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BIONICLE Chronicles
Date Set
1,001 AGC

Bionicle Chronicles is a series created by Collector1 on Youtube.

Plot Summary[]

Vakx and Mrick have an argument, and Merck activates his Kanohi Luckkau to leave. He meets up with Makuta Bitil, and demands to be transformed into a Makuta himself, Bitil complies.

Later, at some point after the Rising, Vakx has found a good place to hide from Teridax's minions, but is attacked by Mrick and sent to Bara Magna. Mrick attempts to summon a Shadow Nova Storm to kill his foe, but finds that he cannot control it. Mrick is turned back into a Toa. Vakx lets his former pupil live, and allows him to rejoin him on his journey.

Shadowiskx and Vampira are seen fighting Sef in the Archives. Vakx appears to battle them. Meanwhile, Manuoy come to watch the battle and Photok shows him something. Eventually, Vakx and Sef defeat their foes, but they are teleported away by Darkros. Darkros reveals that Teridax has set a course for Bara Magna, and is intending to kill Mata Nui.

Meanwhile, Shadowiskx appears to his master, Treix, and apologizes for his failure to kill Sef and Vakx. Treix is angered, and seemingly kills his Shadowiskx. However, Shadowiskx later returns to life. We return to Darkros' group, which departs in the Verik H-5.

Darkros is then seen interrogating a Ta-Matoran, wishing to know the location of the Piraka. However, Vakx tells him not to, as they can find the Piraka themselves. However, Vakx is then attacked by a Shadow Matoran, while Mrick and Sef are attacked by a Turahk. Both parties manage to defeat their foes. Some where Hanibal, Hannh, and Jack fight Toa-Mechs and Sef and Zick are killed by a bomb.


  • Vakx
  • Mrick
  • Bitil
  • Sef(Deceased)
  • Manuoy
  • Photok
  • Terix
  • Shadowisx
  • Vampira
  • Darkros
  • A Skrall
  • Hannibul
  • Carvis
  • Spider
  • A Rahkshi
  • A Ta-Matoran
  • A Shadow Matoran
  • Toa-Mechs
  • Hannh
  • Jack
  • Zick(Deceased)


  • Mrick's name is incorrectly spelled "Merck" in the pilot episode and "Mrink" in episode 5.
  • Treix's name is misspelled "Trix."
  • Sadly, the episodes along with the A New Age and the rest of Collector1's videos were deleted by accident.
  • The rest was to be continued into a serial called BIONICLE Chronicles: End Game, but it was canceled.
  • This series and A New Age were to end and form one series, but was scrapped.