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"Att is quiet and stays out of our way, but you should never underestimate him."
Turaga Hangi

Att is one of the First Matoran. He serves as a guard of the Turaga Chamber.


In 100,000 BGC, Mata Nui created Att, along with the other First Matoran, and placed him on Dromii. However, Dromii started to sink, and Mata Nui made Hangi a Toa to transport them to Manuin. Att was one of the Matoran to be evacuated. He experienced the storm which was caused by the creation of Manuin along with the others. Finally, they found Manuin, and Hangi became a Turaga.

Hangi made Att a guard of his chamber in the canyon. Att constantly guarded and supervised what went in and out of the chamber. Nobody really noticed Att because of his quietness, but respected him.

During the attacks by Makaatu on the village, Att tried his best to defend his home and Turaga Hangi. When Makaatu made his final strike and captured the Matoran in Matoran Spheres, Att was one of them. He was then taken away.

Att Guard

Att on Dromii.

His pod was rescued by the First Toa, and he was awakened with the rest in the Hangi Canyon. He had forgotten everything of the past, which made the new Turaga upset. Att was made the guard again.

When the Great Flood came, Att helped evacuate the Turaga into the local shopping center with the others, and went there himself. After the flood, Mata Nui gave the Matoran the Eleven Assignments. Att's job during this time was to stand beside the Turaga and help them in any ways.

Att later witnessed the rising of Dromii, and moved back there.

Currently Att works in Dromii, guarding the entrance to the Turaga's chamber. He has became more social than before and likes to talk to anyone who comes to him.

Abilities and Traits[]

Att was once very antisocial, shy and quiet, but has since gotten a bit more social. He's a very peace-loving Matoran, but will do anything to protect the Turaga. He thinks that Hangi is more like a Great Spirit than a Turaga, and constantly takes care that he doesn't get hurt.

Att carries a sword, which he uses to defend the Turaga if he has to.