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The Kanohi Athyk is the rare Mask of Exploration.

Kanohi Dentrela
Moving oneself to another location
Component Kanoka


The Mask of Exploration allows the bearer to transcend between different universes and dimensions as well as move oneself from one place to another without the use of a portal or gateway.

However, if the Athyk is used to transport a being from one universe of dimension to another, the mask will slowly feed off of the being's life energy in order to keep them there. Eventually (after 3 Zypveran days), the user will be drained completely of their life energy and will die unless they go back to where they originally teleported from. The mask can be used to teleport other beings and objects as well as the bearer of the Athyk.

The Athyk requires vast amounts of concentration to use safely.


The Athyk was created shortly after the Great Beings built the Mata Nui robot so that they could easily check upon their many creations and explore different universes and dimensions. A curious Great Being decided to visit the planet in order to study the development of wildlife there.
One day, the Great Being stumbled upon a pool of zinthum and decided to examine it, but had accidentally dropped the mask into the substance. While thinking of a solution to his problem he was killed by a group of rampaging rahi.

Eventually, a le-matoran named Rando stumbled across the same pool, accidentally falling into it after slipping on a patch of qi weed. Rando emerged from the puddle bearing the Athyk, replacing his Suletu.
After the Order of Mata Nui decided to build the Toa Training Centre in Karuga, Rando was offered the job of a combat tutor there. It was during this time that he was told that he bears the Athyk and gained knowledge of its abilities.

Known users[]