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BIONICLE: The Final Battle (Ihu)
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1,005 AGC

BIONICLE: The Final Battle is a canceled Legacy Chronicles film by Ihu.


Official preview[]

It is now 5 years since the Rising of Makuta Teridax. Whilst the resistance still holds out against Teridax, they draw ever closer to the day of reckoning, where the fate of the universe will be decided. Toa Helryx and Toa Ihu lead this resistance, with Mazeka, Amuga, Toa Juuloc in tow. They have discovered a way to destroy Teridax, but it is a near impossible task.

Far away, on Isakrah, the Toa Iarn have defeated the mighty Sygran, who has fled to the north, seeking allies. Will he find any in Metru Nui? Is it possible that he might team up with the Brotherhood of Makuta to destroy the resistance?

In another universe, the great Tuma has hired a Glatorian named Kallus to track down a strange warrior who bears the Mask of Life. His search will take him into another universe, but what will he find upon arrival?

All will be revealed in 2010.

Plot Summary[]


A Brotherhood of Makuta fortress, which was intended to appear in the film.

  • Ihu and Mazeka go to Metru Nui to recover Teridax's first Kanohi: a pitted black Hau. They are intercepted by Pyrez, but escape.
  • On Tren Krom's island, Amuga and Helryx discuss recent events. Ihu and Mazeka burst in with the Hau. It contains all of the DNA that the Resistance needs. They leave for Metru Nui again.
  • On Metru Nui, they find the chutes they need to get to the Machine, but Rahkshi come towards them, and Ihu gets separated from the Resistance, ending up on a small island south of Metru Nui, and is confronted by the Sygran. He is saved by Kallus.
  • Pyrez is on the front line on Nepolius, fighting against Valorahk and his army of Rahi. Pyrez finds Valorahk's base, and a battle ensues. Pyrez kills his former student.
  • Kallus and Ihu find themselves on Arka Nui, where they are attacked by Rahkshi. Mata Nui saves them, and Kallus attacks Mata Nui. He takes Kallus out, and he and Ihu take him to the Resistance.

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This film has been canceled.


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"What is so important about Mata Nui?"
"Revenge. Revenge upon the being who brought peace. Revenge upon the ideals which sent Toa to my island. Toa which left me for dead. And it was you! I know it was! I KNOW IT!"
"Destiny is here, Master. Choke on it!"
"Here's to tracheotomy!"