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Group Matoran Trading Guild (Formerly), Blood of Karzahni
Occupation Undercover Operative
Element Water
Powers None
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Knife
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna-New Artahka
Pronunciation Unknown

Aspak is a Ga-Matoran who is also a member of the Blood of Karzahni, who was used as a spy for the Blood in Metru Nui, and later New Artahka.


Trading Guild Days

Aspak was selected to become part of the Guild due to his clever bargaining skills, and, whenever possible, getting his employer the better end of the deal. During this period, it was discovered that Aspak would use this time to steal little valuables from his customers. For this Aspak was put on a small raft off of Ga-Metru and sent out.


Aspak did not die in the ocean. First landing on Voya Nui, he gathered enough food to support himself. Though few details are currently known, it is believed that Aspak became an effective fighter during this time period. It was rumored that he was good enough with his weapon that he single-handedly looted an entire trading ship with a five-toa escort, but those rumors have never been confirmed.

Blood of Karzahni

During Commakand and Lekrave's times wandering, they set up a small wooden mansion on an island. Aspak happened to drift by that island. Lekrave apprehended him, but Aspak fought well enough against Lekrave that both him and Commakand were somewhat impressed. They learned of his other skills and invited him into the small organization.


Aspak is one whose missions do not usually put him at any risk. He was sent to keep status updates in Metru Nui. He was pulled out when Teridax conquered in order that the Blood of Karzahni might not be discovered. He later began figuring out how the pit mutagen and Energized Protodermis' powers transformed, and, with Quekar, began work on trying to create an experiment. This mostly failed, and the project was stopped.

Spherus Magna

After Teridax's downfall, the Blood of Karzahni left the Mata Nui robot. Aspak was able to go to New Artahka, where he, again, spied. His information was invaluable in the Blood of Karzahni's success. He currently resides in the Ga-Tower in New Artahka.

Abilities and Traits

Aspak, being an average Matoran, is inconspicuous among Toa and other good beings, making him a perfect spy. Being clever, he knows when to act stupid. He also often scams people as he spies, including his employers, putting a little bit of the Blood's widgets into his own bags. Aspak is decently loyal to Commakand, but is unsure about the Blood's ideals to place Karzahni in power. Aspak sticks to his mission, however, whatever it may be.


Aside from the standard Blood of Karzahni issue NTLRCs made by Conhara, Aspak always carries a large knife, which he tries to keep sharp enough to go through Makuta armor, although, with his strength, it probably wouldn't unless he got lucky.


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