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Power Swords (Formerly), Power Lance, Double-Bladed Star Spear

Avokatatu was an Av-Matoran disguised as a Matoran of Plantlife. He is now a Toa.


Avokatatu was an Av-Matoran living in Karda Nui. During the Time Slip, he was relocated to Lehka Nui by the Order of Mata Nui, and he was disguised as a Matoran of Plantlife.

At some point, he was fighting the Piraka when he was stuck in their Life Machine, and came out the other side as a Toa of light. Scared and shocked, he headed back to Lehka Nui, where he discovered that his former friends Takovuchitoko, Gahliki, Lekhana had become Toa only days before.

He went to Kunaka Toko, a village in a dangerous land with no protector. He watched the Makuta Tonga and Antroz turn Gahliki and Lekhana to their side in Kaka Cave, and swore vengeance on both.

Avokatatu believed that exposing Gahliki to the liquid protodermis rivers of Ga-Metru would undo the corruption the Makuta had unleashed on her, and tricked her into coming ther. They battled near a protodermis canal, and Avokatatu decided to |summon a creature from the sea with his Kanohi to drag Gahliki into the canal, but was devastated when she drowned instead.

He immediately decided to go and punish Tonga and Antroz, but found Tonga was already dead. He learned who killed him, and is currently heading for the Tohunga Village to destroy those who deprived him of his revenge.

Abilities and Traits[]

He is going mad. He blames three people for Gahliki and Lekhana's untimely deaths: himself, Tonga, and Antroz. He will not stop until he feels they are avenged.

As a Matoran, he carried Power Swords, and wore a noble Kiril. After coming out of the Life Machine, he carried a Power Lance and a Double-Bladed Star Spear. He wore a golden Kanohi Zatth.