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Associated Colors silver, teal, gray, gold
Prefix Qua-

Atoms is an extremly powerful Elemental Power. It is not very common within the Matoran Universe, with only one known beings recorded as possessing it at one point in history.

Species Wielders

  • Toa of Atoms can alter their size, density, and mess with the strong and weak atomic forces.


  • Altering size by absorbing/releasing nearby atoms
  • Altering density by absorbing/releasing nearby atoms
  • Strong Force Manipulation
  • Weak Force Manipulation
  • Atomic Vision(w/ Mask of Atomic Vision)
  • Matter State Manipulation


Due to how powerful the Atoms is, forming a combination with any other element is impossible.



  • Due to how powerful the element is, the Great Beings found it wise not to create any Toa of Atoms, but Makuta (Generation 2) created one anyway, which turned on him.
  • The elemental prefix, Qua-(pronounced kwah), comes from the word "quark", the real-world building blocks of protons & neutrons.