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Assassin Rahkshi
Powers Various
Tools Modified squid launcher, throwing daggers, twin gauntlet
Status One destroyed, others in hibernation
Location Destral
Pronunciation N/A

Assassin Rahkshi are Rahkshi that have been exposed to a certain type of Energized Protodermis. They are generally more intelligent and powerful than other Rahkshi.


The Assassin Rahkshi were designed by a Makuta for the purpose of assassinating given targets. Only ten were built, and of those ten, only seven were sent on missions.

One of these Rahkshi was sent to kill Takanuva. After exploring the surrounding area with its infrared vision, it entered Ta-Koro, throwing the members of the Ta-Matoran guard away from him as he passed, since he had been ordered not to kill them. After a lengthy battle with Takanuva, the Rahkshi emerged the victor. On its way back, a group of Bohrok spotted the Rahkshi, but the Rahkshi defeated them with a sonic boom. The Rahkshi arrived back at the Makuta lair and went into hibernation until it would be needed again.

A second Rahkshi was later sent out to eliminate a group of Av-Matoran. It soon came across Noctran, who told the Rahkshi that he had "dealt with them," and that the Rahkshi should return to the lair. The Rahkshi later returned to hibernation.

The five remaining Rahkshi were sent on a mission to kill the last remaining threat to the Makuta: the Toa Nuva. the Rahkshi easily found the Toa, and managed to kill three of them. Tahu, enraged, managed to kill one of the Rahkshi before he and the other two Toa Nuva fled the battleground. The four remaining Rahkshi went into hibernation.

Abilities and Traits[]

Assassin Rahkshi possess numerous powers, and are as a result incredibly powerful, able to take down a Kranaata beast twice its size. They are incapable of using Rahkshi staffs, and instead use the weapons that the Brotherhood of Makuta provides them.

Before going on their missions, Assassin Rahkshi are provided with a modified squid launcher capable of firing energy bolts, two throwing daggers, and a large twin gauntlet.

Unlike normal Rahkshi, Assassins do not require Kraata.


Strength: 17
Agility: 15
Toughness: 18
Mind: 12


  • Much like Bohrok, most Assassin Rahkshi resided in nests.