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"So is this really all there is to life; live to die? Or is there something more, something worth a life as ours?"
Takima to Ripuri during their journey
BIONICLE: Heroes of Mata Nui
Heroes of Mata Nui
Arrow keys, spacebar

BIONICLE: Heroes of Mata Nui was the first RPG for BIONICLE . It was developed by Imaginix, and was planned to be released through ATOMco. The game allowed the player to collect party members as they journeyed the island of Mata Nui.

They Matoran are also able to gain experience to enhance their capability on the playing field. Those experience points could be used to upgrade the Matoran to different levels within six abilities (worker, storyteller, sailor/driver/aviator, librarian, guard, and engineer) through improving the attributes associated with those abilities.

The player could also develop different powers and feats that would give them an advantage on the battlefield. These too were enhanced by gaining experience, through taming tainted Rahi, and completing main and side objectives. Throughout the entire game, the player had to travel to seven different locations on the island.


For Heroes of Mata Nui, a new form of gameplay was invented. This allowed the player to walk anywhere, and enter anything they wanted. Except in combat simulations, the character was free to roam the screen in any direction using the arrow keys. The character was able to jump higher each level. This allowed the character to access more areas, allowing them to explore the entire island of Mata Nui.

When installing the game, there are five discs: four are used to install the software and material needed to run, whereas the fifth disc is solely used for playing, as it contains the entire Island map on it.

Selecting a character[]

Selecting a character was an easy step-by-step process. The player is first given the opportunity to create a random name for their character. Secondly, the player is given the choice of Wahi they which to have as their home base. This will automatically select the basic color scheme of the Matoran.

From there, the player will select the ability the Matoran would start with. This will select the color combination from different shades of the basic color scheme; each ability with a different combination. From there, the player can select the Kanohi they wish their Matoran to start with, which will give them a certain attribute to start with. After that, the player can click "start" and begin playing the game.


Though there were fourteen key areas (each Koro and their surrounding area, as well as the Kini-Nui and Takua's hut), the character was given freedom to explore the entire island through various highways, back roads, and hunting trails that allowed them to explore the surrounding area.

However, the Suva transport system was the key way of traveling to the Koros, and would be immediate. Each Suva was located in the Main Kini outside each Koro, and a smaller Kini in the Koro was for those in the city.

With the extra exploration, it made it easier for the character to gain experience points through taming the Rahi. Outside, there were other objectives that the character could take part in other villages located throughout each Wahi.


Every item in the background was interactive. Almost every door could be opened by the character, and one could search through the house of another Matoran in search of items to sell or trade, depending on the security level they had. Security came with Alacrity. If the Matoran is home, the player can talk to them and discover a side story that they can investigate or let be.

If the player finds a basket, stone container, or an ice chest, they can open it up and collect items. They can then take those items and trade or sell them. Some obstacles could be destroyed as well. If there is a downed tree in the way, the player can attack it and destroy it to move into the next area. Some buildings can be destroyed, but only if they are small.

Experience Points[]

Experience points are key to improving the Matoran in the traveling party. The leveling-up mark is the same universally, and when the Matoran last was upgraded affected when they got the next one. Each level-up mark was double the previous one, with 3,000 being the first level. Each player starts with 0 experience, and has to build up until they reached the set amount.

With each new level up, the player can add a point or two to their attributes, select a new power, depending on their level, and select a new feat. Since most attributes are common in all abilities, they only cost one point. However, in those attributes rare to one or two abilities, they cost two points.

With each level up, new feats and powers will open up, depending on the level. Once a Matoran becomes level one, they can pick from most of the basic feats. If a Toa becomes level one, they can pick from most of the basic powers and feats. The level up rate is the same for Toa and for Matoran, because no special feats are limited to Toa, whereas powers are only for Toa. This would make it difficult to calculate if both were on different scales.

Combat operations[]

The player has to select their target, then select from a series of feats (and powers for the Toa) and combination attacks. When they are finished selecting the right sequence of attacks, they can click [SPACE], and the character would begin fighting.

During combat, the player could not control the character, except the direction of movement and when to retreat. Normal attack is defaulted in, so if the sequence the player had selected was finished, the character would not cease to attack. However, the player could hit [SPACE] again to pause the game and select a new series of attacks.


Opening Clip[]

The night sky was foggy, difficult to see through. The scenic view lowered to reveal an angry ocean, tossing the waves like feathers. On the rocky shore of the island, a small cylindrical container washed up onto shore. The clouds broke and the first rays of sun shone through on the canister. A sharp clicking and wheezing was heard and the canisters lid spun open, revealing a dark core and glowing red spots.

Ripuri woke up in a foreign bed. He looks around and sees one Matoran standing around: Takima, who rescued him from the shoreline, taking him back to the Koro to make sure he was all right.

The local Turaga enters and looks at Ripuri, telling him that eh has washed up onto the land, and is in pretty bad shape. The Turaga asked Ripuri if he remembers anything. Ripuri replies with his name. The Turaga asks if that was all, and Ripuri replies yes.

Takima speaks up, saying that Ripuri has been pretty restless during the night. The Turaga asked Ripuri what he had dreamed about. Ripuri tells the Turaga of the dream and the Turaga was astounded. He said that he had just dreamed the arrival of the Toa.

The Turaga tells him what he knows about the Legend of the Dream Keeper. The Turaga says that Ripuri might be of some use, and is to help Toa of the Koro seek out and find the Great Kanohi masks of power. Takima is thrilled about this, and immediately rushes Ripuri out the door to start packing.

First Mission: The Koro[]

Ripuri has to gather some items before he can join the others on their journey. Takima helps him journey through the Koro and collect the required items to leave. The list consists of the following:

  • A backpack (which was provided at Ripuri's house)
  • A weapon (also provided at Ripuri's house)
  • Lightstones (the currency used in the game)
  • Map of Koro
  • Map of Mata Nui (has to be purchased at the Mapmaker's)

Ripuri and Takima then meet up with the Toa at the gate, where they are bid farewell by the Turaga. The Turaga leaves Ripuri some words of wisdom, and gets them started on their journey. The party leaves, and heads to the Kini-Nui, where the rest of the Toa are gathering.


Ripuri can journey to the Kolhii field, and get trained to play Kolhii so that on their travels, Ripuri and Takima can make Lightstones by winning games. The amount of Lightstones won depends on the Koro and level they play. The higher the level, the more Lightstones made by each win.

To increase Ripuri's level, Ripuri has to be trained by the six trainers on the island, one in each Koro, as each provides a different take on Kolhii.

Each of the six levels provides 50 lightstones more per win than the previous one, starting with 50. The exception is the championship, which has 5 games. 700 lightstones are awarded if the game is won.


Ripuri can also explore more of the Koro, venturing to the Kini where the Academy and Astronomer are located. At the Academy, Ripuri can be trained in the field of sailing/aviation/driving, skills that enhance the attributes given by the masks. These abilities can prove useful later on in the game, as Ripuri searches for the great Kanohi masks of power.

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa and of Mata Nui. Ripuri can also be trained to operate the device used to observe the stars and tell how they play out for predict certain prophecies. Here, Ripuri hears a broken version of the Legend of the Dream Keeper. Ripuri becomes interested in this, and adds it to the list of tasks he has to complete.

City Center[]

At the city center, there are many shops to visit, where useful items can be bought. Ripuri cam explore the city center and purchase more and different weapons, tools, and items that might prove useful in other Koros that he will visit.

Second Mission: Kini-Nui[]

Ripuri, Takima, and the Toa arrive just outside of the Kini-Nui, but are ambushed by tainted Rahi. The Toa demonstrate their feats by taking down a few Rahi in a couple of swift blows. Takima, excited by the action, jumps in and tried to mimic the Toa, but is caught by three Nui-Rama and flown away.

Ripuri joins up with the Toa to go save Takima. They fight their way through the forest until they reach the Kini, where Takima is sitting on the stairs to the Kini. The Rahi are slain, and the other five Toa are standing there next to him.

Takima rushes down to Ripuri and attempts to explain what happened, but Ripuri isn't too thrilled. Takima is interrupted by Tahu, who says that there is a dire need to search out the Great Kanohi masks. Toa Tahu presents Ripuri, saying that he heard that he had had visions about the Toa. Tahu insists that Ripuri tell them where the first mask is.

Ripuri makes up a story of how Mata Nui had said in his vision that the search could not be conducted until the visionary felt it time to begin. The Toa are skeptical about it, but accept that more time was needed before the search could continue.

They sit by themselves and discuss the current events while Takima leads Ripuri away. They find a small tree to hide behind, and start talking about Takima's vision. The two Matoran hear a noise in the bushes behind them, and start investigating the disturbance. They move some leaves from the bushes behind them to see a Ta-Matoran fending off a couple of Nui-Rama. Takima points out that it is Takua. The two Matoran rush in and help Takua, saving him from the Rahi.

Takima was excited to be in such a presence as the chronicler's, and grabs Takua, taking him to the Toa. Takua is presented before the Toa, and they decide that Takua should travel with Ripuri and their Toa to document the events that take place. As they start to disperse, they are attacked by a small force of Rahi of different species. Ripuri, Takima, and Takua help the Toa defeat them.

Once the Rahi were defeated, the traveling party journeys to one of the Koro to start the search for the masks.

The levels after this are chosen by the player, and are in no particular order.

Takua's hut[]

At the Kini-Nui, Ripuri can explore the surrounding area, eventually finding the hut where Takua spends most of his time. There, Ripuri can stock up on more supplies, and he learns about how the Toa were called to the island through Takua's quest. Ripuri also learns a little more about the Legend of the Dream Keeper.

While out at Takua's hut, the traveling party is confronted by a small band of Rahi. Ripuri learns about the infected mask that corrupted the Rahi. He watches Takua ease the Rahi until he is able to snatch the infected mask off. Takua sets it on the ground and replaced the mask with a new, untainted mask.


The scene was fuzzy, hazy. A vast blue sea stretched before Ripuri. One lonely tree stuck out from out of the water. The scene shifted and Ripuri was underwater, struggling to breathe, struggling to see. There was a dark cave that Ripuri dared not enter. He tried to swim away, but was caught in the tide and swept into the cave. Once inside the cave, Ripuri was presented with a language he had never seen before. The characters were unusual, but clear and distinct.


Ripuri enters Ga-Koro and proceeds to the Kini at the request of the Toa. There, they meet up with Turaga Nokama and her helper, Tipa. Ripuri tells Turaga Nokama about his dream, and describes the script he saw on the cave wall. Nokama interprets this to mean the Nui-Frio Cave, one of the most treacherous places in all of Mata Nui, even worse than the Forbidden Caves in Onu-Wahi. Nokama states that the cave is located in the Ruani Coral Reef, and that getting there will be difficult.

Tipa speaks up and suggested Hahli, who had sailed the Ruani Coral Reef on many occasions and was by far the best sailor Ga-Koro could provide. However, Hahli has been missing for some time, and her house has been locked up.

Ripuri reassures Tipa, who is a good friend of Hahli's, and tells her that he has a Toa that can break into almost anything. Tipa states that Hahli has a house in the Residence Area, and that they should go there first to check it out. They venture over to where Tipa said Hahli lives and break into the house to see Hahli tied up with an infected mask.

The strands around Hahli loosen, and she breaks free, attacking them. They fight her off until she gives up, and Ripuri and Takua have the chance to attempt to remove the mask. Her normal mask is returned to her.

Hahli pleads that the party to allow her to repay them. Ripuri agrees, and insists that she join them in their search for the masks. He tells her about his dream, and what Nokama said about it. Hahli replies that she will take them out to the Ruani Coral Reef, where they thunk the mask will be, and she charges them nothing for the trip, stating that it is part of the repayment.


While in Ga-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to challenge the team from the other Koros in up to ten matches of Kolhii. Ripuri then has the chance to be trained by the trainer of Ga-Koro and move on to the next level and play up to ten more matches. However, each match requires that a Kolhii ball be supplied, so Ripuri has to buy a new ball for each match.


The local fisher, Kallu, complains that all the fish are being scared away by some Rahi that are infesting the fishing pond. She asked Ripuri if he could go and drive out the Rahi. Ripuri agrees, goes into the fishing pond, and fights away the Rahi after purchasing water fins and a breathing tube.

Once the Rahi are away, Ripuri asked if he could fish. Kallu agrees, and Ripuri can now fish in the fishing pond for Lightstones.


Ripuri can also explore more of Ga-Koro, venturing to the Kini where the Academy and Astronomer are located. At the Academy, Ripuri can in the field of sailing, making it possible for Ripuri to sail his own boat, but he will have to purchase it first. If so, he can journey to the harbor and purchase a boat to take out to the Ruani Coral Reef.

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa of Water, Gali. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper, finding out that the Dream Keeper would arrive in the night during the time of slumber and release his spirit upon a single Matoran.

City Center[]

The city center is similar to that of Ripuri's Koro. There, he can buy weapons, armor, tools, and items he can use in future tasks. Some items, such as the long rod and rod, were made to make fishing spears, which are needed to go fishing for Kallu.

Ruani Coral Reef[]

Once they arrive out at the Ruani Coral Reef, the party starts searching for the mask. Hahli tells him that, in order to get to the Nui-Frio Cave, they will have to travel underwater. The party suits up with water fins and air tubes in order to journey down into the Coral Reef. They sink to the bottom and start walking along the floor, fighting off Ruki fish.

Once they reach the cave entrance, a Tarakava attacks the party, which has to be defeated in order for them to enter the cave. Once inside, there are two paths Ripuri can take: the dimly light path and the illuminated path. The Toa stated that in order to triumph, one must face their dark side.

Ripuri chooses to go down the dark path, and sees the mask on the far side of an open corridor. Ripuri starts running for it, but the Toa stop him. Out of the side of the cliff, a large Viipod eel shoots out and starts circling the stone where the mask lay. If Ripuri had Madu Cabolo extract, he can sneak past the Viipod and reach the mask, as the cave is too dark for the eel to see. Ripuri retrieves the mask and journeyed back to the Toa.

The party makes their way back up to the surface, where another Ga-Matoran stands to tell them that a meeting has been called at the Kini-Nui. The Ga-Matoran tells them that they are wanted as soon as they can make it. The party offers to take the Matoran back, and they journey back to the Kini-Nui.


The Ruani Coral Fish has a high price, since it is difficult to get to the Reef. Ripuri has the opportunity to travel with Hahli just past the Reef and fish for Ruani Coral Fish. When Ripuri journeys back to the Koro, he can sell them for a high price, gaining a lot of Lightstones.

Lost Treasure[]

Back at the Koro, if Ripuri journeys into the Residence and discovers a young Ga-Matoran whose sibling was taken by Ruani Night Yamni, which is a kind of a Rahi similar to Matoran, but with animal instincts. She asks Ripuri to journey to the Ruani Coral Reef to look for them.

Once on the small section coral reef that jettisoned out of the water, Ripuri can journey to the far end, where a small hut it located. The island is full of trees and wildlife that Ripuri can hunt along the way. Once at the hut, Ripuri confronts the Night Yamni and frees the Ga-Matoran's sibling, offering a ride back.

Light Path[]

If Ripuri chooses the light path, he will journey down it until he reaches an open corridor. He sees the mask on the other side of the corridor. He starts to race towards it, but the Toa hold him back. Out of the side of the corridor, a large Viipod eel pops out and started circling the mask. Here, it is light enough for the eel to see Ripuri, and he has to fight it.

Once he has killed the eel, Ripuri retrieves the mask, only to find that it was the mask of a Matoran who had journeyed down the path and was killed by the eel. Ripuri keeps the Kanohi Huna, mask as may prove useful later. They journey back to the deciding point and try again.


The scene was bright, like the sun. It hurt to stare at the ground. A glassy sea stretched forward until it reached the tall summit of a large mountain. It suddenly faded into a dark cave on the mountain side. Ripuri appeared to be outside his body. He watched himself climb up the mountain side and enter the cave... only to never return...


The party arrives in Ko-Koro to find that the city under attack by corrupted Rahi. Ripuri helps out the wall guards fend off the gate to the city, and they are granted safety inside the walls. Once inside, Ripuri talks to one of the guards, who states that the Rahi came unexpectedly. The guard said that he suspects a traitor within the walls allowed them to enter. Ripuri leaves the guard and continues on to the Kini.

Once at the Kini, Ripuri meet Nuju, the village Turaga. Ripuri tells Nuju about his dream, but Nuju cannot not help him. He talls Ripuri to proceed onto the Academy Library, where he might find more information about the surrounding area, or seek out the librarian Matoro. Ripuri proceeds to the Academy, only to find it locked. He then searches for Matoro, and finds him just outside the North Gate wall.

When Ripuri reaches Matoro, he discovers that Matoro is wearing an infected mask. The party confronts Matoro and releases him from the mask. Matoro thanks Ripuri, and agreed to unlock the Academy so they can enter the Library. Ripuri tells Matoro of his dream, and Matoro responds by saying that before, the mountain Ko-Koro was built on used to be under the sea; then it was built up suddenly and quickly. Ko-Koro was founded by Matoran who were stranded on the mountain and needed refuge. They stayed in a cave just north of the city, which he believed was the cave Ripuri had in his dream.


While in Ko-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to challenge the team from the other Koros in up to ten matches of Kolhii. Ripuri then has the chance to be trained by the trainer of Ko-Koro and move on to the next level and play up to ten more matches. However, each match requires that a Kolhii ball be supplied, so Ripuri has to buy a new ball for each match.


Ripuri has the chance to travel to the Academy with Matoro and learn about the past of the island and research different Rahi. He can even be trained as a librarian, and will from then on have a lifetime access to any academy on the island. Here, he can learn a little about Makuta and Mata Nui.


At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa of Ice, Kopaka. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper, finding out that the Dream Keeper would help slay the Dark One. This would allow those who were exiled to return.

City Center[]

The city center is similar to that of the Koro Ripuri left. There he can buy weapons, armor, tools, and items he can use in future tasks. Ripuri can enter the Kolhii store and be trained to make his own Kolhii stick. He can use this stick in different Kolhii matches.

Ripuri will also have to buy chisels in order to scale the mountainside. He can also be trained as an ice sculptor, and use that talent to make Lightstones.

Mount Ihu[]

Once the party arrives at the northern ridge of Mount Ihu, Matoro stops them, saying that they have arrived. In front of them is a broken bridge that extends to the other side of a ravine, where a cave entrance is located. Matoro tells Ripuri that there is a side path, but it is very dangerous. Ripuri accepts the option and journeys down the path. (Note: If the player's Toa is Kopaka, he can create an ice bridge across.)

Once on the path, the party encounters many Nui-Rama trying to hinder their progress. The party has to fight them off to proceed. They round the path and enter a cave. Ripuri notices that Matoro is scared and asks why. Matoro states that though it was a major site for the Matoran of Ko-Koro, it was revered as dark. It was believed that the Makuta rested in there. Matoro insists that he remain outside the cave, and he would wait until they returned.

The rest of the party enters the cave, which immediately starts slanting upward. They reach a ledge where the cave proceeds directly upward. Ripuri uses his chisels and starts scaling the cave wall alone. He reaches the top, where he sees the mask, but a dark cloud surrounds it. Ripuri approaches the cloud, only to be reprimanded in his head. He confronts the cloud with words of reassurance.

The Toa arrive, and the cloud dissolves. Ripuri proceeds up and picks up the Hau mask. The party returns to Matoro, who is fighting off Rahi. They defeat the Rahi and return to Ko-Koro to pick a new destination.


Ripuri can journey down a path to the ravine basin, where three Nui-Jaga are guarding another cave entrance. The party defeats the Nui-Jaga and enters the cave, finding a small ceremonial center.

There are three corridors, each holding a Rahi. Also, in each corridor, there is a weapon hidden in the ice. One of them is the Blade of Shadows, which can cut through protodermis and even kill.


At the mountain base, just before the party reaches the opening to the ravine, Ripuri can turn left and find a back road that leads to a secret cove. There, Ripuri meets up with three stranded Matoran, who seem to have been captured by Rahi. When Ripuri gets close, they attack him, as they are wearing infected masks to symbolize their worship of Makuta. Ripuri has to confront them and release them of their evil spirits, keeping the Matoran's masks.


While in Ko-Koro, Ripuri is told of a rare Rahi that runs the cliffsides of Mount Ihu, but is extremely difficult to catch, called the Ice Triyu. Ripuri can journey to the cave entrance but continue forward instead. There, he can find a small ledge where the Ice Triyu dwells. Ripuri can hunt it down, return to Ko-Koro, and sell it for a high price.


The scene was dark, red. Images flashed on the side of scorched walls of flames, burning buildings, Matoran fleeing. Resting on the other end of a lava river bed was mask. Ripuri could not reach it, for the river was too wide. He stretched out and started to fall into the river, but was caught by a mysterious hand.


The party enters Ta-Koro, and is immediately rushed to the Kini. There, Vakama states that the Makuta's forces are growing and becoming fiercer. They are being forced to close the city. Vakama hesitates to say that the Koro was being closed.

Ripuri steps forward and tells Vakama that he will search out the reason behind the random attacks on the villages. Vakama thanks Ripuri, and informs him that the entire Ta-Koro guard is at his disposal should he discover the reason. Vakama also states that Jala, the captain of the guard, will be a good ally to have in the search.

Ripuri immediately searches the Koro for Jala, but cannot find him. He asks around and discovers that witnesses saw him enter the Kolhii arena to practice. Ripuri venturs to the Kolhii arena, where he discovered Jala standing in the middle, waiting for him to arrive. Jala turns around, and Ripuri sees that he is wearing an infected mask.

Ripuri has to confront Jala on the Kolhii field by playing a game of Kolhii. When Ripuri wins, he removes Jala's infected mask and helps him out of the Kolhii field. Jala swears allegiance to Ripuri and the party, saying that he was eternally grateful for what he had done. He also tells Ripuri that he was not the only one who had been infected. They had been ambushed by a mysterious figure and given the infected masks. He said that he believed that this person was responsible for the Rahi attacks.

Ripuri returns to Vakama with Jala's news. Vakama listens to him speak, and has him go on his way. Before he leaves, Ripuri asked Vakama what his dream meant. Vakama tells him that he was dreaming of the lava rivers, where the Matoran spoon out molten protodermis to create the tools, weapons, and Kolhii material for the island. Ripuri then leaves for the lava rivers.


While in Ta-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to challenge the team from the other Koros in up to ten matches of Kolhii. Ripuri then has the chance to be trained by the trainer of Ta-Koro and move on to the next level and play up to ten more matches. However, each match requires that a Kolhii ball be supplied, so Ripuri has to buy a new ball for each match.

Mask Bearers[]

While in the Koro, Ripuri can journey to the residence, where he discovers a small cult gathering. There, he learns of the existence of a mysterious creature, who is in charge of the Makuta’s army. He confronts the cultists and frees them from their infected masks. Ripuri asks them where the others are, and discovers that they had journeyed to the Lava Rivers.


While in the Koro, Ripuri can journey to the Kini and enter the Academy. There, he can be trained as a guard, and even receive the Lightstones to buy warrior armor and weapons. He can then gain access to any city, whether they are shut down or not.

Around the Koro[]

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa of Fire, Tahu. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper, finding out that the Dream Keeper is not actually a spirit that the Matoran worshiped, but was some spirit that they had discovered when they arrived on Mata Nui.

Also, at the City Center, Ripuri can enter a weaponsmith's or toolsmith's and be trained to make his own weapons. However, for this, Ripuri would need molten protodermis from the Lava Rivers. If he does, he can create a weapon.

Lava Rivers[]

The party arrives at the factory and discovers it closed down. Ripuri asked one of the fleeing Matoran why, and he stated that there are Rahi inside, tearing up the factory.

Once Ripuri enters the factory, he starts searching for the Rahi. He finds them in the main power room, and confronts them. When he returns outside the factory, the fleeing Matoran wre there to thank him, and reopen the factory, giving him a free Lava Surfboard.

Once the factory is reopened, Ripuri ventures to the other side, where the river lies. He journeys down to the riverbed and sees the Kaukau on the other side. Ripuri uses his Lava Surfboard to get to the other side, but an earthquake takes place when he reaches the other end. He falls over and begins to roll into the river, but a tall figure grabs him and throws him back. The ceiling to the small cove collapses around them, and Ripuri is trapped inside with the tall figure.

Ripuri thanks the figure for rescuing him, and asks him what he is. The figure replies that he was Maldak, a Guardian of Gui Da. He had goen on Mata Nui to reclaim his homeland, which he and five other beings had been exiled from. He also states that he has been looking for the Blade of Shadows so that he can use it to reclaim his lost land. (If Ripuri has been to Ko-Wahi and found the Blade of Shadows, he can give it to Maldak.)

Maldak insists that Ripuri keep his existence quiet. Ripuri retrieves the mask and agrees. Maldak raises his shield at Ripuri, and Ripuri returns to the other side of the river. He returned to the Party, and they journeyed back to Ta-Koro to choose another destination.


Once the factory is reopened (and if he bought a lava spoon from the toolsmith), Ripuri has the chance to get a small job at the factory. For every three jars of protodermis he fills, he receives 20 Lightstones. He can then use those three jars to make one tool back at the toolsmith in Ta-Koro, or he can take the protodermis back to a weaponsmith and make his own weapons.

Cult Meeting[]

While outside the factory, before entering it, Ripuri can travel left through a small crevasse, where he will stumble upon a cult meeting of five Matoran. Here, he can free them all from the infected masks. He can talk to them and discover that they were worshiping the military leader, who was nearby, named Dalak. He can then proceed on his way, allowing them to return to Ta-Koro.

Rahi Hunt[]

While in the factory, there are five large Rahi that Ripuri has to free, but there were others in the factory that he can hunt, to free the factory of all Rahi presence. Some Rahi he can hunt for food; others he can hunt for freedom. The ones he can hunt for food can be taken back to the general store, he can and receive Lightstones for the food.


The scene was stretched, distorted. Green mist surrounded the dark, murky waters below. Ripuri was walking along the slushy ground when suddenly he was sucked underground. He was suddenly underwater, in a green liquid, where he saw the mask. He reached out, but was held back by the seaweed. Ripuri gasped for air, but only got water.


The party arrives in Le-Koro to find a riot in at the front gate. Turaga Matau is shouting at a Matoran, saying that he is a traitor to Mata Nui. The Matoran and his followers are yelling back, saying that Mata Nui is dead, not asleep. There is nothing Turaga Matau could do about the Matoran except to ensure the safety of the peaceful bystanders by creating an illusion of peace.

The party walks up, unaffected by the illusion, and started conversing with the Matoran, noticing that they have infected masks on. The corrupted Matoran notice the Toa and attack the Party.

Ripuri frees the Matoran, but the others attack the party, steal their infected masks back, and run for the swamp below. Ripuri walks up to the remaining Matoran and asks why he did not do the same. The Matoran replies that he was afraid. Ripuri asks who he is, and the Matoran replied that he was Kongu, an aviator. Matau realizes Ripuri's talent in freeing the Matoran, and asks him to hunt down and release the others.

Ripuri agrees to do so only after he is granted the interpretation of his dream. Matau interprets his dream, saying that the mask is in the Dark Swamp below the city, which is likely where the cultists went. Matau warn him that the darkness and evil are very powerful down there. Ripuri heeds his warning and headed off towards the Dark Swamp. Kongu runs after Ripuri and says that the only way down to the swamp with in a balloon. Since Kongu was an aviator, he can take him down. Ripuri agrees.


While in le-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to challenge the team from the other Koros in up to ten matches of Kolhii. Ripuri then has the chance to be trained by the trainer of Le-Koro and move on to the next level and play up to ten more matches. However, each match requires that a Kolhii ball be supplied, so Ripuri has to buy a new ball for each match.

Missing Person[]

Once in Le-Koro, Ripuri hears of a Matoran that went missing during the argument in the streets. Ripuri searches through the entire city before finding the Matoran outside the east gate with a small band of cultists. Ripuri frees the cultists and returns the Le-Matoran to his friends.


While in the Koro, Ripuri can journey to where the Kini is and enter the Academy. There, he can be trained as an aviator. With this, he can then gain access to and from the city of Le-Koro at any time. Aviators also are allowed to fly to the treetops of any forest on the island, and can fly up high cliffs and across ravines.

Around the Koro[]

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa of Air, Lewa. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper, finding out that the being that worshiped the Dream Keeper before the Matoran would scramble around at night in the caves of Onu-Koro, until one day they vanished.

Dark Swamp[]

Once at the Dark Swamp, Kongu decides to stay at the balloon to ensure its safety. The party continues on and finds the cultists trying to subdue a pair of Gukko birds to try and escape with. Ripuri intervenes before it is too late, and frees the Matoran. He destroys the masks by throwing them in the waters of the swamp. He orders the Matoran to stay with the balloon until he returned.

The party continues on until they reach a cave entrance. Ripuri and the Toa enter and are cut off from the rest of the party by a cave-in. They hear a voice from within the cave, and see two bright red lights. They hear a voice saying that a war is coming, and they are warned to be prepared.

Ripuri steps forward and falls into a reservoir of water. He sees the mask on the far side of the reservoir, and starts walking towards it, but the seaweed stretches out and starts attacking him. Ripuri fights off the seaweed, and proceeds to the mask, but is ambushed by two Tarakava. The Toa enter and helped Ripuri fight off the Tarakava. He then retrieves the Kanohi Kakama.

The following only happens if this is the fourth mission. If the fourth mission is elsewhere, the environment is adjusted.

They return to the cave entrance to find it open again, and outside the rest of the Party are fighting off corrupted Rahi while a larger figure is fighting another similar to it, which is covered in a dark cloud. When the Party defeats the Rahi and the larger figure wins his battle, he turns to Ripuri and looks him in the eye. He bends down and introduces himself as Iruuvi, a Guardian of Gui Da. He thanks Ripuri for his help, and notices something was different about Ripuri. He tells Ripuri a little about himself and his people, and says that Ripuri looks like one of the seven exiled Iritan.

Iruuvi states that it had bee prophesied that one of the seven would return to the island when called upon by the Great Spirit of Ripuri, and that the spirit would consume an Iritan, giving them the ability to see future events in the form of dreams. Ripuri states that he did not know his origins, and was curious where the six other exiled ones were. Iruuvi says that they were off the coast of Mata Nui, off on the Kumu Islands.

It suddenly occurs to Ripuri that he is the Iritan possessed by Ripuri, the spirit Dream Keeper. Iruuvi says that it is good news to him. He wishes to stay longer, but the fate of Ripuri's and Mata Nui's future is at stake, and he has to hurry. He says that he would meet up with him again in Onu-Wahi.

(The following takes place no matter what number this level is.)

Ripuri journeys back to the balloon to find Kongu and the former cultists waiting there. They travel back up to the Koro, where Matau praises Ripuri for freeing the Matoran and retrieving the mask. He gives Ripuri a small gift of Madu Cabolo, a Rahi repellent for predators. Ripuri returns to the Kini-Nui to select a new destination.

Fallen Trees[]

Ripuri can turn to his left at the base where the balloon is, and discovers a small wooden bridge over the swamp. Back there are some more cultists who are herding large Razu, fierce bull-like Rahi known to have immunity to the swamp poison.

Ripuri runs up and frees the Razu first. The cultists attack him, but he freed them from their infected masks and asked them why they were herding the Razu. They reply that they had been ordered to raise up an army of Rahi to use to fight against the Toa and another threat that remained unnamed.


(Only after the discovery that character is Ripuri. If before discovery, then this does not apply. If in a different location, the scenery is changed.)

While at the site where Iruuvi battled the shadowed figure, Ripuri can find a small adjustable suit of armor known as Dark Aura Armor. This armor protects the user against Dark Aura in places where evil resides. It can be useful for journeying in the Dark Swamp of Le-Wahi and Forbidden Cave of Onu-Wahi.


While in the Dark Swamp, there is a certain bird that has tender meat that Le-Matoran enjoy: the Inako. It only lives in the Dark Swamp; thus, it is very rare and very expensive. Ripuri can hunt the bird and sell it in Le-Koro for a high price.


This level opens up after the fourth mission.

The scene was windy, blurry. The dryness was overpowering, the heat was consuming. It hurt to step forward, to move on. Ripuri set foot on the desert ground and kicked up dirt. But as he looked around there was always a piece of the scene missing. He looked around him and he was alone. He saw the mask, but it was too far away. The whole scene was tiring. Ripuri felt like giving up.


The party arrives near the city of Po-Koro. They are just entering the canyon basin when they are ambushed by something.

When Ripuri wakes up, he is alone except for Turaga Onewa and some Po-Matoran. Everything he has is missing. Ripuri meets with the group and asked where everyone was. Turaga Onewa tells him that he had been ambushed, and everyone else was gone. They sent a search party out but no one had come back.

Ripuri insists to go out and search for them himself. Turaga Onewa informs Ripuri of a Matoran named Hewkii who knows the terrain well, and is one of the biggest Kolhii stars on the island. Ripuri asks Turaga Onewa where he can find Hewkii, and Onewa says that he was most likely in the Kolhii field. Ripuri goes out and starts searching for Hewkii.

He heads for the Kolhii fields, and is stopped in the Residence. Hewkii ambushes Ripuri, and Ripuri has to face him on his own. He frees Hewkii and asks for his assistance. Hewkii agrees, and says that there are a couple of items that they would need before they left. They go to the toolsmith and pick up some grappling hooks and headed out.


While in Po-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to challenge the team from the other Koros in up to ten matches of Kolhii. Ripuri then has the chance to be trained by the trainer of Po-Koro and move on to the next level and play up to ten more matches. However, each match requires that a Kolhii ball be supplied, so Ripuri has to buy a new ball for each match.


Once in Po-Koro and after Ripuri is trained as a worker, he can travel to the general store and create crafts and sculptures out of rock and protodermis, but the rock or protodermis has to be provided by Ripuri. If he has both, he can create art and sell it for Lightstones.


While in the Koro, Ripuri can journey to where the Kini is and enter the Academy. There he can be trained as a worker.

Around the Koro[]

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear different legends told about the Toa of Stone, Pohatu. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper, finding out that the remains of these people could be seen in ancient runes, telling of how they would return.

Tiro Canyon[]

Ripuri and Hewkii arrive at Tiro Canyon, not far from the Koro. The two have to jump across some ravines using the grappling hooks. Along the way, they two run into Canyon Rahi, fierce predators that roam the canyon walls. They eventually make it to the large canyon wall and notice a small settlement on top.

As the two try to enter the small village, they realize that they have to go undercover, as the entire village is infected. Hewkii, not wanting to put on the infected mask, forces Ripuri to do it. (If Ripuri has the Dark Aura Armor, he can wear both that and the infected mask and not be tainted. The Armor protects him from the mask.) Ripuri puts on the infected mask and walks into the village, holding Hewkii as a "hostage." This allows them to get as far as the village center, where the village elder recognized Hewkii and orders both of them to be arrested.

Hewkii removes Ripuri's infected mask, and the two of them have to fight their way to the prison. Once they arrive, they free the rest of the party. The mask is in the prison, on a small pedestal. Ripuri grabs the mask, and they fles the village.

They return to the Koro, and warn Onewa about the village. The party teaches Onewa's guards how to remove the infected masks, and Onewa orders them to go and purge the village. The Party returned to the Kini-Nui to select another location.

Wrong Location[]

Ripuri and Hewkii can travel through the ravines and end up on the wrong side of the canyon. On the other side, there is a small cove in the canyon, where Ripuri finds an old Iritan artifact.

Cultist Kini[]

While on the other side of the Canyon, Ripuri can journey to the top, where there is a small Kini devoted to the cultist. When Ripuri and Hewkii discover it, there are three cultists there. The cultists are surprised, and release an ancient creature known as a Vakayi: a large scorpion with a tail made of Energized Protodermis. Hewkii and Ripuri have to take care of the Vakayi and then free the Culists. From there, they can continue onto the village from a different entrance.

Also, once in the village, Ripuri can search for the items that were stolen from him, regaining most of what he lost. If the item is very valuable, he can find it somewhere in the village, but if the item is small and insignificant, it is lost. He cannot, though, regain the Lightstones he lost, and has to work again to get them back.

Hunting the Wild[]

There is a small lizard that the Po-Matoran considered a delicacy which lives in the canyon known as the Inito Lizard. Ripuri and Hewkii can hunt the lizard and sell it back at the Koro for Lightstones.


This level opens up after the fifth mission.

The scene was dark, misty. There were hazy lights in the distance. Noises echoed off the walls. Ripuri looked around him. He was in a small cave, but there was no entrance, no exit, no life. But there was the mask. The scene suddenly shifted and Ripuri was in another cave, this one with an exit.


The party arrives in Onu-Koro, to be welcomed by all the Matoran. Word has reached them about the discovery of the cultists, and the method used to defeat them.

Turaga Whenua walks up to Ripuri and gives him an illumination stone to use to light their path when they travel the Onu-Koro Highway. Ripuri asks Whenua about his dream, but Whenua cannot answer him. He has never heard of a place in all of Onu-Wahi that is like that. However, he tells Ripuri about Onepu the driller, who might know where the place is.

Ripuri and the Party go out in search of Onepu. They journey to the residence to see if he is home. On the way, they discover that he is just coming in from tunneling into a new route.

The Party travels to the north gate to join him. There, they discover that Onepu has drilled into a secondary cavern, a place that they had completely missed when drilling the original highway by just a couple of bio. He says that there had been some strange occurrences in that region, so Ripuri goes to check it out.

He sees something stir in the background and run through a wall. He drills through, only to discover that the shadow is gone, but there is a new cavern to journey down. Ripuri asks Onepu if he can take him to that cavern. Onepu agrees, and they journey to the cavern.


While in Onu-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to take part in the Kolhii championship, with five games. The team with the highest score at the beginning of the tournament is given a one game pass, where they can skip to the finals. Once in the finals, if the player wins, then they can proceed onto the Championship game. Should they win, they will be given 700 Lightstones for the victory.


While in Onu-Koro, Ripuri has the chance to mine for unrefined Lightstones. If he was trained as a driller, he could venture to the cavern walls and drill them for Lightstones. He can take them back to the refinery, where they could be transformed into usable Lightstones.


While in the Koro, Ripuri can journey to where the Kini is and enter the Academy. There, he can be trained as a driller.

Around the Koro[]

At the Astronomer's, Ripuri can hear of different legends told about the Toa of Earth, Onua. Here, Ripuri hears more of the Legend of the Dream Keeper.

Hidden Caves[]

Onepu takes the Party out to the tunnel that he has discovered. They journey down to it and look down. There are a couple of Rahi that had wondered into the corridor. The party fights their way past them and continues on down until they reach a dead end. Onepu states that he had not had much time to explore, but figured that there was something beyond the wall because of the way the tunnel ended. It appears that the path continues on the other side.

Before Onepu can start drilling through, a low voice came from behind them: that of a distressed Iruuvi. Iruuvi tells Ripuri that he has discovered that two of his own men were plotting against their spirit, and that they were the ones behind the new cult. He says that Maldak and Vinira had made a pact with the Makuta: they would raise an army for him to challenge the Toa and the Matoran. Iruuvi thanks Ripuri for helping him free the captive Matoran, even though Ripuri had not known he was helping.

Ripuri decides to ask Iruuvi about his dream. Iruuvi tells him that he had seen the entrance to his current homeland, Kiri Vai, in a parallel universe where darkness reigned. Iruuvi says that Ripuri could not venture to the land yet, because he needed the Guardian powers first.

Ripuri enters the empty cave, finds the mask, and returned to the party. Iruuvi mentions that the other Toa are gathering at the Kini-Nui, and suggests that the party journey there so that they would not miss the council.

Onu-Koro Highway[]

Since Onepu is a driller, the player can travel through the Onu-Koro highways and try to discover new corridors. The required fuel costs 5 Lightstones a gallon. The tank holds 52 gallons, and uses up to 5 gallons for one drill, and it is not guaranteed that the player will drill through a tunnel on one tank of fuel.

Forbidden Tunnels[]

At the same intersection, if Ripuri turns left, he will enter the Forbidden Tunnels. Inside is a dark cloud, which speaks to Ripuri, telling him about the Guardians and how great and powerful Maldak is. It also tells of the Blade of Shadows and how powerful it was.

Once the cloud disappears, a Vakayi comes out of a slumber cove and attacked the party. The party has to slay the Vakayi, as it has no mask to remove. Once the Vakayi is slain, Ripuri receives a small note, saying:

"The way of the Right is through the darkness. They way of the Wrong is not.
The way of the Right comes with the darkness, and with it come flames of hot.
The flames to purge the Wrong, the flames to make it Right.
The flames to bring the darkness back, and turn what's Wrong to Right.
―Note left by the dark cloud

Ripuri hides the note within his backpack and continues on with his journey.

History Room[]

Off of the new corridor is a room Onepu has discovered. It is filled with texts of ancient history, telling of the island before the Matoran arrived, and of the civilization of the Iritan. It states why the Guardians and Iritan fled, and that the Matoran were the ones responsible for them fleeing when Makuta started manipulating them. Ripuri learns of the six exiled ones, but the reason they were exiled is scratched and impossible to read.


This level opens up after mission six.

The scene was dark, similar to Onu-Koro, only here a heavy mist covered the ground. Bright flashes of light filled the room, revealing the dark shadows of two figures on the cavern wall. The two appeared to be fighting, battling to the end. Ripuri was confused and did not know which one to help…so he just stood behind and watched the battle.


The party arrives at the Kini-Nui to find that the other Toa have already gathered. They have also gathered their six Great Kanohi masks, and are waiting at the Kini for the remaining Toa. Ripuri steps back and watches the six Toa proceed up to the Kini, place their masks there, and gain in return a Golden Kanohi mask. The Kini opens up, and the Toa proceed into the Dark Tunnels.

The Matoran of the Party remain outside. It was not long after when the Matoran come under attack by numerous Rahi. The Matoran hold off the first line of Rahi, but are forced into the Dark Tunnels when the remaining lines charge. Before entering the Dark Tunnels, Ripuri looks over and saw Maldak commanding them.

Dark Tunnels[]

Once in the Dark Tunnels, Ripuri discovers that the army of Rahi is not merely on the surface, but also underneath and is attacking the Toa. The party discovers the Toa, fighting off wave after wave of Rahi as two larger beings. As they approach, a Nui-Rama slams into the entrance and cust them off. The party continues through the tunnels, fighting off Rahi until they reach a smaller cave that led back to the surface.

The Party follows it and returned to the surface, behind the army of Rahi on the surface. They are confronted by Maldak and Vinira. Just as Vinira is about to strike, another Guardian jumps in and started fighting with him. The party looks behind them, and sees the remaining Guardians. They all fought one another until two of the Guardians were killed. Iruuvi is shocked, and wondered how it was possible.

Maldak reveals the Blade of Shadows in his hand. Iruuvi asks how he got it, and Maldak replies that he took it. Iruuvi jumps in and attacks Maldak. The Party helps Jatali confront Vinira and take him down, and they watch as Iruuvi sliced down Maldak.

Once both were defeated, the Party and Guardians proceed to the army of Rahi. Iruuvi uses his Staff of Time, allowing the party to remove the masks with little hindrance. Once all the Rahi are free, Ripuri asks Iruuvi how he defeated Maldak, since the Blade of Shadows slices through all the other weapons. Iruuvi replies that there were two things that could challenge shadows, Time and Light. He states that "it is finished," and that Ripuri is no longer exiled. This allows Ripuri to return to the Kiri Vai with the Guardians as they prepare their final return.

Iruuvi tells the rest of the party to return to their Koro, and thanks them for their help. He then takes Ripuri and Takima back to Onu-Koro.

Ending Clip[]

Ripuri arrives at the Hidden Caves, with the two remaining Guardians and Takima.

Iruuvi and Jatali walk forward. Takima says goodbye to Jatali as he leaves through the gateway to Kiri Vai. Iruuvi stays behind and looks at Takima, who is distressed that his best friend is forced to leave. Iruuvi bensds down and handed Takima a small tablet. Takima starts to look at it, but Iruuvi lifted his head, saying:

"Not yet. Wait until all hope seems to be gone. That's when the truth will be most present."

Takima walked up, hugs Ripuri goodbye, and Ripuri walks through the gate. The scene fades into white, and the credits start rolling.


Abilities are characteristics that the player can take on while playing the game. These abilities give the character an advantage on the playing field, and allow them to do certain objectives. Each ability can upgrade a level after receiving a designated set of experience points. Also, in the game, each ability is connected to a certain color scheme within the Wahi color.

  • Aviator/Driver/Sailor: The sailor/aviator/driver ability gives the player an enhancement in optics, knowledge, constitution, and alacrity.
  • Engineer: The engineer ability gives the player an enhancement in knowledge, alacrity, constitution, and healing.
  • Guard: The guard ability gives the player an enhancement in strength, fear, dexterity, and leadership.
  • Librarian: The librarian ability gives the player an enhancement in healing, knowledge, wisdom, and optics.
  • Storyteller: The storyteller ability gives the player an enhancement in knowledge, wisdom, emotional acuity, and persuasion.
  • Worker: The worker ability gives the player an enhancement in strength, knowledge, constitution, and dexterity.


Attributes were bonuses used to improve the character. They chosen when picking a mask for the Matoran the player wished to use as their character. Attributes could be upgraded with experience gained, but a specific attribute could not be enhanced until the character had that mask.

  • Dexterity: Dexterity gives the player the ability to maneuver and move easier. It was represented by the mask Miru.
  • Optics: Optics gives the player the ability to see further and search out far away or small objects. It was represented by the mask Akaku.
  • Healing: Healing gives the player the ability to positively affect those around them and heal themselves. It was represented by the mask Kaukau.
  • Fear: Fear gives the player the ability to intimidate their opponent. It was represented by the mask Hau.
  • Strength: Strength gives the player the ability to life, move, or fight objects larger then them. It was represented by the mask Pakari.
  • Alacrity: Alacrity, or Security, gives the player the ability to react sharper and quicker then those around them. It was represented by the mask Kakama.
  • Constitution: Constitution gives the player the ability to regenerate their stamina at a steady rate. It was represented by the mask Mahiki.
  • Persuasion: Persuasion gives the player the ability to coerce another to their side or to do something they were reluctant to do. It was represented by the mask Matatu.
  • Wisdom: Wisdom gives the player the ability to know the difference between light and dark and the ability to choose the right one. It was represented by the mask Rau.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge gives the player the ability to know general education as well as education in a specific area of expertise. It was represented by the mask Huna.
  • Emotional Acuity: Emotional acuity gives the player the ability to be aware of the emotions of them and those surrounding them. This allowed wielders to sense good or bad within them and those around them. It was represented by the mask Ruru.
  • Leadership: Leadership gives the player the ability to rally people under them and have a driving force on the screen. It was represented by the mask Komau.


Feats were unique features that allowed both the Matoran and the Toa to wield certain weapons and wear certain armor. Each feat was enhanced through gaining experience and leveling up. New feats worked the same way. Depending on the body the player chose at the beginning of the game, the player is granted automatic feats with certain abilities. These would give the character an advantage on the playing field.


Powers are enhanced through experience gained throughout the game. With each objective and side story completed, Rahi tamed, and Kolhii match won, experience is added to the character's Matoran. After a set amount of experience, the character could level up; this allowed them to strengthen their powers and feats.

For Rahi smaller than Nui-Jaga or Nui-Rama, the experience gained was only 100 points, whereas for larger Rahi, like Muaka, the experience gained is near 700. The required amount for each level up doubles with each new level. If the character was a level 4 librarian, and it took 24,000 experience points to obtain level 4, it would take 48,000 extra to gain level 5. The maximum number of levels a Matoran can be in one ability is six, though the Matoran can be trained in other abilities and work on those.

Powers give the character special advantages over the Rahi and tainted Matoran on the Island. They are limited only to the Toa, but each Toa is not limited to one element. By gaining a new Kanohi Mask, it opens up the possibility to obtain a new power through gaining experience points. Powers are used aside from weapons, which have no limit, and are often considered "special attacks." Elemental energy increased in set increments as the Toa leveled up.


Long Jump[]

Long Jump was a power that required a level-one Kanohi Miru. The Long Jump allowed the user to jump long distances and perform the attack selected by the user previous to the Long Jump.

When the Toa became a level three, they could upgrade to levitation. This allowed the user to float briefly. If the user selected an attack beforehand, the character would float over to the target and perform the attack, giving an extra damage bonus as the character had more power in the blow. If the Toa became a level five, they could upgrade to flight. This allowed the user to fly around the screen for five minutes and attack from the air, where there was less of a chance they could be hit by an enemy attack.


Whirlwind was a power that required a level-two Miru. The whirlwind would pick the target up and spin them around in the air, causing damage and weakening them. When the Toa became a level four, they could upgrade to twister. This was a more violent version of the whirlwind, causing more damage. It could also affect up to three targets at a time, whereas whirlwind was limited to one. When the Toa became a level six, they could upgrade to typhoon. This was a mix of twister, only it added outside debris and could affect a larger area, up to five members, and caused more damage. Depending on the Rahi, typhoon could remove the infected mask in with a single try.


Dream was a power that required a level one Mahiki. The dream allowed the user to distract the target with a small pleasing image that would allow them to sneak up. However, it only worked on the smaller Rahi and only for a short period of time. If the Toa became a level three, they could upgrade to visions, which provided a complete picture, not just that of the user, placing the target in a world of pleasure. It lasted only a short time, but allowed the user to sneak up and do some damage before they “woke up”. When the Toa became a level five, they could upgrade to delusional. This could captivate and mislead anyone for a long period of time, not knowing that they were under attack.


Water Breathing[]

Water breathing was a power that required a level one Kaukau. Water breathing allowed the user to breathe while swimming without needing air for a longer period of time. As the power was increased by level, the period of time grew longer. Eventually, when the Toa became a level five, the user does not need to return to the surface for more air.


Rain was a power that required a level two Kaukau. It enabled the user to remove drops of moisture from the air and form rain droplets in a single area. Depending on the area, this would cause the Rahi to stop and wait until it stopped raining. When the Toa became a level four, they could upgrade to stream. Stream allowed the user to remove the water from the ground, however dry, and cause the target to be temporarily suspended in a pool of water. When the Toa became a level six, they could upgrade to flood. This was a mixture of both rain and stream, where the entire region within a five meter (in-game) radius of the Toa was drenched in water for a long period of time, weakening the target.


Confusion was a power that required a level one Rau. This power enabled the user to speak in a specific Rahi dialect. This would cause the Rahi to believe that the Toa was one of them, only their appearance told them otherwise. They Rahi would be confused and leave the Toa alone. This only worked on non-tainted Rahi. As the Toa leveled up, the effectiveness of the power would increase. Finally, when the Toa became level five, they could upgrade to power three confusion. This allowed the user to persuade even tainted Rahi that they were not Toa and Matoran.



Speed was a power that required a level one Kakama. It enabled the user to speed up to one and a half-times greater then those around them. This included speed in running, walking, and fighting. If escaping an opponent, the player could speed up and run away before the opponent could parry a fatal blow, but the player could also turn it around and use speed to strike a series of attacks on the opponent before they could do too much damage. As the Toa upgraded to level three, the speed increased to twice as fast. When the Toa upgraded to level five, the speed increased to three times as fast as those around them.


Pebble was a power that required a level two Kakama. The name was juvenile for its impact. Pebble allowed the user to kick straight into the ground and knock out a rock the size of a golf-ball. The kick would dig the pebble out and send it straight towards the opponent. The damage was greater then expected due to the speed of the kick. As the Toa upgraded to a level four, the power could be upgraded to stone. This was a slightly larger version of pebble. The impact would be greater and the damage more severe. When the Toa upgraded to level six, the power could be upgraded to boulder. This was an even larger version of pebble and stone, and could disable an opponent in one kick, depending on the size of the opponent.

Mind Control[]

Mind Control was a power that required a level one Matatu. This power enabled users to control the minds of their opponents and convince them that they did not exist. This would allow users to sneak by and into places where they were not welcome. The power had a range, however, of one person and had to be used sparingly. As the Toa upgraded to level three, the range would expand to five people or the immediate group if the number was less then five. When the Toa upgraded to level five, the user could take control of the body of the opponent and use their powers against them or other opponents. They also had the choice of killing or taming them in some other fashion they found suitable.



Strength was a power that required a level one Pakari mask of strength. This enabled users to enhance their strength against opponents, adding +3 to each attack. This caused more damage to the nemesis and could ultimately take one of them out with one attack if used properly. As the Toa advanced to level three, the amounted added to each attack grew to +6. This in itself could take out most of the smaller Rahi and severely damage the medium sized ones. When the Toa advanced to level five, the amount added was double the attack number. This combined with an advanced weapon could bring down nearly anything.

Impact Blast[]

Impact Blast was a power that needed a level two Pakari mask of strength. It enabled users to injure adversaries nearby. The Toa would leap into the air and come back down with a powerful punch to the ground. The impact shock would rattle the opponent. It had a radius of about two meters (in-game). As the Toa advanced to level four, the impact radius moved to four meters (in-game). When the Toa advanced to level six, the radius grew to six-meters (in-game). This would allow the user to strike multiple opponents completely around them for a decent range.

Night Vision[]

Night Vision required a level one Ruru. Night Vision gave the wielder the ability to see in dark places. This would come in handy when exploring caves, caverns, and such without having to use illumination stones, which would eventually run out. Night Vision also gave the user the ability to sneak up on opponents in the dark or darker regions, where vision would normally be impaired. As the Toa advanced to level three, the vision was enhanced for darker regions. When the Toa advanced to level five, the vision was able to see in the darkest of darks, including Makuta’s layer, had the player been allowed to enter it.


X-Ray Vision[]

X-ray Vision required a level one Akaku. X-ray vision gave the wielder the ability to see twenty-five meters (in-game) away, either revealing uncharted parts of the map or revealing hidden objects within containers or passageways. This gave the player the chance to see if there was an enemy behind a door or if the contents of a container were worth opening. As for distance, it gave the player the ability to see if an enemy was coming up, to either prepare or avoid them. As the Toa advanced to level three, the distance increased to fifty meters (in-game). When the Toa reached level five, the distance in creased to seventy-five meters (in-game). Seventy-five meters was the average length of a map, giving the player the ability to see nearly everything in on it just by entering the map.


Freeze required a level two Akaku. Freeze allowed the player to inhibit the opponent’s movement. As it did not literally freeze the opponent, it could potentially slow them down to a practical halt if used correctly. The beginning affect was only one eighth the speed the victim was moving. The slowness depended on the level of power. A level four Toa could slow an opponent down to one quarter the speed. As the Toa became level six, they could slow an opponent to one half the original speed. If the player used this power twice, given they had enough elemental energy, they could theoretically freeze an enemy in pace.


Telekinesis was a power that required a level one Matatu. It gave the player the ability to influence others. This had advantages when a large opponent was on the verge of attack. The player could convince them otherwise. It was also helpful when purchasing goods from the market. The player could use it to bargain for a lower price, however, it had less affect on the salesmen. The amount of influence increased steadily with the level of the Toa. It was the only power to increase throughout every level.



Shielding required a level one Hau. It gave the player the ability to shield themselves for five seconds. In this time they were insusceptible to attack from in front, to the right and to the left; however the back was still vulnerable. When the Toa upgraded to level three, the shielding time increased to ten seconds; however, the back was still vulnerable. When the Toa reached level five, the time remained at ten seconds. The addition came in the back finally being covered.

Fire Strike[]

Fire Strike required a level two Hau. This was a special attack in which the player could combine with a feat. Instead of the normal attack, the weapon would shoot, or be covered in, fire. This would cause an extra +4 damage to the opponent. As the Toa upgraded to level four, the damage added was +6, and was instead called Hell Fire. The next upgrade was Lava Blast, which caused an additional +10 damage with the combination of a feat.


Concealment was a power that required a level one Huna. It gave the payer the ability to hide themselves from others. This allowed them to sneak around the map, unnoticed. To an extent, this power was more advanced than Night Vision, where the darkness concealed them. Here, they could walk around in the bright lights and still not be detected. Concealment lasted for ten seconds. A level three Toa, however, could be concealed for fifteen seconds. It increased five more seconds when the Toa gained level five.

Dual Element Powers[]

Dual Element Powers were powers combined of two elements. Each had two powers in the two elements but they could not be upgraded. The player would have to obtain every power in a particular element in order to open up the duel element powers. Dual element powers were more effective, yet more costly. They drained the player’s elemental energy quickly, but would usually destroy or severely injure an opponent.

These powers also allowed the player to attack multiple opponents at once. After selecting the power, the player would then select the opponents to attack and the power would equally distribute its attack between them. However, this multi-attack was limited to five opponents. Once a player opened the dual element powers, they could pick one of the two and would have to wait to gain twenty thousand experience points before acquiring the second element power, so players had to choose wisely.


  • Advanced disk launcher: The advanced disk launcher was an upgraded version of the normal disk launcher. These gave the wielder a greater advantage, but were very rare and very expensive. They could launcher from further distances, and enhanced the power of the disk being used to launch. They also increased the chance of damage done by the disk. There were also six types, and only six on the entire island. They could be purchased in only one place in each Koro, and cost 105 Ls (Lightstones).
  • Amana Volo sphere: Amana Volo spheres were like the medpacs of the game. They could be collected in each Koro at the Healers or in random containers in houses. They cost 10 Ls.
  • Blade: The blade was a short melee weapon that could be used to cut down thick branches, ice, most rock, protodermis, and could withstand intense heat. It could be used to remove the masks of smaller Rahi in a single blow. It was the basic form of most weapons. Ripuri carried a blade as his primary defense weapon. It cost 58 Ls.
  • Disk launcher: The disk launcher was the ultimate weapon on the battlefield. It allowed the wielder to not only attack out of harms way, but gave the wielder a wider range of attacks. Depending on the disk and area of manufacture (each Koro had a different type of launcher, thus giving them six different types); the wielder could cause an enemy to shrink to an insignificant size from incredible distances. It cost 75 Ls.
  • Dark Aura Armor: The armor worn by the Guardians. It protected them from the corrupt dark aura that surrounded the forbidden caves. It was a different kind of armor. It allowed the wielder to be immune to dark poison as well as against melee and ranged attacks. It could even defend against the lower powers of disks. It was also adjustable, and was not only limited to the Guardians. It cost 220 Ls.
  • Disk-resistant armor: Disk-resistant armor was made entirely of resistant fibers that allowed only power 7, 8, and 9 disks to penetrate it. It was also upgradeable, meaning that the wielder could tighten the weave to resist higher levels. But this made the armor stricter and heavier. But since it was only fiber, it was weak against melee and ranged attacks. It cost 210 Ls.
  • Extract of Madu Cabolo: Extract of Madu Cabolo was a repellent against non-tainted Rahi predators. It was used to either scare them off or allow them to think that they were a Rahi as well. It cost 7 Ls.
  • Fire beads: Fire beads were small lizards that dwelt in Ta-Wahi. They could be hunted down and sold as food as they were the main cuisine in that region.
  • Fish: Fish were the essential food for Ga-Wahi. It was their primary cuisine and could be hunted at the Koro and out at the Coral Reef.
  • Fishing net: A fishing net was used to help catch larger amounts of fish. 15 Ls.
  • Flax: Flax was one of the essentials to making rope, and ultimately a fishing net. It could be found on the shore lines of Ga-Koro or purchased at a general store within the Koro. It cost 10 Ls.
  • Flic bug: The Flic bug was a small nocturnal insect that was the primary food source of Onu-Wahi. It could be hunted down and sold as food, gaining the user Lightstones, as well as experience points. The experience points went for all cuisine.
  • Guard armor: Guard armor was the most basic form of armor. It had weak disk resistant fibers, as well as a small defense against melee and ranged attacks. It was light, though, and very agile, giving a bonus in dexterity. Ripuri had a set of guard armor that he used during his travels. It cost 150 Ls.
  • Ice: Ice was an item that could be collected from Ko-Wahi and could be used to make sculptures.
  • Ice bug: The ice bug was a small creature in Ko-Wahi that could be hunted and sold for Lightstones. It was the primary food for the region.
  • Inako bird: The Inako bird was a larger creature that took to the treetops of Le-Wahi. It could be hunted and sold for food in the region as it was their main cuisine.
  • Inito lizard: The Inito lizard was a moderate-sized creature that dwelt in Po-Wahi. It was their main food source and could be hunted in the desert and sold for Lightstones.
  • Illumination stone: The illumination stone was a Lightstone that had lost its value in the market. It, however, did still have its luminescence and could be used as a guide through the dark tunnels of Onu-Koro and the underwater caves in Naho Bay. It cost 3 Ls.
  • Kanohi of Elemental Energy: The Kanohi mask of Elemental Energy was the "adrenaline" in the game. It was used to boost stamina and allowed users to fight more efficiently. They cost 9 Ls.
  • Kolhii ball: The essential piece to any Kolhii game. It was made of a special protodermis. It needed to be strong as it was hit around the circular playing field by all three teams. It cost 6 Ls.
  • Kolhii padding: A basic form of armor. It does nothing to defend against melee, ranged, or disk attacks. It was created to protect the wielder while they played the sport, Kolhii. The player is not allowed to play unless they were properly protected and had the right equipment. It cost 58 Ls.
  • Large Amana Volo sphere: Large Amana Volo spheres were bigger, stronger medpacs used to fully heal the user. They could be found in the similar places as the smaller ones. They cost 20 Ls.
  • Long-blade: The long-blade was a longer version of the blade and was a melee weapon that could cut through most obstacles. It could cut through all but solid rock, protodermis and protoplasma, and could withstand intense heat. It also was designed with an inner-weave of fusion cells allowing the blade to heat up and cut through tough rock. It could remove the mask of any Rahi, except Muaka or Kane-Ra, in a single blow. It cost 72 Ls.
  • Long rod: The long rod is useful for making a fishing pole to go fishing. It can be found in Le-Wahi and Ga-Wahi, or can be purchased at a general store for 20 Ls.
  • Map of Kini-Nui: The map of Kini-Nui can be found at Takua's Hut. It can be helpful when exploring the immediate area around the Kini-Nui.
  • Map of Koro: The map of Koro is useful when exploring each Koro. There are six maps in total and can be purchased in a local general store. They cost 4 Ls.
  • Map of Mata Nui: The map of Mata Nui can be purchased at a local general store and is useful when picking a Koro to travel to immediately, using the Suva transportation system. This map is necessary before traveling the Island, as the player needs to know where they're going. It cost 4 Ls.
  • Maps of Wahi: There are six Maps of Wahi. They can be purchased at the observatory or at a general store within the Koro. They are useful when exploring the island; however, they are not necessary, as the player plots his own map as he discovers new areas. They cost 4 Ls.
  • Minto bugs: Minto bugs were anti-toxins used to cure the user of any poisons that they had encountered. They cost 12 Ls.
  • Power Disk: Power Disks were specialized weapons used in combat or specialized sports. They were used in Disk Launchers. They had nine different powers. Within each power, there were nine levels of that power. Once a disk was purchased, it was good for as many shots as the player wanted, except for the Toa-only disk. This disk was good for only ten uses. Each disk cost 55 Ls, except for the Toa-only, which cost 95 Ls. Power 1 would reconstitute the player at +2 plus the power level. Power 2 would freeze the opponent for the duration of the power level in seconds. Power 3 would weaken the opponent by the power level. Power 4 would poison the opponent for the duration of the power level in seconds. Power 5 would enlarger and hinder the opponent for the duration of the power level in seconds. Power 6 would shrink and ultimately hinder the opponent for the duration of the power level in seconds. Power 7 would regenerate friends that had passed away. Power 8 would teleport the opponent anywhere out of the immediate area. Power 9 contained all previous nine, and the wielder could choose which power they wanted to use.
  • Ruani wax: Ruani wax could only be found on the Ruani Coral Reef. It was a special type of plant, which, when ground down, created a sticky and long-life wax that was great for catching fish. When applied to the fishing net, the number of fish increased due to the fact that more fish were getting caught by the net.
  • Sickle: The sickle was used as both a tool and a weapon. As a weapon, the sickle, modeled after Gali's, they could be used to block enemy attacks and pin them down, allowing the wielder to attack with a different weapon. The sickle cost only 57 Ls.
  • Spear: The spear was both a tool and a weapon. It could be used to fish and catch birds that were used in local cuisine. It was also used as a tool to cut down flax that was growing among the canyon walls near the coast of Ga-Koro. It could remove the mask of most Rahi from a distance as it was thrown by the user. It cost 80 Ls.
  • Staff-blade: The staff-blade was a variation of the spear, but with a shorter grip and a longer blade. This was used by most guards on the outer defense walls of the Koro. It was light and versatile, allowing the wielder to throw the staff, but still use it as a melee weapon. It was generally the superior weapon on a battlefield, except when a disk launcher was present. It could cut through most rock, protodermis, protoplasma, thick branches, ice, and could withstand intense heat. It cost 91 Ls.
  • Stone: Stone was an item that could be collected from Po-, Onu-, and Ta-Wahi, and could be used to make sculptures.
  • Warrior armor: Warrior Armor was a variation of guard armor, but with a thicker disk-resistant fiber and a greater resistance against melee, but it was still weak to ranged attacks. It was light weight and versatile. This allowed the wielder to still retain a sense of agility and security. Takima, who was an outer wall guard, worn a suit of warrior armor, as it was the preferred armor for wall guards. It cost 200 Ls.
  • Wood: Wood was an item that could be collected from Le-Wahi and Ga-Wahi and could be used to make sculptures.


  • This game was thought up and developed because of the author's longing for a Bionicle RPG.
  • In the game, the Matoran Ripuri can be female, but "canonically" Ripuri is male, due to the overabundance of males on Mata Nui.
  • A sequel to the game was developed, called BIONICLE: Heroes of Mata Nui II: The Legend. It followed the life of Takima during his search for the Exiled Six after Ripuri returned to Kiri Vai.
  • The game's idea and game play is greatly influenced by Star Wars: KotOR.
  • Though the character is called Ripuri in this entire guide, in the game, he is called by the name the player typed in the beginning to the end of the game, even after the player discovers they are Ripuri.