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BIONICLE: Battlefront
Bionicle Battlefront
XBOX 360

BIONICLE Battlefront is a fictional game. It features BIONICLE heroes and villains who come in canister sets as the 6 different solider types, and the titans serve as the "Special Characters."


The game starts by giving you three options:

  • Mission Mode: You go on a secret mission for the Order of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta, or Dark Hunters.
  • World Conquest: you visit different lands belonging to your two enemies and conquer them to build up your own empire.
  • Instant Action: You go straight into battle against your two enemies, in whichever battlefront you choose.


The default controls for this game are below. Note that all controls are customizable.

  • A - Jump
  • B - Melee attack
  • X - Nova blast/Element grenades
  • Y - Change weapon
  • RT - Fire
  • LT - Aim
  • RB - Change view
  • LB - Change type of grenade
  • R stick - Crouch


Base Achievements[]

  • Complete the Order of Mata Nui Missions: 50G
  • Complete the Brotherhood of Makuta Missions: 50G
  • Complete the Dark Hunter Missions: 50G
  • Complete World Conquest (as any side) on Normal: 50G
  • Complete World Conquest (as any side) on Heroic: 100G
  • Complete World Conquest (as any Side) on Legendary: 150G
  • Be Victorious on every map in Instant Action: 100G
  • Play as all Special Characters: 10G
  • Get 100 points: 10G
  • Complete World Conquest using only one element class: 100G
  • Activate the nova blast as a Toa and kill 10 enemies: 50G
  • Find the Mask of Life while playing on the Karda Nui maps f: 150G
  • Find the Mask of Time and Mask of Light while playing on the Mata Nui maps f: 100G
  • Kill 10 enemies with only non-element weapons: 10G
  • Kill 20 enemies with only non-element weapons: 20G


  • It was inspired by Star Wars: Battlefront.
  • It would be an XBOX 360 Exclusive.