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The automatic disk launcher, sometimes called the self-loading disk launcher, is a disk launcher modified to be able to fire more disks in a shorter amount of time. They are typically mounted on revolving stands due to their weight.


The automatic disk launcher was developed by Matoran engineers to cut down the time it would normally take someone to load a disk into a disk launcher.


The automatic disk launcher is equipped with a clip containing at least six Kanoka. After a disk has been fired, another disk is automatically loaded. This process is repeated until the clip runs out.

The ammunition clips can contain either Kanoka or unpowered disks made of protodermis, bamboo, or baked clay.

Example Usage[]

In the Kana Makai training hall, several automatic disk launchers are used to launch disks for target practice.


  • The concept of the automatic disk launcher was inspired by clay pigeon throwers and semi-automatic firearms.


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