoran – back then. What if they place the Matoran as laborers again to make a fortress? I won’t allow that to happen,” said Whenua. He stood by Matau, eyes glinting.

“Whenua, you are right. They did turn the Matoran into laborers. But this time, we won’t let them,” said Vakama.

“How? Are you planning to send the Glatorian to fight Order members if they don’t agree with our terms? We’ll be fighting two sets enemies instead of one then,” objected Whenua.

“If we don’t allow the Order of Mata Nui to become our allies, we might already have to send someone to fight them off, as the Order will try to do what you say they would have done as our allies,” growled Nuju.

“Well that remains to be seen. Nokama, who are you siding with?” demanded Matau.

Nokama shook her head. “Both sides make valid points. However, in all honesty, I rather the Order make the villagers laborers than the Makuta forcing them to.” She walked over to Vakama’s side.

“It’s settled then. Tomorrow morning, we send an escort to the nearest Order of Mata Nui fortress to discuss a possible alliance,” said Vakama. “Any objections?”

There was a long silence, with each Turaga wondering about the outcome of this alliance.

Vakama then shattered the silence. “None? Good. Now, rest, my friends – we have difficult times ahead of us.”

Zeneriah was marching down the halls of the Brotherhood of Makuta’s hidden base. Behind him, Prizik and Durost were side-by-side and trailing along with Zeneriah.

“Come on, you two fools – Sakarix does not want us to keep him waiting,” growled Zeneriah.

“Since when were you in a rush?” hissed Durost.

“Since now since this meeting may determine our future. Hurry up!” Zeneriah nearly roared.

Prizik caught up to Zeneriah. “How’s Sakarix’s armor going?”

“Very good, I’m glad you asked,” said Zeneriah, oddly grinning. “You’ll see my progress for yourself very soon.”

“After the meeting?” demanded Durost.

“Yes, after the meeting. Now hurry up, you worthless piles of rusted armor!” said Zeneriah in an annoyed tone.

They shall see my progress indeed. Zeneriah, despite his extreme dislike for Sakarix, was taking a lot of time on constructing the latter’s new suit of armor, as Sakarix wanted it to be more formidable and even tougher than his previous armor. Zeneriah had warned his fellow operative that the armor might slow his movement, as he knew that Sakarix preferred anything that made him move around faster and easier. However, Sakarix objected, which landed Zeneriah taking an unusual amount of time for Makuta armor.

“I still understand why you offered to make Sakarix’s armor for him,” pointed out Prizik. “I thought you didn’t like him.”

“I don’t because of his overconfidence at things, and because he believes that he’ll make a better leader of us all,” growled Zeneriah.

“He’s said some things about you too,” responded Prizik.

Zeneriah stopped dead in his tracks and whirled around to face Prizik. “What do you mean by ‘some things’?”

“Some things…are better kept a secret?” Prizik joked. He and Durost began to cackle.

For a moment, Zeneriah glared at Prizik. The next moment he was holding his blade at Prizik’s neck.

“Let’s try this again…what did Sakarix say about me?” asked Zeneriah calmly, holding the blade closer to Prizik’s neck.

Prizik gazed icily and Zeneriah, and glanced at Durost. The third Makuta just stood there, unmoving and unaware of what to do.

“Well?!” demanded Zeneriah, holding the blade even closer.

“Alright, alright – I’ll tell you, though it’s not your stupid sword that frightens me,” spat Prizik. “Sakarix says that because of your history with Toa, and because you once defied our master, he believes that you will do so again. Happy?”

Zeneriah hesitated, then nodded. He moved the blade an inch away from Prizik’s neck, though that was when Durost charged at Zeneriah and knocked him over.

“I’d be careful with Sakarix if I were you, Zeneriah…I’ve known him to be a sly type,” said Prizik coolly, while Durost cackled at the sprawled formed of the Makuta scientist.

“Stairs,” breathed Vlakro.

Vlakro, Feilix, and Reia had entered the ruins entrance and discovered a wide staircase that led to a massive hallway filled with pillars. The pillars had symbols in the Matoran Language, some of which Feilix had decided to take a sneak peek at. After that, they just found more stairs, and had to climb staircase after staircase.

“Great, another set?” muttered Feilix plainly.

“Who ever hid this ‘power’ really means to frustrate and even tire the seekers of it,” complained Reia. ”Reia, I thought you liked to move around a lot,” said Vlakro, amusement glinting in his eyes.

Reia’s eyes suddenly darted up at Vlakro. She remembered telling Vlakro – when he was a Matoran – that she enjoyed physical activity, such as walking and running. She also remembered the races she, Vlakro, Krivos, and Lenke had. Was it possible that Vlakro had somehow retained for regained those memories? He did claim to not have very little memories as a Matoran, as a result of his transformation into a Toa.

“If you want, Reia, I can carry you,” offered Feilix.

“No, it’s fine, I’m – “ before she could finish, Vlakro had darted up the stairs.

“Hey Vlakro! Wait up!” hollered Feilix, breaking off after him.

Reia followed the two Toa and came to a stop beside them. They were in another massive hallway with pillars. Streaks of light shown from holes in the ceiling, and vines and other overgrown vegetation were growing in corners of the hallway.

Vlakro pointed at a set of large doors that greeted them from the other side of the hallway. “Come on!” He broke off into a run.

“Vlakro, wait! We should be cautious about what lies ahead!” yelled Feilix, but his warning fell upon deaf ears.

Feilix caught up to Vlakro, who raised the Weapon of Time at the doors. He began to channel his power over Time through it, and fired a beam of energy at the doors. To Feilix’s and Reia’s shock, they did not break into pieces as expected – instead, they apparently absorbed the beam, and began to glow. The doors swung open, still glowing.

Vlakro ventured into the entrance to a new room. There was straight and narrow path, with pillars on each side, leading to a few more steps, which in turn, led to a large object. Vlakro slowly walked toward the stairs. The closer he got, the more he realized that the object was, in fact, a statue.

“What in Mata Nui’s name is this…?” wondered Vlakro out loud. He took a few steps on the stairs and looked up at the amazing spectacle.

The statue was one of a dragon-like creature. However, it stood upright, as if went to stand that way. It had sets of claws on its limbs, and in one of those claws was a massive blade. The creature also had a massive wingspan. The most notable part of it, thought, was its head, which was attached a long, scaly neck. A sharp-looking horn erupted from the top of it, and the head had a set of jaws with rows of sharp teeth. Vlakro saw no visible eyes, so he guessed that they were shut.

Vlakro then took note of the runes on the floor. He slowly bent down and realized that they were in the Matoran Language. He began to read:

“Warrior of Time, this is the power you seek. He is no ordinary beast, and the Nitra Dragon shall serve you well in years to come. However, he requires the essence of time to remember his true role, and his ultimate destiny.”

Vlakro glanced at the statue, and then back at the writing. He suddenly knew what he had to do.

Feilix and Reia came running toward the stairs when they saw Vlakro raise the tip of the Weapon of Time to the head of the statue, coming into contact with it.

“Vlakro! What are you doing?!” shouted Feilix, but Vlakro ignored the veteran Toa.

He focused his energies into the Weapon of Time, and suddenly felt it pulse with those same energies. He suddenly realized that his weapon was glowing, along with the statue of the Nitra Dragon.

A flash of light suddenly engulfed the room. Feilix and Reia shielded their eyes from it, but Vlakro did not, and continued staring at the shape of the beast.

When the light faded, Vlakro’s hand was stroking the great snout of the beast, which was making odd growling noises. The dragon was a red and gray beast with streaks of orange and brown on it. Bright blue eyes, formed by receptors, glinted in the light that shone onto the dragon.

Feilix and Reia both stared in confusion, horror, and amazement as Vlakro smiled at the beast and mounted it. The Nitra Dragon lifted its head, and gave off a roar of triumph. It then shifted its long neck to look at its new master – Vlakro.

Vlakro smiled down at the beast, and said “From this day forward, you will be known as Krivos – in memory of a being I once called brother, and one who treated me like one.”

The Krivos roared in triumph over and over as Vlakro lifted the Weapon of Time into the air in glee.

Zeneriah entered the balcony of a massive room full of pods contained antidermis. He was flanked by Prizik and Durost, who stared at the being a few feet away from them.

When the being turned around and straightened up, he revealed to have a set of four wings instead of the usual two for a Makuta after they stuck out from behind. He carried a massive, silver sword in one hand, and in the other, a long, sharp staff of the same color. The being also had the special outer ribcage for Tridax pods, and was already carrying one. To Prizik’s and Durost’s surprise, the being also wore the Kanohi Koller – Sakarix’s Mask of Psychics.

“What’s wrong, Prizk? Durost? Why the shocked looks on your faces? Are you not impressed with Sakarix’s new body?” boomed the being, laughing.

Durost and Prizik glanced from the being to Zeneriah, and then back to the being.

“Sakarix? Is that really…you?” asked Prizik, sounding nervous to Zeneriah’s surprise.

Sakarix laughed again. “Zeneriah was kind enough to make me this wonderful set of armor, rather than putting those useless laborers to work. He warned me about there being a limit to speed when in this armor, but I simply wanted a…different ‘approach’ to things.”

Durost inclined his head, but Sakarix then said “No need to bow before me, Durost – bow before your true leader – and our master.” He stepped to the side.

As soon as Sakarix had done so, a green cloud had appeared from beneath the balcony. It whirled in front of Zeneriah, Prizik, and Durost.

Prizik, Durost, and Sakarix bowed down. Zeneriah did the same, but kept his look on the green cloud – or rather, his master’s very essence.

“Master, why you out of your hold? You know you cannot stay out here for long,” said Zeneriah.

The essence made a hissing noise, then a low, guttural, laugh, and said “Zeneriah…good to see that you still show concern over me…”

”Oh, I do, Master – but we want to know your plans for the future, and the battles we must have.”

The essence laughed again. “Foool. We have begun not just the battle, but the war. Once we defeat the Glatorian and the Toa, we will reign as supreme!”

“But Sire, there also the matters with the Order of Mata Nui – and those blasted Dark Hunters,” growled Prizik.

The essence floated closer to him. “You have an excellent point, Prizik, but there was a reason I created ninety-nine of you – and earlier recruited the hundredth of the New Brotherhood of Makuta. “

Zeneriah stiffened. He had chatted with some of the other ninety-six Makuta his “master” had created, but did not get the chance to know them all that. He knew for a fact, though, that several of them would make his fighting skills look equal to that of less than a Matoran.

“Unfortunately, one our number has fallen, and the other has disappeared. I have several sent patrols to where he could be. Until then, it is just us and eighty more Makuta, along with our nearly-limitless army of bestial Rahkshi,” continued the essence.

To even Zeneriah’s surprise, Sakarix asked “And what of the Toa Vuan?” The essence moved toward Sakarix. “They are almost healed. In time, they will fight for us again – for I have waited thousands of years to have a full set of duplicates of the Toa Nuva.”

“What off the Toa Nuva, and their newest teammate?” asked Durost.

“I might have…uses for the Toa Nuva, particularly Takanuva – who I have a score to settle with – and Vlakro, whose power will be…most useful in our cause.”

“And when shall we strike, Master?” asked Zeneriah.

The essence gave off a laugh that even sent chills on Zeneriah’s back and said “You will strike whenever I command it, servant. You will strike in the name of Makuta, the New Brotherhood of Makuta – and in the name of – Teridax!”

Durost, Prizk, and Sakarix began to holler and yell Teridax’s name, which echoed throughout the room. Even the developing Makuta in the pods were shifting, as if having their own silent cheer.

Zeneriah suddenly realized that he felt sick as he kept hearing the dreaded name “Teridax!”